Error F11 in the washing machine Ariston

In the "Spin" mode, your model SM Ariston gives an error code F11, while the system does not drain the water, and the laundry is not squeezed. This means that the drain pump does not respond to the control board signals.

The fault code is displayed on the display panel during rinsing or washing without an obvious pattern.

Content of the material:

  • 1Malfunction in different Ariston models
  • 2How to troubleshoot a home
    • 2.1System failure (management board)
    • 2.2Wiring Violation
    • 2.3Damaged pump failure
    • 2.4Malfunction of the control unit
    • 2.5Malfunction of the pressure switch

Malfunction in different Ariston models

The electronic machine Ariston shows error F 11 on the display. Older spinners with electromechanical control will say about the malfunction as follows:

  • For a number of Ariston Margherita machines: the "Turn On / Off" light will blink eleven times with a break. In addition, the LED "Lock" - "Key" is lit.
  • For CM type AML, AVL, AVSL firm Ariston: indication "Delay timer" - "Quick wash also constantly blinks "Extra rinse". The "Lock" indicator flashes in addition.
  • Hotpoint Ariston from the ARL, ARSL, ARXL series gives F11 error by flickering the "Spin" - "End program" - "Lock" indicators. Additionally, the lower program lights are on.
  • For Hotpoint Ariston Akvaltis: the temperature LED blinks 30 and 50 degrees, the wash lamp in cold water.

As you understand, error code Ф 11 notifies about problems with pump operation. However, in models such as Ariston Aqualtis, he talks about a drain error. How to fix this problem is described in the article about the error F05.

How to troubleshoot a home

Next, we will tell you how to remove error 11, whatever the cause of the failure.

System failure (management board)

To reset the F11 Ariston error, restart the washing machine system. Disconnect the system for 20 minutes from the network. Then turn it on and look at the result.

Wiring Violation

Inspect the connections between the control board and the pump. If the wires go off, put them back in place.

Damaged pump failure

Stiralka with a tank filled with water, hangs on different functions and displays on the scoreboard error F11 before the mode "Spin". Probably, the winding of the pump has suffered, it does not respond to signals. Solve the problem by changing the pump.

Malfunction of the control unit

The error code can be displayed during "Spinning" or during draining - SM Ariston does not drain the water. As a result of voltage surges, the contacts could burn out, or the processor failed.

If the reason for wiring the board, the pump, is to change the burnt wires or solder the contacts.

A processor malfunction requires changing the control unit.

Malfunction of the pressure switch

What it means: the system indicates error F 11, the machine does not drain the water.

What to do: check the hose of the water level sensor for clogging, kinking. Replace if there is a problem. In other cases, you need to change the pressure switch.

Having correctly determined the reason for the breakdown of the washing machine Ariston, you can fix it yourself. To help the video:

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