How to replace a drum in a washing machine

Breakage of a drum is a rarity. It occurs because of prolonged operation, bearing wear or factory rejection. If this happens to your car, you need to understand what is best: replace the drum in a washing machine or buy new equipment.

In the article, we will explore ways how to replace the failed parts yourself, and also consider how much the new ones cost.

Content of the material:

  • 1When you need to replace the drum in the washing machine
  • 2Preparing to repair the washing machine
  • 3Step-by-step disassembly of the washing machine
    • 3.1Start with the top and back panels
    • 3.2Go to the front panel
    • 3.3Disconnect the cuff
    • 3.4Remove the rest of the parts in the front
    • 3.5Disconnect the parts at the top
    • 3.6Go to the back

When you need to replace the drum in the washing machine

The decision to replace the drum is made on the basis of such factors:

  1. The cost of the washing machine, which must be repaired.
  2. The cost of acquiring new equipment.
  3. Cost of spare parts and repair.

If you have a really expensive model of the washing machine, to which you are accustomed and in no way want to change, then one point in support of the replacement of the drum. The second point gets a replacement in the event that you are ready to do the work yourself - saving on repairs.

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It should be borne in mind that basically the drums are sold complete with a tank. Separately, you are unlikely to be able to purchase a part.

So, compare the cost of new parts with the cost of a washing machine. Add the repair cost to the service center. Is it really more profitable to buy a new styaralka?

For clarity, we give examples. How much does the drum in the assembly with the tank for different models of washing machines:

  • SM Beko, Blomberg - from 3100 rubles.
  • SM Indesit - from 5600-5800 rubles.
  • SM Ariston - from 1, 00 rubles.
  • CM Electrolux, AEG, Zanussi - from 13800 rubles.

Add the cost of repairs here. In the service center the amount will be 4500-5000 rubles. In cheaper workshops or from private masters, you will pay about 2500-3000 rubles.

For example, let's compare the cost of a replacement with the cost of a budget machine Electrolux, the price of which will be from 1, 90 rubles.

It turns out that it is really beneficial to change the drum if you make repairs yourself. If you decide to do the work yourself, then buy the right part for your model and proceed.

Preparing to repair the washing machine

In this case, you will need to disassemble the washing machine, get the drum with the drum and install new elements. It is not necessary to disassemble the tank itself, since prefabricated kits including a bushing and bearings are on sale.

Prepare the tools:

  • a set of screwdrivers: slotted, cross, hex;
  • end and spanner wrenches;
  • nippers;
  • pliers;
  • liquid WD-40 for the stuck elements.

Before you change the drum in a washing machine, you need to disassemble it. For this, the AGR should be prepared:

  1. Disconnect the Stiralki from the power.
  2. Disconnect the intake hose and drain the water.
  3. Drain the water from the drain filter. It is located in the front of the case from the bottom.
  4. Move the machine away from the wall.

Step-by-step disassembly of the washing machine

Let's give an example of dismantling the machine with the dismantling of the front wall, since this repair is the most difficult.

Start with the top and back panels

Using a cross or hex screwdriver, unscrew the two screws at the back. Slide the cover forward and remove from the body.

Be careful when removing the cover. Its edges can be sharp.

Now unscrew all the screws around the perimeter of the back cover, remove it, and set it aside.

Go to the front panel

Pull out the dispenser tray for detergents. To do this, press the latch in the center and pull toward you. Unscrew the screws located behind the dispenser and on the other side of the control panel. Use a flat screwdriver to unclamp the plastic latches.

Lay the cover over the body. It is not necessary to unfasten the wires.

Disconnect the cuff

Open the hatch door. Having unbented the sealing rubber, pry the clamp and remove it. Fit the cuff inside the drum.

Now unscrew the two screws holding the UBL lock. Disconnect the wires from the lock. It remains to unscrew the screws on the perimeter of the front panel and remove it.

Remove the rest of the parts in the front

Remove the front counterweights from the tank. Unfasten the heater wiring. After loosening the drain pipe clamp, disconnect it from the tank. Be careful, water can spill out of it, so prepare the container in advance.

Disconnect the parts at the top

Now you need to release the top of the tank. First, lift the detergent bin. Loosen the clamps, unfasten the branch pipe from the tank to the hopper. Pull out the hopper together with the inlet valve. To do this, disconnect the wires from the valve, unscrew the fastening screws from the rear.

Remove the upper counterweight by unscrewing the bolts. Disconnect the pressure switch from the tank.

Go to the back

Remove the drive belt from the pulley. Immediately you can unscrew the pulley, so that later it is easier to get the tank. Stall his ring with a wooden bar or hammer handle. Try to unscrew the central bolt with a wrench. If not, use the WD-40 tool. Remove the pulley of the tank.

Disconnect the wiring of the electric motor and heater, if it is in the rear. Unscrew the bolts securing the motor, pull it out of the housing.

Disconnect the wiring around the perimeter of the tank. For plastic latches that hold wires, use wire cutters.

You have reached the final stage. It remains to unscrew the shock absorber bolts and remove the tank from the springs. Pull it out of the tank.

Time to learn how to change the drum in a washing machine.

To do this, connect the pulley to the tank, fixing it with a bolt. Here you may need the help of another person. Raise the drum with the drum and install it in the body through the top, hanging on the hooks.

Collect the styralk in the reverse order.

Now you know how to perform a replacement, so you can compare all the pros and cons of such repairs. Perhaps it will be more profitable for you to buy a new car.

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