Repair of dishwasher fault LG

The company LG produces modern technology, which is equipped with the latest developments and technologies. The dishwasher was no exception, but despite the quality, it is susceptible to breakage. The appearance of faults contribute to: improper installation, operation of the dishwasher, the quality of detergents used.

You can repair LG dishwashers yourself.

The error codes of the dishwashers "AlJ" are collected and described in detail in a separate article.

Content of the material:

  • 1Causes of breakdowns of the dishwasher "AlJ"
  • 2How to repair the dishwasher with your own hands
    • 2.1The PMM does not start the washing cycle
    • 2.2Too much water in the tank
    • 2.3Heater does not work
    • 2.4Drainage problems
    • 2.5The dishwasher does not turn on
    • 2.6Elimination of leakage

Causes of breakdowns of the dishwasher "AlJ"

Before starting the repair you need to find out why the dishwasher broke. This can be done thanks to the self-diagnosis system PMM - usually with a breakdown on the display code is displayed. If there is no display, the indicators on the control panel start flashing. Decrypting the code, you can understand where to look for a problem.

Pay attention to the signals that the dishwasher gives. If it has become buzzing during work, or the dishes are badly laundered, it is necessary to inspect the equipment.

Below are the main symptoms and causes of malfunction of the dishwashers "AlJ

  • The water has poured into the car, but the sink does not start. What's the matter? In the clog. This is what is checked first. The filter, the sprinkler nozzles could be blocked. Perhaps a circulating pump has failed, which pumps water into the machine.
  • If the dishwasher overflows with water, you need to check the pressure switch. In the event of sensor failure, leakage may occur. It is necessary to carry out diagnostics and replacement of the pressure switch.

  • The dishes are badly laundered, the water does not heat up. The reason may be in the failure of the thermistor, the heating element or their wiring.
  • After the washing cycle, the water does not drain from the tank. The pump is diagnosed and the resistance of the windings is checked by a multimeter. If the part is working, check the drainage path for blockage: filter, pump, hose, siphon.
  • The dishwasher does not turn on. Faulty mains, fuses or outlets. Diagnosis and replacement of broken parts is carried out.
  • Leakage. When the tank is leaking, it will be a difficult replacement. Inspect connections and tightness of hoses, seals on the door.

If an error is displayed on the screen of the car, do not rush to take action. Immediately restart: disconnect the PMM from the power supply for 15-20 minutes. After connecting, the code is not lit? Then keep working.

How to repair the dishwasher with your own hands

How to eliminate the typical faults of the AlJ dishwashers is described in the instructions. The structure of the equipment of different brands may be slightly different, so make sure where exactly this or that part is located before you start repairing.

The PMM does not start the washing cycle

Inspect and clean the main filter. How to do it:

  • Disconnect the machine from power. Shut off the water supply.
  • Open the hopper door.
  • Pull out the baskets and trays for the dishes.
  • The filter is located below.
  • Pull it out of the case.
  • Depending on the model PMM, the filter may have a metal mesh. It also needs to be pulled out.

  • Wash the parts using a stiff brush.

When the nozzles are clogged, it is quite easy to clean their holes:

  • Remove the upper and lower sprinkler.
  • Clean their holes with a toothpick.

In the event of a malfunction, the rocker arms will not rotate, so dishwashing will be of poor quality. To fix the situation will help to replace the elements:

  • Remove the lower rocker arm.

  • Using the grip, unscrew the sprinkler holder.
  • Then twist the fastener with your hand and remove it from the seat.
  • Secure the new fastener and install the sprinkler.

If the upper beam is attached to the basket, you need to remove the limiters:

  • take out the top basket;
  • press and unscrew the sprinkler;
  • Install the new rocker in the reverse order.

The installation of a new circulation pump (motor) will cause difficulties. However, it is quite possible to perform an independent replacement.

Why is it necessary to replace the pump? He is responsible for supplying water to the tank of the machine, to the nozzles and sprinklers. A sign of a malfunction with the pump is noise during operation.

What do we have to do:

  1. After releasing the hopper from the baskets, pull out the filter.
  2. Remove sponge of water under the filter sponge.
  3. Put the technique on your back to gain access to the bottom.
  4. First you need to unplug the drain pump.
  5. Unscrew the pump mount.
  6. Turn it clockwise and remove.
  7. Disconnect the connectors from the engine.
  8. Press the metal spring, which fixes the motor to the body.
  9. Grip loosen the clamps and remove the hoses that go to the pump.
  10. It remains to remove the metal clip from the old pump and install it on a new one. Assembly is carried out in the reverse order.

Too much water in the tank

If the dishwasher pot is full of water, the dishes are badly laundered or leakage occurs, check the level sensor. Why does the sensor not work? Perhaps the pressure switch has already worn out, its contacts have blown or the handset is clogged. Before replacing, check and clean the tube from clogging.

Look in the instruction where the pressostat is precisely located in your model. In the dishwasher "AlJ" the part can be on the bottom or back of the case.

Let's consider the last option:

  • remove the back panel of the PMM by unscrewing the mounting bolts;
  • disconnect the pressure switch hose;
  • remove the fixture of the device;
  • disconnect the wiring;

  • install a new part and check the operation of the machine.

Heater does not work

The reason for the lack of heating in the dishwasher may be a defective heater, as well as a thermistor that measures the temperature of the heating in the tank. If the diagnosis shows a breakdown of the temperature sensor, it needs a replacement.

How to make repairs, we will tell you:

  • open access to the bottom of the MMP;
  • disconnect the drain and circulating pump as described above;
  • A thermistor is attached to the pump assembly;
  • remove the thermostat cover, disconnect the wires;
  • press the fastening latches, pull the part out of the seat;

  • on the new thermostat, put on the O-ring;
  • grease the seal to easily install into the socket; you can use detergent;
  • Reinstall in the reverse order.

Drainage problems

When the water leaves the tank badly, the drainage path and the pump are checked first. How to get to the pump, you already know. Consider how to clean the sink from the blockage. Remains of food, debris, glass shards - all this gets into the sink and blocks the operation of the system.

  1. Take out the drain filter. Clean the part.
  2. Open the pump cover. To do this, press and pull it up.
  3. Remove foreign objects and debris in the area of ​​the impeller.
  4. Disconnect and clean the drain hose.
  5. The last stage of the inspection is cleaning the siphon and sewage. Use special tools to do this.

The dishwasher does not turn on

Trying to start the program, but the control panel does not respond? Technology does not give signs of life at all? Connect another appliance to the dishwasher outlet. If it works, then continue the inspection.

What to do:

  • If the mains cable is damaged, it must be replaced;
  • If fuses blow on the electronic board, repairs will be required.

The most unpleasant failure is associated with the control module. It is impossible to repair it with your own hands-it is still possible to damage the part even more. It is better to contact the service center or call a master.

Elimination of leakage

The labor-intensive repairs are to be performed when the PMM tank leaks - it will be necessary to completely disassemble the equipment. When the hoses flow, they are immediately changed to new, weakened connections tighten.

Did you find a leak from the door? Probably, her seals were worn out. Replace them simply - remove the old sealant around the perimeter and install a new one.

You can deal with the problems in the LG dishwasher with your own hands. But there are also such failures that require specialist intervention. Be attentive to the problems of technology.

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