Rules for storage of washing powders

Often effective removal of stains is possible only with the use of aggressive chemicals. These are the majority of detergent powders, excluding hypoallergenic and children's detergents.

To reduce the negative impact of the powder on the body, it is necessary to organize its proper storage. In addition, storage conditions determine the preservation of the product itself - otherwise the powder may fade or lose its properties.

To properly organize the storage of washing powders, follow our recommendations.

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  • 3What to store

Terms of storage

It is believed that the powder does not spoil for years, so many manufacturers "forget" to indicate the expiry date on the package. If you did not find the terms on the pack, then it is better to refuse to purchase the funds, the sale of which violated the legislation of the Russian Federation.

For the period of storage, the presence of active components that remove stains in the composition of the product is influenced. The suitability of the funds usually expires when the activity of these components ends. In closed packaging and in appropriate conditions, this period is not more than 5 years from the date of manufacture.

To special powders for children's things enriched with enzymes (natural BIO components) this does not apply - for longer than 3 years these funds do not lie, and sometimes the term is only 2 years.

Can I use the product after the expiration date? Experts do not recommend. And if in your family there are asthmatics or allergies, then it is necessary to get rid of the delayed "chemistry" as soon as possible.

How to store laundry detergents at home: conditions

There are three factors that quickly spoil the washing facilities:

  • High humidity in the room.
  • Direct sunlight.
  • Elevated temperature regime.

If there was an effect of at least one of the above factors, then it is useless to wash with such a powder: it lost its properties.

How to store the powder? We proceed from the opposite:

  1. Do not leave the powder where the temperature and humidity are high. Only 24 hours - and in the pack formed a stone. It is possible to wash them, but whether it is convenient to split a block is up to you.
  2. Do not leave bundles at the radiators - in a couple of days such a tool can be sent to a landfill. Stain removers in powder under such conditions are destroyed, and it will not be possible to wash the clothes.
  3. Leaving the tool on the windowsill, especially on the south side, you will soon get the same result as described above.

What to do:

  • Seal the pack tightly after each use.
  • Pack carton wrapped in food film or cellophane bag, tying it tight.
  • The ZIP package also works fine. For the same purpose, clamps and clothespins can be used.


It is not always possible to guess with the place of storage of powder detergents, especially if you are used to buying packages of impressive sizes for 5-10 kilos. Selecting a place, be guided by such criteria:

  • Lack of access to storage in children and pets. Cats are especially interested in researching the composition of detergent powders, often tearing plastic bags and cardboard boxes with their teeth. It is better not to risk - the animal can also try a chemical substance.
  • Kitchen, living room, bedroom - all these rooms are not suitable. Particles of powder, getting into the air even from a closed pack, are eaten into furniture, and food gets into the body. Do not risk your health - you better nail another shelf in the bathroom.
  • The higher the shelf or the closet, the better. A closet or toilet - the most suitable place for their location. In the bathroom, towels and baby linen are often dried - in this room, the powder is strictly not recommended even in the closet.
  • Try to keep the powder near the styralka - you should not wear it from the balcony across the house.

What to store

The ideal solution is to pour the product into a special container. Perfectly suitable household plastic container, here are its advantages:

  • If the lid closes sealed and is additionally latched, the risk of spillage is minimal. Children or pets will not open such a box.
  • Polyethylene or polypropylene, from which containers are made, does not allow moisture and sunlight to pass through. Therefore, you can store directly in the bathroom.
  • Volume containers of 5-10 liters manufacturers specifically make narrow, to simplify placement in small rooms.
  • Ergonomy: handles for carrying, convenient grooves, nozzles for backfilling, measuring cups. All this and much more simplifies the operation of the container.
  • Price and availability. You can find the capacity in almost any hardware store by selecting the appropriate color, volume, size and shape.

Now you know the rules that will not only protect you from the chemical effects of detergents, but also help to extend their shelf life and compactly place in a suitable room.

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