Error AE, speaker in Samsung washing machine

The Samsung washing machine can display AE, AC, AC6, 13E on the display if the control module has stopped responding and transmitting the signal. And it does not happen all the time - the machine works well, then suddenly a code is displayed on the scoreboard.

To fix the problem and remove the error, you need to know why the AE code occurs.

Content of the material:

  • 1What does the error code say and why?
  • 2How to fix the problem
    • 2.1When you want to call a wizard

What does the error code say and why?

AE error may occur immediately after the Samsung washer started or at the time of washing, which was normal. If the error AE, AC, AC6, 13E is lit, this indicates a problem in communication between the control and display modules.

What does this code mean? It means that there is a periodic disappearance or no signal between these modules. The control module does not react to the operation of the panel with the display and control buttons on the washing machine located on it.

Sometimes the error code AE ​​indicates a short circuit that occurred in the circuit between these modules.

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Without diagnostic measures, it is difficult to determine why the cards stopped communicating, and the AE is displayed on the display. But sometimes you can solve the problem on your own.

For this it is only necessary to establish its true cause. The fault codes AE, AC, AC6, 13E appear on the display due to a temporary malfunction in the control. Then the washer shows error AE when in fact it is not.

How to fix the problem

Here's what to do if a CM error appears on the Samsung's CM display:

  • Disable the button with the on / off button;
  • Remove the plug from the socket;
  • Let the machine rest for a few minutes;
  • Restart the washing process.

If after this, the error AC6, AE, 13E does not occur, then an error was reset, which was false. The washing machine is in order and you can use it further.

But if at start-up the washing machine again displays an error on the display, then the professional can not do without the help.

When you want to call a wizard

Specialist for the diagnosis of a washing machine Samsung should be called if:

  1. After turning on the machine or during washing, an error AE appears on the scoreboard. Possible interruption of communication with bad contacts between the control modules and the display. It is necessary either to clean and twist the contacts, or to replace the cable with the wires.
  2. After turning on and setting the washing program, the display shows AE. The point is in the failure of the control or display modules. They can burn chips or break off the tracks on the boards. If the tracks are faulty, they can be sealed, and if the chip fails, the control module needs to be completely replaced.

Here's how to fix Samsung's washing machine if AE appears on the display. A simple "reset" of the styralka can help. But more often it is necessary to apply for help to a master who will eliminate the breakdown.

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