Error E6, H1, H2, E5, HE1, HE2 in the Samsung washing machine

If you see one of the codes on the display: E6, H1, H2, E5, HE1, HE2 is a signal about problems with the water temperature.

In the Samsung machines without a display, they correspond to the blinking of all the indicator lamps of the washing modes and the lighting of the temperature settings (60 degrees and "cold water" or both 60 and 40 degrees).

In outdated versions of Samsung washing machines (released on the market before 2007), the error E5 is used to indicate the same problems.

Error e6 in the washing machine Samsung does not match the fault code 6E.

Content of the material:

  • 1How the washing machine works in the event of a malfunction
  • 2What are the problems associated with?
  • 3What to do to fix the machine in the home
    • 3.1Make sure that the machine is correctly connected to the mains
    • 3.2Reboot the Stiralk
    • 3.3Check for loops

How the washing machine works in the event of a malfunction

Sometimes when washing without heating the water works in the normal mode. Error E6 appears only when selecting a program that requires heating the liquid.

Usually the technician gives an error in a quarter of an hour after the start. The start of washing is normal.

What are the problems associated with?

All indicators of this group indicate problems with water temperature. Washing machine samsung either does not cope with heating, or too warms up a liquid. Let's see what each of the additional error codes means.

Error H1 and error HE1 occur in two cases:

  • Stiralka almost boiled water - heated to 95 degrees;
  • The water heats up too quickly (more than 40 degrees for two minutes).

Error H2 and error HE2 signal about the opposite complexity: for 10 minutes washing machine Samsung is not could heat the water more than 2 degrees, which means that the program can not be executed in a given mode.

What to do to fix the machine in the home

Self-repair in case of malfunctioning of this group is usually impossible. We will tell you how to eliminate possible problems before contacting the master and try to remove the error without a specialist if the washing machine shows on the E6 display.

Make sure that the machine is correctly connected to the mains

The washing machine must be connected directly to the network. Check the integrity of the cord and plug.

Reboot the Stiralk

If E6 lights up for the first time, try to force the machine to restart, turning off the power for a few minutes. Interruptions with the supply of current can lead to the freezing of the electronics.

If no error reset occurs, check other options.

Check for loops

E6 on the scoreboard can be displayed with insufficient contact of the wires. Make sure the connection between the control unit and the heater is of good quality. The probability of this malfunction increases if the washing machine was recently dismantled.

If you can not find the solution to the problem yourself, it's worth turning to a technician who knows what to do. Most of the faults in group H (H1, H2, their analogs HE1 and HE2), as well as fault codes E5 and E6, can not be corrected without special skills.

If after a basic check the washing machine shows an indicator from group H, the restart does not give a result and on the screen all still lit E6 - maybe one of the sensors is defective, the water heating module has burnt out or it has served its washing processor machines. It will not be possible to do without a professional who knows how to fix problems and replace blocks in engineering.

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