How to replace the bearing in a washing machine LG

Breakage of bearings in the washing machine Al Gzhi is easy to determine - just look at the technique a little. If the styralka began to make noise during washing and knocking during the "Spin" program, especially at high speeds, then the diagnosis is obvious. You will need to replace the drum bearing in the LG washing machine.

If you have "golden hands then the master will not be needed, and you will cope with all the work yourself. Instructions and recommendations on how to replace the bearing, you will find in this article.

Content of the material:

  • 1Preparation for repair
    • 1.1Tool
    • 1.2Buying bearings
    • 1.3Site preparation
  • 2How to access the tank
    • 2.1Action 1. Top cover
    • 2.2Activity 2. Control panel with display or indicators
    • 2.3Action 3. The bottom panel
    • 2.4Action 4. Cuff Hatch
    • 2.5Action 5. Front panel
    • 2.6Action 6. Release of the tank from fasteners
  • 3Tank disassembly and bearing replacement
    • 3.1Replacement of seals and bearings
  • 4Common Mistakes

Preparation for repair

Replacing the LG washing machine bearing with your own hands is a painstaking task, to which you must carefully prepare. The more serious the preparation, the faster and more confident the repair will be.

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The first thing you need to do is collect the necessary tools. So, find or buy the following tools and accessories:

  • a small hammer; it is desirable that its impact part be made of bronze or copper;
  • lubricant WD-40 or its equivalent;
  • pliers;
  • screwdrivers "plus" and "minus
  • small adjustable wrench;
  • head - carob keys of different sizes.
  • sealant (auto or station wagon);
  • hairpin made of metal, about 4 cm.

Buying bearings

In order not to make a mistake when buying, you need to know how many bearings are in the LG washing machine. In it, as well as in other typewriters, two bearings are installed - large and small. This is exactly what you need to buy. These bearings are often sold together with oil seals.

You also need to know which bearings are in the LG washing machine to pick up the part for your model. You can tell the brand, model and year of the machine to the seller and get the desired part. But if you make an order not in a specialized service center, but in an online store, it's better to know the marking of the part.

Important! Universal bearings for all models - not the best choice. Find the original spare parts for your machine so that it will work for many more years.

Often find out the marking can only be dismantled stiralku and finding the inscription on the bearing itself. But, firstly, the bearing can be all rusty, and you will not disassemble the marking. Secondly, stock up the details better before starting any work.

Look at the table that we have prepared - with it you can easily find the type of bearing you need.

On a note! How much does the bearing on the washing machine LG, how to choose it correctly? Do not buy too cheap parts, the original bearing costs about 600 rubles.

Site preparation

The last step that must be taken before changing the bearing is the preparation of the site. Great, if you have a garage or a workshop nearby, to which you can deliver a CM. If not, you can start disassembling and at home.

Disconnect the machine from all communications and move to a spacious room, pre-flooring rags and film.

Attention! If you will transport your washing machine, do it according to all the rules. We talked about this in the article "How to transport a washing machine".

How to access the tank

Before removing the bearing on the washing machine LG, you need to disassemble almost the entire machine, having access to the tank and the drum. Walls, engine, cuff and other details block your path. How can I quickly remove all this in order to remove the tank and find the bearings?

Action 1. Top cover

  • To remove the top panel, unscrew the 2 screws holding the cover from the back of the case.
  • Pull the panel towards you.
  • Raise slightly upwards and remove.
  • Replace the cover.

Activity 2. Control panel with display or indicators

  • Remove the detergent drawer by pressing the central valve in the depth of the cuvette.
  • In the niche where the receiver was, find the mount.
  • A few more bolts are located at the top and right of the control panel. Unscrew all fastenings.
  • Carefully remove the wires from the panel that connect it to the CM parts. In order not to forget how everything was, remove the process of disassembly on video or mark the posting. If you are a neat master, you can not remove the wires - in this case, work carefully so as not to interrupt anything.

Action 3. The bottom panel

  • The panel holds the plastic latches - find them and bend them using a slotted screwdriver.
  • Remove the panel and set aside.

