The dishwasher does not gain water - causes, repairs

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You loaded the appliance into the dishwasher after a family meal, turned it on, but do not hear the sounds of the water set? Do not hurry to sin on the technique, the reason can be in the wrong connection or kink of the hose. Why the dishwasher does not pick up water and hums, we will understand this publication.

Content of the material:

  • 1What caused the problem
  • 2Technical malfunctions of PMM and their elimination
    • 2.1Problems with "Aquastope"
    • 2.2Defective door lock
    • 2.3The inlet valve broke
    • 2.4The failure of the level sensor (pressure switch)
    • 2.5The electronic module has failed

What caused the problem

Such a problem is typical for all PMM models: Ariston, Indesit, Veko, Siemens and others. Why does not the car get or feed water? Consider the typical problems that a user may encounter:

  1. Absence of water in the water supply. That's so simple. Perhaps, there is an announcement on your door about the shutdown, or maybe there was a problem. Open the faucet in the bathroom and check your guesswork. If the water supply is in order, then proceed to the next point.
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  3. The bunker door is not fully closed. If the lock does not work, the water intake will not start. Press the door tightly until it clicks, and then the feed should resume.
  4. The shut-off valve is closed. If water does not fill with water, check the valve located on the water pipe. It serves for emergency shutdown in an emergency. Perhaps it was blocked - then unscrew it.
  5. The water inlet hose is twisted. He could poke or bend over, which prevents the flowing stream. Restore the normal position of the hose.
  6. Weak head. This happens when the system is not strong enough to enter the dishwasher. It remains only to wait until the normal feed resumes.

Have you checked everything on points, but there is still no water supply? So it's not a minor problem. We will tell you what to do in this case and how to cope with the breakdown.

Technical malfunctions of PMM and their elimination

Let's start with the simplest - with the check of the intake filter. If the water in the PMM "Electrolux "Beko "Krona "Virpul" does not arrive, it is likely that the input filter is clogged. It is located at the junction of the filler hose with the machine body. Because of the stiffness and contamination of water, the net is clogged and the flow is not poured into the hopper.

How to proceed:

  • turn off the tap;
  • Disconnect the hose from the body (carefully, there may be water inside);
  • with the help of pliers (if necessary) get a filter-mesh;
  • Rinse the part with warm water or soak for a while in a solution of citric acid.

Even if the feed recovers after cleaning, do not forget to wash the filter every six months. This will help to avoid problems with the technique.

It is also desirable to install a flow filter. It softens and cleans the water. This will help the heater (heater) last longer without descaling.

Problems with "Aquastope"

In your dishwasher Siemens (Siemens), Hansa (Hansa) is the valve "Aquastop" installed? Then the reason that does not go and does not pumped up water, probably in it. When a leak develops in the hose, the valve is clogged to avoid an accident. Repair the protective mechanism is not subject to replacement.

Do you want to make sure that "Aquastop" worked? Look at the display. There will be highlightederror code E15.

What to do:

  • turn off the tap and disconnect the hose;
  • look inside: if the valve is tightly pressed to the hose sides, it's in it;
  • unscrew the hose and replace it with a new one.

Defective door lock

The dishwasher door is equipped with a locking mechanism. By means of an electronic lock, the lock prevents a possible leakage. Check if the lock does not hear a click when closing, the interlocks need to be replaced.

How to fix the problem yourself:

  • Remove the plug from the socket;
  • open the door and unscrew the screws holding the front panel;
  • behind the panel you will see the locking device - unscrew the screws and remove it from the place;

  • install a new lock;
  • Reassemble in reverse order.

The inlet valve broke

The feed valve does not fill the water? The problem is determined by the buzzing of the pump, which is active, but the valve does not open, so it does not pump water. This part in the dishwasher is very sensitive to pressure drops: for example, the Bosch models are designed for 1 MPa. Therefore, manufacturers recommend the installation of pressure reducing valves, which will help to avoid water hammer.

First, check the part for blockage. If everything is in order, the element is completely replaced. The valve can not be repaired.

The failure of the level sensor (pressure switch)

The feed or fill sensor must measure the water level in the tank. How it works? The pressure switch operates and sends a signal to the main module to stop the fence. The module sends a command to the inlet valve to close it. However, in the event of a breakdown, the sensor may give incorrect readings. For example, it signals that little water has been pumped. Then the machine spends the fence in excess of the norm, and this can lead to overflow.

If you notice that the water indicator is on (flashing), but the flow is not flowing, then the sensor gives a command that the tank has already been dialed sufficiently.

Maybe this: the control module, having received the sensor signal, "thinks" that the system does not supply water. Therefore, it slows the operation of the PMM and displays a trouble code on the scoreboard.

How to fix the situation? Replace the pressure switch:

  1. Disconnect the machine from the mains and the communications.
  2. Turn it on its side.
  3. Remove the cover from the bottom (if any).
  4. Pressostat is a plastic box.
  5. Using pliers, remove the tube from the box.
  6. Remove the two screws.
  7. Remove the sensor and check for debris.
  8. To test the performance, measure the resistance of the contacts with a multimeter.
  9. Install the new item.

The electronic module has failed

The control board manages the processes in the dishwasher, instructs the parts and assemblies on turning on and off. If there are problems with the module, you may notice incorrect behavior of the MMP. For example, the "Water" and "End" buttons are lit on the panel. What is said about the attempted fence - and then about its end. Therefore, the technique does not pump water.

Unfortunately, it will not be possible to repair the board yourself. But you can inspect it for damage, and then contact the service:

  • open the bunker door;
  • unscrew the bolts at the ends and the rear;
  • open access inward - there you will see a fee.

If you notice burnt wires, please contact the master. Then nothing to do is not necessary, so as not to damage important details.

Most problems with the dishwasher can be eliminated by hand. Act consistently and adhere to our recommendations if your PMM does not pour water. Watch the video on the topic:

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