The camera does not work in the refrigerator LG

If you notice that the camera does not work in the LG refrigerator, you need to understand the causes of the problem.

South Korean technology LG occupies a leading position in the market. Relatively low cost, modern functionality has won the trust of many buyers. Refrigerators from LG are characterized by attractive design, which is organically combined with other appliances in the kitchen. But not only positive moments are noted by users.

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  • 1The problems of LG refrigerator with No Frost system
    • 1.1cooling chamber
    • 1.2Freezer
    • 1.3Broken display
    • 1.4Refrigerator LG loudly works

The problems of LG refrigerator with No Frost system

Let's consider typical malfunctions for models of mark "ЭлДжи". Determine which camera in the refrigerator stopped working.

cooling chamber

Did you notice that the products began to deteriorate? It's not the expired shelf life, but the work of the refrigerator. In addition, another camera works "for two experiencing an increased load. Therefore, nodes and parts wear out more quickly.

Perhaps it's not a breakdown. Check:

  • Camera door. How tightly it is closed. If the door does not close properly, see if it interferes with something. Inspect the rubber seal - it must be sealed to the housing. In case of damage or strong contamination of the seal, replacement is necessary.

  • Fan in the office. The cooling fan is blocked. His blades were covered with snow and ice. So, you need to defrost the refrigerator urgently - not less than for a day.

The fan rotates normally, the door is closed, but is there no cold? Probably there was a breakdown:

  • If the compressor does not work for more than 5 seconds, and an oily puddle forms under the refrigerator, it's the motor case. Need a diagnosis to set the state of the motor-compressor. It is possible to repair it or replace it.
  • With the leakage of gas-freon also there are problems with cooling. Causes of leakage are different to determine them, you need to distinguish between "symptoms" of the problem.
    For example, a wall bulge indicates a leak in the interior of the refrigerator. I'll have to disassemble and repair the evaporator. Rusty stains in the area of ​​the freezer indicate a leak through the steel circuit. It takes the intervention of the master. If the housing wall is mechanically damaged (if you "helped" the refrigerator to defrost), you will also have to restore the tightness.


If the freezer compartment started to leak, the temperature rose, first check the temperature regulator. Maybe the values ​​need to be adjusted.

What breakdowns could lead to problems with the freezer:

  1. Motor Compressor. In a refrigerator with two motors, one of them could receive a high load. This often happens if the user sets the lowest possible temperature, while the room is hot. As a result, the motor turns on for 5 seconds and goes silent.
  2. The compressor starts, but rest breaks are longer than usual.Problem with air sensor. It either does not work, or sends invalid signals to the module. The sensor needs to be replaced. In the case of electromechanical control, it is necessary to replace the temperature sensor, which operates on the same principle.
  3. Malfunction of the switching valve. At the same time, the freezer compartment works, but the cold is not enough. If the valve is locked in one position, less frost enters one of the chambers. Inspect the valve.
  4. Problems with refrigerant leakage, as described above.
  5. Breakage of the electronic module. The freezer simply does not work, there are no other symptoms. The board needs repair.

What to do if one of the cameras does not work, look at the video:


Broken display

LG refrigerators are known for their electronic control. Many models are equipped with displays. What can be displayed in the display:

  • The scoreboard turned on, but the image is not completely visible, the numbers are shown in segments.
  • The icon flashes in the display. This can be a temperature sensor, which indicates that the compressor is turned on and cold is pumped. In other cases, you need to know the value of the icon.
  • Only part of the display flashes. Check the wiring between the housing and the door. Perhaps the connections are loosened, and they need to be tightened.

If you turned on the refrigerator and found similar "glitches" on the scoreboard, perform a reboot. Disconnect the equipment from the network for 15-20 minutes, and then connect. If the values ​​have not disappeared, you need to carry out diagnostics including the control card.

Refrigerator LG loudly works

The cause of noisy work are problems with the motor-compressor. Perhaps the refrigerator is always working, but it does not freeze. Then you need to test and repair the motor, tighten its mountings.

Now you know how to cope with a refrigerator problem or find their reasons. Remember that most of the problems are solved by simply defrosting the refrigerator. Make sure that the camera door is tightly closed, do not overload the shelves with food.

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