How to clean the dishwasher from the scum folk and purchased means

We will help you choose a descaler and tell you how to clean the dishwasher effectively with minimal time and money.

If you have a dishwasher, scum is a nuisance that will sooner or later touch its internal parts and surfaces. The problem is urgent because of hard water in almost all regions of our vast country.

material content:

  • 1 As clear MMP
  • 2 Descaling "popular" means
    • 2.1 Shoe citric acid
    • 2.2 Fighting vinegar
    • 2.3 borax descaling
    • 2.4 Soda + Peroxide: scum disappears
  • 3 Physical cleaning
  • 4 Antiizvestkovye means
    • 4.1 Complex cleaner tablets Frau Schmidt
    • 4.2 Express cleaner Top House
    • 4.3 Clean Home - express effect
    • 4.4 Electrolux
  • 5 What will happen if you avoid cleaning

How to clean PMMMD16and do not know how to purge the machine, you can throw money down the drain, wasted spend expensive facility that was purchased after a convincing advertising.

It is important not to leave it in the dishwasher for a long time, so as not to harm the pipes, the circulating pump, the surface of the hopper. At the same time it is necessary to promote the interaction of substances with scale, so that it is separated from the parts of the PMM and washed out of the car completely.

When cleaning the dishwasher with factory preparations, do not neglect the instructions on the label. This is necessary to comply with the exact dosage of the powder or gel, hold it in the system for a certain period of time and timely wash out of the machine.

For cleaning, one wash cycle is needed, lasting no more than 40 minutes.

Descaling "popular" means

Often used for the most common means that can be found in the nearest hardware store or pharmacy.

Cleaning with citric acid

Using citric acid as a cleaning agent: take 200 g, put it in the bottom of the bunker, turn on the standard washing mode and run the machine away for nothing - without loading the dishes. Wait for the middle of the cycle, stop washing for 20 minutes, then continue the program.

The method promises excellent results, but be careful: there is a risk of destruction of the gaskets inside the structure."Lemon" should be used extremely rarely, only if no other alternatives remain.

Important! Covering acid in PMM, first wipe the walls with it. Leave on for 5 minutes, then install the longest wash cycle.

Fighting Vinegar

You can also get rid of plaque using vinegar .This is also not the safest means, but there is a way, and its effectiveness is proven. Proceed as follows:

  • measure 2 cups of vinegar;
  • fill the bottom of the bunker;
  • wear gloves, take a sponge and wipe the inside of the tank with vinegar;
  • start washing;
  • stop the cycle approximately in the middle and leave the machine for half an hour;
  • resume the program;
  • at the end of the cycle, run the machine on the express mode to completely wash out the vinegar from the systems.


is an anti-scale borax method. The method is suitable for removing scale from the walls of the bunker, the door and the dish baskets - salt build-up "grows" over time.

Apply a bit of borax on a soft, damp sponge and gently cover the surface with a thin layer - but do not clean or rub, just apply borax without any manipulations. Leave the PMM for 20 minutes, then select any program with maximum water heating and start the machine.

At the end of the cycle, check and rinse the filter, and also inspect the surfaces: whether the drill was flushed from them. If you notice remnants, wipe the walls with a sponge and restart the idle mode.

Soda + peroxide: scum will disappear

Combining regular baking soda with such a simple ingredient as hydrogen peroxide, you will remove plaque from the heating element and wash the scale from the walls of the PMM bunker. Proceed as follows:

  • mix 400 g of soda with 3 tablespoons of peroxide;

Important! If necessary, add a little essential oil to the composition to ensure a pleasant smell in the bunker. At first, it will smell sharply, but after the second wash everything will be normalized.

  • roll the ball out of the mass and load it on the bottom of the bunker;
  • start idle washing, choosing a long program;
  • flush filter;
  • repeat the program.

Physical cleaning

When the above methods are powerless, it is worthwhile to resort to mechanical cleaning to remove old and eroded lime deposits. If the plaque clogs the pipes and the circulation system, the water supply is limited, it is worth contacting a specialist. He will disassemble the equipment and remove the "blood clots" from the pipes and other parts.

If you are confident in your abilities, you can try to understand how to disassemble the dishwasher yourself .


Consider the factory offers that will help you professionally cope with the coating without any extra effort. If salt, soda, borax, vinegar have already been tested or you are initially a fan of special preparations, you will need a review of anti-limestone substances on the market today.

Frau Schmidt

complex cleaner tablets Frau Schmidt is unique in its kind because it can wash the machine not only from scale, but also from greasy deposits and other types of dirt. It is because of the complexity that one cannot pin great hopes on him for getting rid of persistent accumulations of scale. Therefore, for a difficult case it is worth choosing a more powerful composition.

Reference information: French Frau Schmidt is available in packs of 2 tablets each, costing about 200 rubles per pack.

Express Cleaner Top House

Another universal drug directional for various types of pollution. Liquid, therefore, the action is more active than the tablets. Helps to remove scale, grease, mold, fungus, etc. Using Top House, follow the instructions.

Background: Top House produced in Germany. The cost of a bottle of 0.25 l is about 300 rubles.

Clean Home - Express Effect

Has proven to be an excellent cleaning agent. Including relieves PMM parts from scale. If the blockages do not clog all the pipes, Clean Home will do.

Reference information: despite the English name, Clean Home is a domestic product. Cost within 200 rubles.


The product of the same name was developed exclusively for the Electrolux PMM brand and is suitable for cleaning machine parts from scale.

Reference information: the cost of a 200 ml bottle is 800 rubles, and the consumption at such a high price is only two uses.

Interesting! Cases when Electrolux cleaned a scum 3-4 mm thick are recorded.

Any of the above compositions is suitable for internal cleaning of any type of machine and model. At the same time, experts do not advise to wait for the moment when the limestone layer reaches the level that blocks the water supply. Clean the machine with any tool at least 1-2 times a year, and the technician will thank you for uninterrupted work.

Important! Along with plaque removal, conduct regular cleaning of the filter. It is also recommended to clean the nozzle-sprinkler from time to time, on the blades of which litter can also be collected.

What happens if you avoid cleaning

Often, dishwasher users do not include cleaning their appliances in the list of chores. Unknowingly, many believe that cleaning up systems is nothing more than a procedure imposed by marketers to sell funds. Skepticism is good in moderation - until the first blockage and breakdown. Not every dishwasher owner, who ignored the cleaning, is lucky with the long-term performance of the machine.

Under the conditions of supplying too hard water, even the most powerful dishwasher, such as Bosch or Siemens, will last no more than 3 years - then inevitable failures will follow. Therefore, for the safety of equipment, do not forget about regular procedures, otherwise you may need to replace the heating element in the dishwasher or other repair procedures.

Summarize. To relieve PMM of high quality from scale, you need to buy a suitable product and use it according to the instructions. If we ignore our recommendations, there will be a series of breakdowns ahead of the technician, which cannot always be eliminated without the help of a specialist.

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