Error codes of dishwashers LG

Modern dishwashers are equipped with a self-diagnosis system. When a problem occurs, it issues a fault code to the display. Having deciphered the errors of the LG dishwasher, you can quickly find and fix the problem.

For your convenience, we collected all the errors in one table.

How to decode the ElGi trouble codes

For the first time noticing the code on the display, some users do not understand what it means and what to do. First of all, restart the hardware to prevent the system from crashing.

How to manually reboot the machine:

  • unplug the dishwasher from the mains;
  • wait for 15-20 minutes;
  • reconnect it.

The error code again appeared on the display of the dishwasher "AlJ"? Then read the table below.

DTC What does Causes of breakage Repair by own hands
IE There is no water in the PMM tank. 1. Have disconnected water in the system.

2. The shut-off valve is closed.

3. There was a clog in the Gulf system.

4. Invalid inlet valve.

5. Problems with the work of the pressure switch.

1. We must wait until the water supply resumes.
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2. Open the tap to full capacity.

3. Check for clogging the inlet hose, strainer, valve hose.

4. Carry out valve diagnostics and replace it.

5. Inspect the pressure switch. Install a new appliance in the event of a breakdown.

PE Incorrect operation of the pressure switch. 1. The system is too low or high pressure for normal operation of the sensor.

2. Pressostat faulty.

Diagnosis and replacement of pressure switch.
FE Too much water in the dishwasher. 1. The inlet valve does not work, its membrane does not close, so there is a constant set of water.

2. The pressostat is broken, which notifies the module about the water level in the tank.

3. The electronic control module is defective.

How to fix the situation:

1. Diagnosis and repair of the priming valve.

2. Installation of a new pressure switch in the event of a breakdown.

3. Repair of the main module. It is better to contact the service center.

dE The bunker door is not closed properly. The reasons for the malfunction of the AlJ dishwasher are:

1. Badly closed door.

2. Broken door lock.

3. Problems with the operation of the electronic controller.

Self repair:

1. It is necessary to close the bunker door more.

2. Perform diagnostics and repair of the door lock, which is responsible for locking.

3. Call the wizard to inspect the electronic board.

OE There is no plum. 1. The level sensor is defective.

2. The drain filter, pump, hose was clogged.

3. The circulation pump does not work.

What can be done:

1. Check and change faulty level sensor.

2. Clean the drain filter, pumps or hose from the clog.

3. Diagnose the failure of the circulation pump. Carry out repairs.

E1 There is an automatic drain. Why this happens:

1. The bunker door is not closed properly.

2. The door seal is broken.

3. Leakage of the hoses. There was a leak.

1. Stronger press the bunker door.

2. Inspect and replace seals if damaged.

3. Tighten hose connections. Eliminate cause of leakage.

NOT There was a problem in the heater circuit. 1. The heater wiring is defective.

2. Broken TEN.

3. Problems with the control module.

1. Replacement of burned parts of the wiring.

2. Installation of a new heater.

3. Diagnosis and repair of the main module.

tE Hot water supply. The thermostat of the dishwasher has failed. You need to install a working element to measure the temperature.
LE The engine does not work. The engine of the dishwasher is defective. The PMM engine is tested and changed.
CE There was a leak in one of the nodes. 1. The washing chamber is closed leaking.

2. Leakage of the dishwasher unit.

Search and elimination of leaks.

Adhere to the rules of operation of LG dishwashers. Load the dishes correctly, clearing the leftover food. If you are not sure that you understand the meaning of the code and can repair it, contact the service center.

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