Action 4. Cuff Hatch

Without this, you can not remove the front panel.

  • Find a thin band of metal wire that holds the cuff, hook it with a screwdriver and remove it.
  • Pull the cuff out of the groove with your hands, not reaching it completely.
  • Disconnect the lock sensor.
  • Unscrew the bolts to remove the sensor.

Action 5. Front panel

  • Front wall fastenings are located behind the powder receptacle, behind the water drain valve and in the corners: left upper and upper right, lower right and behind the display panel.
  • Loosen all the screws found.
  • Remove the front cover.
  • Put it aside.

Action 6. Release of the tank from fasteners

It is necessary to remove:

  • water intake valve fasteners;
  • drainage pipe of water;
  • wiring from a heater and a temperature sensor;
  • wires from the electric motor;
  • pump wiring;
  • counterweights (large upper and lower lower);
  • a branch pipe of the pressure switch;
  • fasteners of shock absorbers (dampers).

Important! Passing through the list and removing all the wires and nipples, you can shoot the tank. Ask someone to help you to work more conveniently. Let the partner unhook the springs, and lift the tank and remove it from the case.

Tank disassembly and bearing replacement

Before replacing the bearing, it is necessary to disassemble the tank. Let's start:

  1. Understand with fasteners. This can be both latches and screws securing the 2 parts of the tank.
  2. By dividing the tank into half, you will see the pulley of the drum and its attachment.
  3. Your task is to unscrew the mount. In order not to disrupt the bolts, which are very tight in 90% of cases, use lubricant.

Important! To WD-40 or its analog acted, you need to process the bolt and wait at least 10 minutes.

  1. After removing the fastening, remove the pulley, and tighten the bolt as it was. This will help you successfully knock out the drum without damaging the shaft.
  2. Take the stud prepared earlier, and press it into the screwed bolt. Hit the hammer on it, gradually knocking out the shaft.

Attention! Do not need to drill too much on the hairpin. The cost of repairs can increase.

  1. After you knock out the shaft and bushing, inspect them - whether everything is in order, there is no damage.

Replacement of seals and bearings

To change the bearings, follow our recommendations:

  • Take the rear part of the drum and remove the stuffing box that is in the hole in the center.
  • If the epiploon does not reach your hands, pick it up with a thin screwdriver.
  • Bearings you do not get a screwdriver, they need to be knocked out.
  • Take the pin and, pushing it against the different edges of the bearing, easily and uniformly hit the hammer.

Important! Do not knock on one place, otherwise the bearing will get stuck.

Bringing the details, clean the hole in which they were, from the traces of oil and rust. Prepare a place for new items - it should be perfectly clean.

Replacement of the bearing on the washing machine LG has almost come to an end, it remains only to "plant" new parts:

  • Beat the bearings in place. Operate neatly, without strong and abrupt movements.
  • Lubricate and install oil seals.

Now you have to collect everything back and run the test wash.

Important! When assembling parts of the tank, seal the seam with a sealant for reliability.

Common Mistakes

Many home masters know how to change the bearing, and even undertake to repair machines with direct drive. But mistakes are made by all, the most frequent of them:

  1. Breakage of wires UBL.
  2. Damage to the sealing collar (when the elastic gets without removing the yoke).
  3. Pulley damage (during unsuccessful attempts to remove it from the drum axis).
  4. Disconnection of threads of bolts (if removed without heating, lubrication, or from sudden movements).
  5. Breakage of the wires of the temperature sensor or TEN.
  6. Breakage of the water inlet (if you forget to loosen the clamps).
  7. Damage to the drum due to improper removal of bearings.

Remember: every mistake complicates repairs, and an attempt at saving can result in the purchase of a new washing machine. Be careful, follow the instructions and rules, and everything will turn out. If you are still not confident in your abilities, contact a proven master - he will do the job quickly and efficiently.

For those who ventured to do their own repairs, we prepared a useful video with a step-by-step guide:


This video shows how to change bearings in a machine with a direct drive:

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