How to clean a washing machine filter LG

In the AGA, AlJ joined wide functionality, nice design, relative durability and an acceptable cost. Breakage of washing machine LG due to the manufacturer's fault is a rare phenomenon, but due to unfavorable factors this happens quite often.

In general, problems occur for the following reasons:

  • too hard water;
  • voltage drops in the network;
  • negligent use of the machine;
  • neglect of care and prevention.

The latter just causes clogging. Usually, the user's manual describes in detail how to clean the filter in the LG washing machine. But if you have lost the instruction, we will tell in detail how to remove the part and clean it from contamination.

This will prevent a lot of possible breakdowns in the future.

Content of the material:

  • 1Where to look for a filter in a washing machine LG
  • 2Preparation
  • 3Cleaning
  • 4What happens if I do not clean the filter

Where to look for a filter in a washing machine LG

In the service centers say that many users, seeking repair, do not even know where the drainage or drain filter is located. If you do not know where the element is, then no one thought of cleaning it.

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In CM brand LG, it is located in the lower right corner of the front panel. It hides a small technical hatch.

The lid can be opened without any tools or devices, just by picking up your fingers. Under the lid is nothing special, only 2 details:

  1. Round "cork".
  2. Thin hose for emergency draining of water.

If the blockage is associated with stopping the machine during washing, use a hose:

  1. Place a container to collect water.
  2. Remove a small but tightly fitted plug from the hose.
  3. Wait for the water to merge (and the process is not fast).

To remove the so-called dustbin, you need to unscrew the plug. The task is easy, tools and efforts will not be needed. But we will tell you in detail how to remove the filter on the washing machine LG, so that everything went perfectly.


Not knowing how to remove the filter on the washing machine LG, you can burden yourself with unnecessary problems. Do not think at once, after detecting blockage, remove the filter. If this is the way to unscrew the part, then the water remaining in the tank will quickly flood your bathroom.

So even to such a nonsense task as cleaning the drain filter, it is necessary to take prudence and prepare for this. Follow our advice:

  1. Stiralka must be disconnected from the network. Not necessarily, but just in case.
  2. Near the machine should not lie anything that can get wet.
  3. Stock up with "helpers" - sponges, rags, basin. Anything that can help to collect water poured from the hole.
  4. Slightly tilt the body of the CM, lifting the front legs, - there and then place the rags or replace the basin.
  5. Additionally, enclose your "place of operation" with rags and you can start cleaning.


To clean properly started, roll up the sleeves - and you can unscrew the filter. Usually this is not worth any effort - just unscrew the cork to the left, pull it slightly. But if you do not unscrew the filter, do not panic - just try to make it stronger. If the cork is slippery, wrap it with a rag or wear gloves.

If nothing helped, then the blockage is serious. But you still need to remove and clean the filter, so try to unscrew it in all possible ways.

Let's consider in detail how to clean the filter. Use our tips safely:

  • Clean the part mechanically - remove dirt, threads, hair and all other debris.
  • Rinse the filter under running water.
  • If the scum is already on the inside, then use the classic method: cleaning with citric acid. Dissolve in a small container of 50 grams of acid and lower the filter to sour for 6-8 hours. It will clear both the scale and the old dirt.
  • Examine the hole in which the filter was located. In it, too, can be nemereno dirt and debris. You can shine a flashlight there. Wipe in the hole everything you get with your own hands. In principle, at this point, the cleaning ends.
  • Screw in a clean filter. Remove the basins and rags, make sure the body is sealed and run a test wash.

What happens if I do not clean the filter

Cleaning the filter of the washing machine should fit tightly into the schedule of household duties. Often this simple occupation is neglected for years, dooming your styralka to frequent breakdowns, provoking a rapid expiration of the service life.

Important! If the filter is not cleaned, it will be clogged so that it will be very difficult to unscrew.

The machine will drain the water for a long time, the washing processes will be broken. Of course, first you will be disturbed by error codes, and then the SMA will stop and will not turn on.

Knowing how to clean the filter, you can no longer ignore this unspoken rule and must clean it at least once every three months. And if by conscience, then after every third wash.

And to clean the washing machine LG was not so frequent, try not to clog the filter. To do this, each time inspect things, take out small items and rubbish from them. In general, you can use these recommendations:

  1. If you notice that the buttons on things are sewn loosely, sew or counter them, and sew after washing.
  2. Toys and pillows with small filler-balls wash in a cover or pillowcase.
  3. Similarly, you need to wash things, decorated with small rivets, rhinestones or beads.
  4. Shoes also need to be washed in a case.
  5. Sew off your torn clothes before washing so that the threads do not get into the sink.
  6. Always check your pockets.
  7. Strong stains should be removed before loading.
  8. Things from the beach - in the sand, beforehand rinse them. The principle you understand.

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