What to buy an electric heater

Analyze options on two criteria price and portability. But before we estimate the power required of the device. Some stand at the counter traded with the inner voice and do not realize that the right equipment is just the same cheap. Let's see how to buy an electric heater should be in different situations.



Top cheap electric heaters

Instead of listing types of electric heaters, place them in rank:

  1. In the first place we put the good old, familiar from Soviet vetroduvku, now called the fan heater. On Yandex-market instrument is called thermo-ventilator. We are talking about the device, where the glowing spiral blown air flow. On Yandex-market in the price range up to 500 rubles gets a lot of models. Bad vetroduvku, a heating well, actually found on most markets in the country, 200 - 250 rubles. But 500 rubles low price, considering that on Yandex-Market offers a host of decent models. We focus not on power but on safety. As practice shows, the heater warms so much that sometimes creates a fire situation. The first two units at a price of 500 rubles show a good result: there is protection against overheating and downs. Neither children nor animals should not be close.
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    oil heater

    oil heater

  2. Oil heaters actually buy at the price of 500 rubles. Power consumption is, for example, 400 - 1000 watts, it is rather a marketing move. To create a power of 400 watts need Nichrome wire cross-section to reduce not work for one simple reason: the thermal oil heater modes already set. This means that the manufacturer has already wrapped a thin wire. TEN 400 W be much more expensive than in 1000, at cost. The actual heat output is dependent on the number of sections. For this price, really take the oil heater with at least five sections. The higher the power, the faster the unit will enter the mode, the higher the probability of the device blown. It would take the average category, Watts 600 - 800. And the oil heater at that price are sold, rather, by the action.
  3. We put on the third place convectors: for 1000 rubles take security devices at 1.5 - 2 kW.
    infrared heater

    infrared heater

  4. Infrared tube heaters are moved to the fourth position for being covered with a blanket device everyman easily trigger a fire. Most convectors internal relay, thermo making a relatively safe operation. Before hanging the laundry appliance, specify the presence of protective mechanisms located inside. Infrared heaters pull out a cheaply and high power. He will save us from freezing hands and face, even in the cold, because of the content of the reflector. In practice, the infrared heaters are good.
  5. In fifth place cheap infrared heaters, due to lack of cheap models in protection from fire. Consequently, the average person gets a chance to pay a lot more than the price of the device in case of fire. If you buy a ceiling model complexity are eliminated. Select devices with a heating element in the form of a steel plate. In security terms such devices are better convectors.
  6. At the last place we put the other heaters, including air conditioning. We are not going to touch a lot, sure that readers are interested in according to sub-section to find cheap home appliances.

Or read the proposed classification:

  1. The winner is determined by reason vetroduvki device lightness and rapid air heating (heat gun). In this sense infrared heaters do not reach. And in the cold heater will warm significantly jet. Actually get to execute vetroduvki from chic with an electronic brain and touch controls to primitive blades ventilated unprotected spiral Nichrome. These models do not have to be in a home with children and pets: present noise factor and the risk of fire. Most expensive models with degrees of protection look maximum security.
    mobile heater

    mobile heater

  2. In the second place the interior infrared heaters, because of its ease. In this segment, it is worth noting Micatermic and quartz (carbon) model. First a little harder. Equipped with good-quality bars, not to burn yourself on a red-hot heating element. Similar in shape to the floor convectors and oil heaters, but the principle is different. The overwhelming part of the heat escapes by radiation. As for the tube infrared heaters, here everything is clear.
  3. The third place is occupied by floor convectors. Their heating element is indented sheet steel, the shape is different if buy heater Electrolux, with high probability will be within the letter H. The only thing you need to remember that the convector should be placed on a trolley or stand. It makes no sense to remove the already installed device from the wall.
  4. In fourth place are oil heaters. Surprised, but produce models are much less mobile than this. Oil cooler with steel is difficult to call a mobile, though the body is standing on wheels. Under the oil cooler in the winter will have to make room for storage. Infrared quartz lamps put on the mezzanine, convector hang on the walls in the season, in the case of an oil cooler keep an eye spot on the floor in the closet.

Mobile electric heaters

Several heaters have not been put into the classification. For example, a quartz plate Teploplit. Heavy, but durable and reliable. Spiral protected by a layer of air stone. Chance to break is acquired only if the heater collapses on the floor. Well, if you do not pierce the floor.

Explains that Teploplit piece is compacted mineral marble rocks and quartz, held within the heating coil. Weight of the product surpasses 20 kg.

Parameters of electric heaters

Note that the least popular with dealers of model more powerful 2 kW. This disadvantages of electric heaters are not as widely advertised that the large capacity luxury. Now Europe is trying to save, Russia after her. Electrical wiring is not drawn powerful consumers. Therefore, a gas fireplace, and outputs 10 kW, and 20. A electrician has to be selected in the range of from 0.5 to 2 kW. This is the first reason.

Second: 2 kW - a quota of 20 square meters unheated, but well-equipped according to the standards of a winter room (not a holiday cottage). It is clear that the citizens of the house is already equipment for climate control (heating radiator). If inventory does not quite live up to the rules, we have to think about how to choose a good electric heater. If the battery temperature is lower than normal (70 degrees Celsius) at 20 degrees, enough power 2.5 kW to equalize the situation. Per sq. m. in the middle belt have 100 W heaters.

We see two objective reasons why most electric heater is placed in the range of up to 2 kW. And what to do in private homes. Putting boiler or hold gas. The country is not at all is solved, it is necessary to heat the stove. Incidentally, the boilers are different, allowing you to download wood and even coal. This low-cost fuel, electricity before him away at cost.

For city dwellers the benefits of electric heaters is that it makes no sense to contact your gas, to heat the stove altogether prohibited.

We hope that helped to address the issue, the choice to buy electric heater. Considered all the options. Air conditioners are not included in the list, called a heat pump (in its current form), the best solution is difficult. In the off-season equipment efficiency is great and even exceed 100% (the heat pump principle of operation resembles electrical heaters). There will not be able to compete and infrared emitters. But in winter the situation changes dramatically, it is recommended not to pump heat into the house from the cold.

What to buy an electric heater

What to buy an electric heaterHeaters

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