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The modern Ardo washing machine is designed in such a way that it notifies the user of the self-diagnosis system with the slightest problem. This system, finding a breakdown, displays fault codes on the scoreboard.

If the owner of the washing machine knows what the code means, why it appeared and what to do in this case, it will be able to prevent serious damage.

Often determine what a particular code means, you can scroll through the user manual. If the instruction is lost, refer to our detailed summary of all possible Ardo CM error codes.

Below you will find all the codes, the reasons for their appearance and, most importantly, how to solve the problem yourself.

Ardo styrakal error table: decoding and resetting

Code Decoding Possible causes What to do
E00, E01 There are difficulties with draining the waste water from the washing machine system. The washer issues an error E00 or E01 if the filtration systems of the water drain are clogged.

To remove the error yourself, you should look at the elements of the drainage system: the drain hose, the drain filter, the fitting and the pump.

The easiest way to clean the filter and drain hose is to start with this.

E02 At E02, one of the washing steps is incorrectly performed: pouring, pressing or draining the water. The first reason why the machine shows error 02 is the bend of the water drain hose.

Try to eliminate the bend of the hose, check it for damage.

Replace the hose if necessary.

E03 Water is not drained from the tank. The drain time may have been exceeded( the drain lasted more than 90 seconds).

The manufacturer reports that with this technical fault it is worth contacting the service center.

We argue a little about this recommendation: the drain connection pipe, which is responsible for draining the water from the tank, may be clogged. To clean or replace it, you need to open the SMA case - and this is not for every user.

The only thing you can do: try to restart the machine - it happens that error codes appear due to an internal system failure.

The error may not have clear signs.

Or there are problems with water heating.

Failure of a temperature sensor, thermal heater or electronic unit - causes of F2 error. Sensor, TEN or module should be replaced, having determined the cause of the error. Diagnosis will be required.
F4 Water is not drained from the tank.

With F4 error, there may be problems with the correct connection of the drain hose( not according to the instructions).

A malfunction in the drainage pump is not excluded.

It is necessary to check that the water drain hose is correctly positioned.

If this reason is excluded, then it is necessary to check the pump and, in case of its breakage, replace it.

F5 Water simultaneously drained and dialed( siphon effect).

If the machine shows F5 on the display, it means that the water drain hose is incorrectly connected.

It is also possible that the strainer is clogged on the inlet valve.

How to troubleshoot:
  1. Inspect the strainer for clogging.
  2. Connect the hose correctly.
F6, F9, F12 CMA issues an F6, F9 or F12 error when an electric motor breaks down. Diagnostics and, if necessary, repair of the electric motor is required.
F8 The permissible water level was exceeded in the tank. If F8 was displayed on the board, it means:
  • There were some problems with the level sensor;
  • The electric valve failed.
How to fix the situation:
  1. Check the pressure switch condition and tightness of its fitting. Replace the pipe or the sensor itself.
  2. Test the valve and replace it if it is broken.
F13, F14 Errors Ф13 and Ф14 report a failure of the main board, the electronic module. If one of the errors is burning, it means that the contacts on the module could oxidize and burn out, break down entire parts of the board or the entire unit.

. If the reset of the errors by rebooting did not help, repair or replacement of the electronic module will be necessary.

It is better to entrust this task to a good master.

Now, knowing what error codes your Ardo washing machine can issue, you can quickly identify the cause of the breakdown and provide a “first aid” washer.

Many breakdowns are easy to repair, do not require special training and special tools. By following our recommendations, you can significantly extend the performance of your Ardo typewriter.

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