Error: the Bosch dishwasher (Bosch)

If the Bosch dishwasher gives an error and the "tap" indicator lights up, you need to find out the reason for this behavior. Probably, the system of self-diagnostics warns you about the problems that have arisen. We will find out why the indicator caught fire and what it means.

Content of the material:

  • 1For what reasons the "tap" on the panel is on or flashing
  • 2How to troubleshoot the dishwasher Bosch
    • 2.1Problems with water supply
    • 2.2Sow

For what reasons the "tap" on the panel is on or flashing

In the article "Indicators and icons for the dishwasher"We described their meaning in detail.

  • If the "cock" lamp (next to the water supply button) lights up on the control panel, and the dishwasher is working normally, everything is fine. So, the car started to receive water for washing.
  • If you notice that the water flow indicator is on or flashing, while the machine is pouring, and the water is not getting into the hopper, there are problems.

The decoding of this problem in the instruction sounds like this: there is no water supply. What could be the reason:

  1. There was a clog of the inlet filter.
  2. There were problems with the flood valve (it broke, hammered).
  3. Incorrect connection of drainage system. There is a sowing machine.
  4. Faulty water spray in the chamber.

All of the above listed characteristics may indicatecode Е15. If an error E15 is lit on the PMM board and a crane is drawn, a problem with protection against leaks "Aquastop" is possible.

In various models of the dishwasher "Bosch" it can be complete and partial.

Due to leakage, water enters the machine tray. With full protection there is a float sensor that works. As a result, a fault code is displayed on the display.

When the protection is partial, there is an absorbent sponge in the filler hose. As soon as a leak occurs, the sponge is immersed in water and blocks access to the system. Read more about "AQUASTOP" for dishwashers in a separate article.

Important! A large amount of foam can lead to leakage and protection action. Monitor the amount of detergent.

How to troubleshoot the dishwasher Bosch

Start with the "Aquastop" check - it happens that the sensor simply sticks in the pan. Inspect the hose and hose connections at the time of leakage. If everything is in order, do so:

  • Remove the PMM plug from the socket.
  • Pull the technique from side to side so that the float returns to its normal position.
  • Drain the water that has fallen into the drip tray.
  • Allow the machine to dry.

Also inspect the hose. If you are convinced that the mechanical protection has worked,The filler hose must be completely replaced.

Problems with water supply

The sign of the error has disappeared, but the "crane" is still on fire? Then you need to check the flood system.

  • Close the water supply by tightening the inlet valve.
  • If you installed a flow filter, remove it and check for blockage.
  • Disconnect the filler hose from the housing. Rinse it under running water.
  • Remove the filter mesh. Often it gets clogged with rust and scum. If the contaminants are not removed by ordinary water, place the filter in a solution of water and citric acid.

The inlet valve is checked last. At dishwashers "Bosch" it is often located in the lower part of the case.

Unscrew the fixing screws and remove the decorative panel from below - behind it is the valve. Disconnect the wiring harness.

The electronic part of the valve is checked by a multimeter. Connect its test leads to the contacts of the part, measure the resistance. The operating device should show between 500 and 1500 ohms.

To check the mechanical part, apply the operating voltage (220 V) to the valve and see if the diaphragm opens or not. For any faults, the element must be replaced. Unscrew the fixing screw, remove the old part and install a new one.

When purchasing a filler hose, make sure that the marking matches the old sample. Otherwise, you can select an unsuitable item.

In addition, check the sprayers:

  • Open the hopper door.
  • Pull out the baskets.
  • Remove the upper and lower sprinkler from the seat.
  • Rinse under the tap. The nozzles can be cleaned with a toothpick.

Sometimes the cause of such problems can become a leakage sensor. It may be out of order or it transmits incorrect signals to the module. Then you need to carry out diagnostics and, if necessary, replace the sensor.


Is the "tap" indicator flashing? Then check that the dishwasher is correctly connected to the drain:

  1. The drain hose should be positioned at a distance of 45 cm from the floor.
  2. You need to create the right bend to avoid draining into the sewer.

The control board recognizes the problem as insufficient level of water in the tank. That is, in the allotted time the machine could not collect enough water.How to connect the dishwasher correctly, read in a separate article. Watch and take care of your equipment. Read on,how to clean a dishwasher.

Now you know what to do if the "Faucet" indicator lights up on the control panel of the dishwasher "Bosch". Video on the topic will help you cope with the problem:

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