Why the dishwasher does not dissolve the tablet

What if the tablet does not dissolve in the dishwasher? The answers you will find in the article.

Of all the means for washing and rinsing dishes are more likely to buy tablets. They already include all the necessary components, so they are less troublesome and costly. But the solubility problem is often encountered.

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  • 1Why the dishwasher does not wash the tablet
  • 2How do tablets work?
  • 3Eliminate PMM breakdown by own hands
    • 3.1Flow filter
    • 3.2Filling valve
    • 3.3Spray
    • 3.4Circulation pump

Why the dishwasher does not wash the tablet

In the dishwasher there was a problem if it "spits out does not wash or dissolve the pill. Even if it is not completely dissolved, it is necessary to understand the reasons for this phenomenon.

  • The problem with the dispenser. In modern dishwashers the compartment is designed for the use of powder, gel, capsule. If the dispenser compartment is clogged with detergent or scum, the powder in the compartment will be almost dry.

  • Wet cucumber. Before loading, it is important that your hands and cuvette dispenser are dry. Otherwise, the product swells and does not drop out of the hole.

  • Incorrect storage. If the seller did not comply with the rules for the storage of tablets, the package could get wet, they hardened and deteriorated. The same can happen in the home. Therefore it is important to store the products in a dry and dark place.
  • Obsolete model of PMM. They do not have a detergent recognition function. It happens that the size of the tablets is not suitable for cuvette.
  • The dispenser is locked. Open the camera door and check the location of the dishes. If a device closes the dispenser, the compartment does not open and does not take the tablet.
  • Incorrect program. Check the installed mode in accordance with the instructions of the PMM.

The reason that the dishwasher does not dissolve the powder, there may be technical problems. If the heater is burnt out and the water does not reach the desired temperature, then the detergent does not disappear completely or does not dissolve completely.

The same happens with insufficient water pressure. Then the inlet filter, sprinkler, and fill valve are checked for blockage. The circulation pump is diagnosed.

How do tablets work?

Manufacturers are increasingly releasing "All in One" cleansers. The most popular are tablets - powders compressed into briquettes:

  • 3-in-1;
  • 4-in-1;
  • 5-in-1;
  • 6-in-1;
  • 7-in-1;
  • 10-in-1;
  • multifunctional All-in-One.

What are the advantages of briquettes before gels? In that they already contain a one-time concentrate of salt, powder and rinse. By uploading it to the office, you do not have to use the rest of the tools. So says the manufacturer.

In practice, it turns out that not all means "All in One" are effective. Most of them require the use of salt and rinse, without which there are stains on the dishes.

What stages does the tablet take before dissolving in dishwashers "Bosch Whirlpool and other brands:

  • Dissolving the package (if it does not need to be removed in advance);
  • dissolution of salt, and then detergent;
  • dissolving the rinse aid.

Having understood the mechanism, we will begin to solve the problem.

Eliminate PMM breakdown by own hands

What should I do if salt in the dishwasher is petrified or does not dissolve? The causes of the problems are the same as in the case of a briquette - poor water circulation. Consider how to avoid such problems:

  1. Before you turn on the PMM, carefully read the instructions. Useful is our article "First start of the dishwasher".
  2. Read the instructions for use on the detergent package.
  3. Clean the cuvette after each use. Allow it to dry, leaving the door open for a while.
  4. Look at the contents and shelf life of tablets.
  5. Do the correct loading of the dishes in the baskets. Then the powder will not remain in the chamber, and the dishes will be perfectly washed.

What to do in case of technical problems? Check the details of the dishwasher.

Flow filter

The filter-mesh is located just behind the filler hose. Close the water and disconnect the hose from the PMM housing. Get the mesh. Often it gets clogged with rust and debris from the water supply. Therefore, it is recommended to install an additional filter.

Rinse the mesh under pressure from the tap. If the dirt is not removed, soak the part in water with citric acid.

Filling valve

The valve behind the filter is located. In different models, it can be located at the top and bottom of the case. If the valve is not clogged, move on.


From the nozzles of the sprinkler, water under pressure flies into the chamber. When the nozzles become clogged, the pressure decreases, the quality of the sink deteriorates, and the machine does not throw away the tablet. To clean, open the hopper door. There is a sprayer in the pallet. Remove it and clean the holes with a toothpick, rinse with water.

Circulation pump

It is the pump that pumps water into the rocker arms. If you have problems with his work, you will need a complete diagnosis of the block. In such cases, it is better to contact the master.

Properly take care of the dishwasher, follow the instructions, then you will not encounter such problems. See the useful video:

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