Description and types of Chinese apple


Jablon Chinese is not entirely true Chinese. Of course, this variety is found on the territory of China, and is widely distributed there, but it is mostly called so because its leaves look like the leaves of Chinese plum. For this it is called an apple-tree plum.

Often these crumbs are found in our gardens. Despite the fact that they are small, apples in no way inferior to the taste of large varieties of Russian apples.


Table of contents

  • From the history of breeding
  • Features of the variety
  • Care for apple-plum apple
    • How to choose the right seedling?
    • How to plant?
    • After-plant care
  • Harvesting and storage of golden apples
  • Diseases and pests
  • Reviews of gardeners
  • Conclusion

From the history of breeding

Apples came to us from New Zealand, where they saw a British gardener who decided that such apples must necessarily be in his country, and that they will be in demand when sales. And it happened. This ingenious and cunning gardener brought seedlings back to his homeland.

Very soon they began to bear fruit, and he began to sell these apples in packages of 6 pieces. And to this day they are in great demand, and especially they are loved and children are satisfied with contentment, since it is difficult for them to cope with a large apple due to age.

Chinese apples are also bought by adults, since jams and compotes of them are unusually tasty, not for nothing in the people of these crumbs called "paradise apples."


Features of the variety

In itself, the tree reaches a medium size, the crown of its medium density, it is completely covered with small apples of red or yellow color. Those gardeners who cultivate this kind of apples, say that during flowering these apple trees can be admired literally as pictures, in addition, they give simply stunning aroma.

Some gardeners plant Kitaiku for decorative purposes, not just for food.

Branches in shape resemble a weeping willow, they are in themselves yellow or orange, the crown is spreading.

The leaf is also beautiful, gently green, slightly oblong, carved along the edges, with denticles.

Fruits are very small, up to 40 grams. On the skin of yellow or red, there may be darkening, scratches, roughness and irregularities. This does not mean that the apple is bad. Unfortunately, these are the characteristics of the variety. The apple pulp is creamy yellow in color, it tastes sweet with a little sourness.

Fruits of red apple cultivar china

Jablon ChineseYou can safely plant in solar areas, it is sure to take root there and will please the harvest. But if the area can not be called roasting, then to get a good harvest for the apple tree, it is necessary to carry out correct and competent care.

As for the yield, the fruit can be expected 3 years after planting. Apples mature and are ready for use at the end of July, around the 25th. That is, a variety of Chinese apples can be considered early. With one large and healthy tree, you can collect 100 kilograms of apples.

When apples start to ripen, they crumble strongly. We need to keep up with our harvest so that the apples on the ground do not break up or rot.

Care for apple-plum apple

From how the care of the tree will be carried out, its yield depends.There is nothing difficult in taking care of the Chinese apple tree, even an amateur horticulturist will cope with it.

  1. You need to decide on the time of planting an apple tree, you need to start planting in the fall, when the weather is still quite warm on the street. This is the end of September - the beginning of October.
  2. Plant an apple tree in a well-lit area.
  3. If the groundwater flows next, then such a place will not work. Kitai does not tolerate a lot of moisture and can die.
  4. The soil in which the Chinese apple tree is planted must be fertile. If the soil is not so, then before planting apples, you need to fertilize the soil in advance.
  5. The sites on which it is planned to land should be with good drainage.
Flowering of Chinese apple

How to choose the right seedling?

  1. Buy seedlings better in special nurseries, and not from the hands and not in the markets. This will help to save from a vexing mistake and grow a really Chinese woman, and not what will fall.
  2. Buying seedlings is better in those nurseries that are themselves located in a warm territory, where the apple trees of China could feel free.
  3. When buying, you should carefully examine the root system. It should be large and developed.
  4. Saplings are better to acquire young, they will be easier to take root.
If the seedlings have bare roots, then in order for them to get better, they must be placed in a container of water for one hour before planting.

How to plant?

For planting, you need to prepare pits, and you need to do this in advance, a month before planting the plant. Do this in advance also becauseThe pit must be specially fertilized:

  1. Horse dung.
  2. Wood ash.
  3. Phosphate.
  4. Sulfur of potassium.

2/3 of the pit must be filled with this fertilizer. Over a layer of ordinary land without fertilizers is poured, abundantly watered. From above, it is once again covered with ordinary earth.

Yellow fruits of Chinese apple

After-plant care

In order for the harvest to be good, you need to look after the apple tree from the first day of planting.

  1. Formation of the apple tree crown.To do this, you need to prune all the branches, trying to make them the same length. This is to ensure that the strength of the tree is not in the growth of the crown, but in the development of apples. The main thing is to cut off both branches and leaves.
  2. To the young apple tree did not fall down and broke down,It is necessary to drive into the ground next to it a special peg that could support it. To this peg you need to tie an apple tree trunk.
  3. Gardeners are advised during the first 4-5 years of life of the apple tree not to allow it to grow fruit, at least a large number.It is necessary to manually remove up to 80% of all flowers.
  4. In the first year of apple life, in spring it is necessary to conduct a procedure that would help protect Chinatown from pests. To do this, you need to spray the wood with mixtures, you can buy them in the ready-made form in the store. The first time you need to handle when the kidneys are just starting to swell, and the second time when the buds are about to open.
After this procedure, apple tree Kitaika no longer needs new fertilizers.

Harvesting and storage of golden apples

Apples lie well in the refrigerator if they do not have mechanical damages. Some varieties can lie almost to winter. If it is possible to store them in wooden boxes at zero degrees, then you can do this, for example, on the summer terrace.

Harvest of yellow apple apples

Apples can be dried and used as dried fruits, they perfectly go in the winter to compotes.

From apples Kitaika prepare also jams, jams, jam, cider, kissels, candied fruits. That is, the main thing is that there should be a harvest, and apples are absolutely necessary.


Diseases and pests

The apple tree of China is susceptible to attacks from pests, in order to avoid this, it is necessary to carry out the following measures:

  1. Copper vitriol.It protects against rotting, helps the tree to tighten wounds, prevents fungal diseases.
  2. Nitrofen.This remedy can also prevent fungal diseases, scab, prevents parasites from laying eggs and hatching on a tree.
  3. Urea. The solution helps fight insects that constantly attack garden trees: aphids, weevils, powdery mildew. Effective when fighting scab.
  4. Copper sulphate.It fights against parasites of vegetable origin, mosses and lichens.
  5. Colloidal sulfur.Helps to fight against a spider mite.
Bacteriosis on apple tree leaves

Reviews of gardeners

Valentina, Vladimir, 65 years old:I love these apples from childhood, especially Chinese gold. I remember how she grew up in her grandfather's vegetable garden and I always climbed it. I like the fact that you can eat them already in July, do not necessarily wait until they ripen completely, even green they are very even nothing. I like the sour taste, that they are convenient to eat. I collected full pockets, and as if you click seeds. The fruits are not large, but the harvest is always consistently large. Personally, I like the juice of these apples and dried fruits.

Natalia, 45 years old, Dneprovskoe:I love these apples, but I do not like the fact that during storage they absorb the smell of what is nearby. Simply put - put them next to the potatoes - they will smell of potatoes. Next to gasoline - will smell of gasoline. And in the rest I have no complaints about this sort.

Елена, 39 years old, Свищиво:Early, simple to taste, appear when you already intolerably want fruit, and they have not yet ripened. Children love them very much, but here not in every climate apples take root.


Thus, the apples of Kitai are in their own way exquisite, early apples. They must necessarily be in the suburban areas, if not for food, then as an element of decor.

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