Whistling in the fridge

Noise and buzz when working can any refrigerator, regardless of the period of operation. The question is, how much noise exceeds the norm. Some users complain of whistling in the refrigerator. The reasons for its origin can be different. Pay attention when the whistle is heard: when the door is opened or at another time.

What should I do if the sounds interfere with sleep?

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  • 1Why the refrigerator whistles and rumbles
    • 1.1Motor Compressor
    • 1.2Starting relay
    • 1.3Cooling system No Frost
  • 2Rules for installing a refrigerator

Why the refrigerator whistles and rumbles

All household appliances are buzzing and noisy when working. But if we are ready to put up with the temporary work of a vacuum cleaner or a blender, then it is impossible to live with a strong constant noise of the refrigerator.

Find out how much noise the technique makes when working, you can still in the store - it is not necessary to open the instruction. On the body there is a sticker, which indicates the energy-saving class, as well as the noise level in dB. At home, the sound of the equipment may differ from the ones claimed, since testing is carried out at the factory. But if the refrigerator at work makes a whistle, then there was a problem.

The main reason for whistling is in the refrigerator fan (LG or other brand). The installed No Frost system provides for a fan that overtakes cold air.

Sometimes the fan blades are covered with a layer of ice, which causes extraneous sounds during work. Then it is required to unfreeze the technique. But if after a defrost you heard a whistle, lubricate the fan with spindle oil. This is a machine oil that does not freeze at low temperatures.

Another reason for whistling is the circulation of refrigerant through the system. As a rule, this is considered a normal sign. You can hear gurgling, murmur and other "incomprehensible" sounds. Ecologically clean refrigerant in the system moves faster, so you can hear the whistle.

What other details cause strange sounds in the refrigerator?

Motor Compressor

The compressor is periodically turned on and off. To the sounds of the running motor, you can add:

  • rattling utensils, if it is closely located to each other;
  • Vibration of the case when the furniture or battery is nearby.

Therefore, it is important to equip the equipment technically, to observe a distance of at least 5 cm from the wall and furniture.

The noise of the motor will be heard more often if the refrigerator is two-compressor, since each compressor works separately.

Starting relay

When the relay starts and stops, clicks are issued. This is normal operation of the device, so you should not worry.

Cooling system No Frost

Despite all the advantages, the "No frost" system works louder than the usual drip unit. The reason for this is two fans, in the refrigerator and freezer compartment. Add to this the noise of the coolant through the tubes.

Of course, not everything is so straightforward. The noise level depends on the manufacturer. Even a large refrigerator equipped with the latest technology can work quieter and small if the manufacturer has thought out all the details and developed a soundproofing.

See the following for the topic:


Rules for installing a refrigerator

To avoid extraneous sounds that will cause irritation over time, follow the simple rules:

  1. Do not put the refrigerator close to other furniture, leave a gap of 5-10 cm.
  2. Do not install the appliance near heaters or gas stoves.
  3. Connect only to a grounded outlet. It is advisable to install a mains fuse.
  4. Make sure that the refrigerator is leveled, with a slight deflection back - otherwise the door will open.
  5. Leave a place at a back wall of technics for normal ventilation.

Be attentive to the work of the refrigerator. If you get bored with a lot of noise for a long time, you better call the master. When the new equipment makes a noise, you can contact the store where the purchase was made.

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