The placard on the refrigerator does not work

If the placard on the refrigerator does not work, this does not always mean that you have problems with the voltage in the mains - this, by the way, is a common theory in the question of a non-working display. If the refrigerator does not include a placard, then this can contribute to such reasons:

  • Check the power cord: it may be torn or damaged.
  • It will not hurt to check the outlet itself - it may be that the reason for the failure of the refrigerator is in its failure.
  • Masters also say that the cause of the not working display board can be a burnt control board - or, as it is also called an electrical circuit.
  • Well, do not exclude the reason, which we talked about a little bit higher - in the non-working display board, the voltage drop in the network can be to blame.
  • Check also the button that turns your refrigerator on / off - the cause may be hidden in it.
  • If the indicator board does not work, the fuse may have blown.

It may also be that the scoreboard is damaged in a mechanical way - for example, during transportation or it will not hurt to ask household members about what has been happening recently at the refrigerator.

How to troubleshoot an electronic board

Specialists in this regard are advised, first of all, to make sure that the outlet has a voltage - not if you decide to climb there with a screwdriver or something else, it will be sufficient to include in this outlet another working electrical appliance. If the appliance is working, turn the refrigerator on and then press the power button of your refrigerator. If the indicator board did not work, then you should not try to fix the refrigerator yourself at once - after all, repairs can not the display itself, but the electronic control panel as a whole, and this task will be shifted best to the shoulders of competent specialists. Do not forget also that independent attempts at such repairs can result in a spoiled external view of your refrigerator, and even worse - entail a more expensive and troublesome repair, in the case of your fiasco.

Some kinds of problems with the scoreboard:

  • Disruption of the electronic scoreboard can be expressed in the fact that it is impossible to clearly consider the figure that displays the temperature. What is it? It means thatsome segments of the electronic display do not work. That is, you can see the incomplete figure - its some elements.
  • Any icon on the electronic display flashes. As for the operation of the refrigerator, it, as a rule, is not broken. IfThe temperature indicator flashes, it means that in one of the cells one of the reasons can be increased temperature - at best This can happen due to the constant opening of the refrigerator door, at worst - due to leakage refrigerant. Check it out simply - wait until the camera has reached the desired temperature and while the icon stops blinking. If this did not happen, you need a diagnosis and, most likely, a repair. By the way, it also happens that the display shows a completely incorrect temperature.
  • Ifflashing screen segment, and not its separate element, it does not hurt to check the electrical connection between the body itself refrigerator and its door - it is possible during transportation or re-hanging connection doors were violated.

As experience of many owners of refrigerators shows, sometimes temporary disconnection of the refrigerator helps to get rid of some problems, because some of them and the truth sometimes appear simply because the refrigerator, as the saying goes "Zaglyuchilo." In any case, if the problem is returned again and again - if an error is displayed on the display, the display flashes or the screen does not work at all, then the help of the master will not hurt, but on the contrary - will help get rid of the boring Problems.

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