E14 error in the Bosch dishwasher

Error E14 in a Bosch dishwasher means problems with the operation of the water flow sensor. How to fix the problem and restore the operation of equipment without contacting the service center, read on.

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  • 1 Causes of malfunction
  • 2 How to troubleshoot the problem

Causes of malfunction

Bosh dishwashers are equipped with self-diagnostics, which makes it easier for the user to find the place of breakage. When the machine gives an error E 14, decoding the value is simple - the flow sensor has failed. He is responsible for the amount of water in the tank and is installed instead of the pressure switch in the technique with a flow heater.

The reason may be not only in the sensor, but also in its wiring. If the connection is broken, the element does not receive signals from the control module.

Error code E14 PMM can show on the display in such cases:

  1. There is no pressure in the system( or, on the contrary, it is excessive).
  2. The intake valve is out of order.
  3. Electronic card burned out.
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What to do to solve the problem? Consider step by step instructions further.

How to Troubleshoot

To get rid of pressure problems, tilt the machine 15-20 degrees to the left for a few minutes. If this approach did not help, eliminate the system crash, try resetting the icons on the screen:

  • disconnect the PMM from the network for 10-15 minutes;
  • after some time, reconnect.

Error still lit? Then it's time to examine the flow sensor. In the event of a fault, it cannot be repaired, only completely replaced.

Additionally check the suction hose and its filter:

  • disconnect the hose from the housing;
  • rinse it and filter the mesh under water pressure.

To diagnose a priming valve, you need to understand its location. In the Bosch dishwashers, the part is usually located at the bottom, but it is on top or on the side. To determine the place, see the diagram of your dishwasher .Replacing the valve is simple:

  • disconnect the wiring from the part;

  • remove the fastening screw.

Reinstall the new valve.

Do not forget to disconnect appliances from electricity before starting work.

Diagnostics of the control module, and especially its repair, it is better to entrust a specialist. You can only visually inspect the part and find the burnt parts.

Act consistently, then you will be able to calculate the damage and fix it yourself.

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