Dishwasher Gota (Gotha): mini model overview

The Gota dishwasher is more like a radio with a hinged lid. In fact, it is easy to place plates and cutlery. Such small sizes on hand to those who want to save space in the kitchen.

What is the feature of innovative technology, is it beneficial, consider in the article.

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Mini dishwasher "Gotha"

It was made by order of the company "Virpul" in 2009. The concept was developed by designers I. Caldasu, C. Lima, L. Barelli, F. Sobchakas. Produced by CWB Staff.

Work without connection to communications- the main advantage of the dishwasher Gota.

Works on the principle of recycling water. How does this happen:

  • Water is poured into the special tray.
  • The machine is connected to electricity.
  • The chamber is loaded with dirty dishes.
  • After the program is started, the contaminants are partially treated with steam and water.
  • Then the spent liquid is purified by a filtration system.
  • It is re-fed to rinse the plates.

The compartment of the bunker is designed for six people (plates, cups, cutlery). Dimensions of the case: 35х40х45 cm. The Gotha technique is compact, does not require water connection, therefore it is easy to transport and can be used as a portable device.

In the photo there is a touch control panel. Modes can be selected by touching your fingers.

Lonely people, young couples perfectly fit MMT Gota at the expense of small size and capacity. Unlike standard dishwashers, which use new water for preliminary, basic washing, rinsing, "Gotha" effectively cleans the already used liquid.

The products were sold only in 2016. The ruler is represented by just one model, so you do not have to choose.

Set the dishwasher can be on the countertop, pedestal or in another convenient place. Thanks to modern design, it will be a wonderful addition to the interior.

Advantages and disadvantages of mini-cars


  • Compact size, ergonomic design, saving space in the kitchen.
  • The minimum noise level.
  • Sufficient room for daily care of one or two people.
  • Mobility and low weight of PMM: you can easily move around the kitchen, take with you to the country.
  • Economical consumption of resources through recycling.

For those who choose compact options, a small roominess is not a minus. But the choice of programs is minimal: only the main functional, so the preliminary soaking and drying is not about Goth.

If you want to try out new technologies, give preference to Gmota. In addition to the unusual appearance, you get a model that does not need to be connected to communications.

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