Malfunctions of washing machines Bauknecht

Washing machines Bauknecht have a reliable assembly, but eventually they fail, there are problems that need to be eliminated.

Contacting a service center is not always beneficial, so you can try to repair the washing machine Bauknecht with your own hands.

Content of the material:

  • 1Fault codes SM Bauknecht (Bauknecht)
    • 1.1How to run "Autotest"
  • 2Common Problems
    • 2.1SM Bauknecht does not press the laundry properly
    • 2.2The drum rotates poorly
    • 2.3Leak in the washing machine
    • 2.4Problems with electronics

Fault codes SM Bauknecht (Bauknecht)

Modern models of washing machines are equipped with a self-diagnosis system: with its help you can quickly detect a malfunction, because the error code is displayed on the scoreboard. You can only understand the meaning of the code and do self-repair.

Consider codes of errors characteristic for washing machines Bauknecht.

Troubleshooting codes Value
FH There is no water in the tank.
FA The function of Aquastop failed.
FP The water does not drain.
F4 No water heating.
F5 Malfunction of the temperature sensor or its wiring.
F6 The tow truck does not give a signal to the control module. A malfunction of the device is possible.
F7 Faulty triac due to short circuit.
F8, F12 Faulty heater relay (TEN) or its wiring.
F9 The water level in the tank exceeded the norm.
F10 Damage to the temperature sensor (for models with a spin of 1600 revolutions).
F11 Problems in the control circuit.
F13 The mechanism of water distribution failed.
F14 EEPROM failure, non-volatile memory malfunction.

But the fault code is not always displayed on the screen. Sometimes the user notices a malfunction in the operation of the Bauknecht stirrer, but the self-diagnosis system is silent. For this case, a self-test program is provided.

After its launch, all SM parts are tested, then the error code is displayed on the display panel.

How to run "Autotest"

Launch testing in the washing machine Bauknecht is described in the instructions. If you do not have instructions with you, then read on:

  1. Set the control selector to the "Drain" mode.
  2. Press and hold the "Prewash" button for 5 seconds.

If a fault is detected, the self-test stops and sounds an audible signal. The "Spin" light is blinking, the error code is displayed.

Common Problems

We will analyze the basic malfunctions which can be met in washing machines Bauknecht (Bauknecht).

SM Bauknecht does not press the laundry properly

Did you notice that Stiralka began to press things badly? What you can do with your own hands:

  • Check if the drum is overloaded with laundry. It is not worthless to drum up the drum with things, because when washing they become heavier, which leads to poor spinning and imbalance.
  • When there is an imbalance (when the laundry gets lost in one direction), you need to distribute it evenly.
  • The drainage system is checked for a blockage: a branch pipe and a drain pump. The parts are cleaned and installed into place.

The drum rotates poorly

When washing the drum started to rotate badly, strange sounds are heard. Probably, a foreign object got into the drum of the washing machine Bauknecht. You can remove the object with your own hands, carefully checking and groping the drum.

In order to avoid such problems, it is good to check things and pockets for small items that can cause damage to the styralka.

Leak in the washing machine

Carefully inspect the sides of the leak. Check the tightness of the door closing, and the integrity of the rubber cuff. Inspect the handle and door lock for wear.

In case of malfunction, new parts must be installed. How to do it, look at the video:


The cause of depressurization and leakage can be a strong vibration of the machine during operation. Verify the correct installation of the Bauknecht CM - it should stand exactly on the surface.

The filler hose and its nuts are also checked. If damaged, replace the hose. Pull and rinse the dispensing tray, which could be clogged with powder.

Problems with electronics

A typical problem with Bauknecht washing machines with electronic control is the failure of its components. The electronic board is very sensitive to voltage drops, therefore in the event of a short circuit, its elements are burned.

How to remove and check the control board on the Bauknecht stalk:

  1. Shut off the water supply.
  2. Disconnect the machine from the mains.
  3. After unscrewing the two screws from the back, remove the top CM panel.
  4. Pull out the dispensing tray by pressing the lock in the middle.
  5. Remove the three bolts that are located behind the tray.
  6. Unclip the plastic clips securing the control panel. Remove it.
  7. Disconnect all wires from the control unit, remove the cover from it by pressing the latches.
  8. After accessing the board, inspect it at the time of damage, burnt items.

You can replace the control card with your own hands in the reverse order. But if the details need repair, it is better to contact the master. Electronic components are one of the most expensive in a washing machine. Therefore, if you do not understand electronics, it's better not to take chances.

The video shows how to replace the electronic module yourself:

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