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An unpleasant smell can touch any refrigerator, both old and new. The main task of the user is to understand the causes and eliminate the bad smell as soon as possible. Despite the fact that in modern refrigerators there are departments designed for different types of food - fresh meat, vegetables and fruits, eggs and cheese, this does not guarantee that the cells will not appear strong "Aroma".

Next, we will understand the causes of smells and find out what are the best ways to eliminate them.

Content of the material:

  • 1Where can there be a rotten smell
  • 2Unpleasant odor: causes
  • 3How to get rid of odors
    • 3.14 best ways
    • 3.2Fighting fungus and mold
    • 3.3Top-5 products from mold
  • 4Which scent absorber to choose
    • 4.1Helpful Tips

Where can there be a rotten smell

If you smell of rotten stuff, the main places from which you can "carry" are:

  • compartment with zero temperature or "freshness zone" for storing fresh meat or fish;
  • shelves and containers;
  • less often - a freezer;
  • The worst case is the smell of insulating material.

Why can there be a smell inside the refrigerator? Such situations arise in the models with the top freezer, which are left unattended. For example, you forgot to remove meat from the freezer and went on vacation. Due to a power surge or other reason, the refrigerator shut down and thawed, along with it melted and frozen. The meat poured, and the liquid hit right into the walls. The situation is "akhovaya because usual washing can not do here - you need to open the case and completely change the thermal insulation. Therefore, catching the smell of fish or rot, but not finding the cause of this smell, sound the alarm and call the master to remove the smell in the refrigerator freezer.

Often, users complain about the smell of mold and vinegar, or a specific chemical "flavor" - so it can smell from any compartment in violation of the rules of operation. In the reasons for the emergence of such an "ambre" we will look further.

Unpleasant odor: causes

Usually it smells bad of the refrigerator chambers, if:

  1. The products were spoiled. Sometimes food can deteriorate and smell if it is tightly sealed, so periodically check the manufacturing date and expiration date on stale foods. Smell a chicken egg, the appearance of which is difficult to determine that the smell comes from him. It is recommended to find a spoiled egg, breaking the whole batch (prepare an omelette), or throwing out all eggs so as not to risk.
  2. Dirty packaging. In the shops spoiled packaging because of careless layout of products. If the milk is spilled and it is forgotten to wipe it, and you accidentally take the next pack, the smell is assured.
  3. Spilled liquid food. Soup, broth, borsch, okroshka and any other food in liquid form has the property of pouring. A couple of drops are enough to make the shelves completely smelt. Periodic care of the shelves will solve the problem.
  4. Long-term shutdown. Particularly from this suffer "summer" refrigerators - they have a musty smell due to the fact that the surface has become moldy. You need to try to completely withdraw it.

What if you can not determine where the smell comes from? Defrost the refrigerator. Wash all surfaces thoroughly, take food - if the smell resumes, take more stringent measures. We will talk about methods and agents-absorbents further.

How to get rid of odors

Below we will give instructions on how to eliminate various types of odors so that you know how to remove an unpleasant "fragrance regardless of the source of its origin.

4 best ways

Before you remove bad odors at home, decide on the type of refrigerator. If it is equipped with the function No Frost, do not forget to wash it at least twice a year. If the technique is new, wipe all surfaces before use to destroy technical odors.

  1. Makeaqueous vinegar(50 to 50) and process the shelves. A similar effect will give water with lemon juice (a few drops on a glass of slightly warmed water).
  2. Buy an ordinaryactivated or charcoal, chop it and fold it in a saucer. Put for 24 hours inside the chamber - this natural absorbent will quickly eliminate odor.
  3. Do not know how to wash the refrigerator? Look in the medicine cabinet - if it is thereammonia, use it to clean the shelves.Important! When treating surfaces with ammonia, work in a respirator.
  4. Than wash any persistent smell? The usualsoda, 3 tablespoons of which should be diluted in one glass of water. If the odors are too sharp, take more soda - up to 5-6 spoons. Get something like a gruel - put it on for a while on the surface, then erase.

After the procedures, do not rush to close the doors - allow the shelves to dry for several hours before loading the products and turning the equipment on.

Fighting fungus and mold

Many housewives are interested in what to put in the chambers to get rid of the smell of mold or fungus. It is necessary to eliminate the original cause of the smell - mold, then use absorbents.

Important! When mold appears in the refrigerator, the concentration of condensate increases, which causes humidity in the chamber to grow. These are optimal conditions for the rapid growth of fungal colonies.

How to remove mold:

  • Use9% vinegar, mixed withhydrogen peroxide,- treat the mixture with all surfaces.
  • Carry out disinfection of the cells, wiping themwith an aqueous solution of laundry soap.

Important! Normal soap will not work. Alkaline environment, killing the fungus, will create exactly the economic bar of soap.

  • Do not close the doors at night, allow the inner surface to dry.
  • All additional items - containers, trays, lids, coasters, jars and even dishes - treat with vinegar solution.

Top-5 products from mold

Do not know how to wash the mold? Here is the rating of the most effective means:

  1. Bleach. This household chemistry includes sodium hypochlorite. It is famous for its harmful effects on fungal spores.
  2. Hydrogen peroxide(three percent). A simple solution has a disinfectant effect - it kills microbes, eliminates mold.
  3. Table vinegar solution. It is enough to use it once a week for surface treatment to forever forget about mold.
  4. Nitrate. This alcohol is perfect for glass shelves.
  5. Purchased absorbent. It will reduce the percentage of dampness in the chamber (in a moist environment, bacteria develop much faster) and eliminate the smells of aggressively smelling products (smoked meats, onions, garlic).

Which scent absorber to choose

  • Balls with bags, filled with silica gel. Usually sold in packs of 3 pcs. If the refrigerator capacity is modest, there will be enough packs for a year. Do not load all the balls, put one, and then change every 4 months. Keep unused balls in a sealed condition so that the air does not spoil their properties.

  • Granular absorbent. In the composition, as a rule, activated carbon. Perfectly absorbs moisture, as well as ethylene - gas, which is released when decaying vegetables and fruits. Selecting it, fresh fruit or vegetables spoil much faster, so with such an absorber, you will extend the safety of the products.

  • Helium absorber. It includes extract from algae and lemon extract. When the components of the medium evaporate, the air in the chamber becomes fresh. Absorption capacity is twice higher than that of analogues.

  • With mineral salt. Sold in the form of a crystal. Much more convenient than ordinary salt - the crystal does not take much space. It requires washing several times a month to remove plaque.

  • Ozonator. This tool is not only an absorber, but also a disinfector. With it, the products rot not so fast. The device is powered by batteries, equipped with an indicator showing the degree of discharge of batteries.

Helpful Tips

Now you know how to treat the refrigerator to rid it of mold, fungus and unpleasant odors. Take our weapons into service so that everything will turn out to be 100%:

  • Select locationFor the absorbent in such a way that there is space left around it. The capsule or ozonizer is fixed with a special latch on the door - so their effectiveness is maximum.
  • For a large refrigerator, there will not be enough of one absorber.Place at least two:one on top, the other on the bottom shelf.
  • When buying absorbent, checkdate of manufacture, expiration dateandpackage integrity. Despite the fact that the shelf life of the capsule - up to 5 years, choose the "fresh" funds, from the date of manufacture which has not passed and six months.

Now you are a "purity guru and you know all the methods of fighting "fragrances". Choose the right method, and forward - towards freshness and pleasant smells.

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