How to choose a freezer for home

One of the indispensable things in the household is the freezer, because with its help you can preserve fresh berries, fruits, greens, meat or fish for a long time. Most refrigerators have a built-in freezer, but it does not always have enough space to make large stocks.

To choose a reliable and high-quality freezer, you should learn about the types, models, characteristics and features.

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  • 1 Types of freezers
  • 2 Features
  • 3 New technologies
  • 4 Built-in freezer
  • 5 Mini-freezers
  • 6 About brands
  • 7 Reviews of some models
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  • 6 See moreEach type has its advantages, so you should make a choice based on how you will use it.


    Of the advantages - low price and compactness, as opposed to vertical models. Products in such chests are stored in special compartments that are removed without effort. The disadvantages include the fact that there are no separate sections in the chests, therefore it is not recommended to keep meat and berries in one freezer.

    The volume of horizontal models can reach up to 670 liters, and the width - up to 190 cm, they can be installed in the kitchen, cottage or in the closet.


    The vertical chamber looks like an ordinary refrigerator, with a size range from 50 cm to 2 m. Inside you can find separate compartments in which it is convenient to store different products, while smells will not be mixed. Although vertical and inferior in volume horizontal, they are very popular among buyers.


    1. In the choice of one of the main roles, volume plays - it directly depends on how much food you can keep. Users who buy a freezer for the home, usually have enough volume of 150-250 liters.
    2. You should pay attention to the class of frost - it is indicated by asterisks. A camera with 3-4 stars, each of which is counted as -6 ° С, is suitable for the house.
    3. Usually the freezer is always on, therefore, buying it, you should consider the level of power consumption. The most economical option is considered to be appliances from categories A and A +: they cost more than less efficient models, but this difference in price is quickly filled.

    New technologies

    Modern models are equipped with additional features such as climate class, auto cold preservation and extra freezing.

    Climate class

    In the characteristics, you can find the marking of the instrument's climate class ( SN or N).This means that the equipment is designed for use in countries with a normal climate( up to + 32 ° C).If the room is hotter, you need to choose between the classes ST and T.

    Auto-preservation of cold

    If you have frequent power cuts, the function of auto-preservation of cold is indispensable. Without a network connection, the camera will maintain a low temperature for 2 days thanks to the batteries built into the freezer.


    This useful feature is needed for quick freezing if you plan to change products in the camera too often. At the moment of opening the door and loading warm products, the temperature inside the freezer rises significantly, and to prevent this, the emergency freezing mode is pre-activated.

    Built-in freezer

    This design is very convenient, especially when the kitchen area is limited. In small rooms it is more rational to install a built-in freezer under the tabletop - this way you will save the most space. The price of the built-in freezer depends on the functions and model: within 22 thousand, you can purchase high-quality appliances for your home.

    Mini Freezers

    Such models are classified as a freestanding appliances. Mini freezer is suitable as a small stand for the needs of housewives. The height of the device is no more than 85 cm - it is convenient and economical.

    About brands

    A large assortment of refrigeration equipment makes it difficult for potential buyers to choose. User feedback is not always unequivocal, and among hundreds of models it is difficult to find the “one”

    The brands Indesit, Liebher, Bosch, Nord and Gorenie occupy the first places in the popularity rating of brands. Refrigerators and freezers of Biryusa, Atlant, Pozis, Frostor and Stinol are also in demand and receive a lot of positive feedback from new owners.

    Reviews of some models

    Atlant M 7103-100

    The Atlant Freezer is equipped with an electronic control unit and protection against voltage drops, has the function of emergency freezing. It is possible to transfer the door to the other side in order to adapt the equipment to the maximum extent possible. On wheels, the device easily moves to the right place, adjustable legs provide a comfortable position.

    • Total volume - 240 l.
    • Freezing capacity - 20 kg per 24 hours.
    • Energy Class - A +.

    Shivaki SFR-190 NFW

    The model from the Japanese company is equipped with a dry freezing function( No Frost).With its help, the temperature is distributed evenly - this means that the products will be stored with the same efficiency in any part of the chamber. Inside you can find 6 boxes made of transparent plastic. The camera is also equipped with fast freezing, auto-preservation of electricity and mechanical control.

    • Total volume - 190 l.
    • Freezing capacity - 12 kg in 24 hours.
    • Energy Class - A +.
    • Features: autosave cold.

    Bosch GSN36BW30

    High-quality freezer has all the necessary functions for convenient use. The device features: quick freezing, sound notification when the door is open, Fresh Sense function and freeze calendar. Inside the stylish glass shelves, equipped with an LCD display. Excellent home appliances, which fully justifies the high price.

    • Total volume - 237 liters.
    • Freezing capacity - 20 kg per 24 hours.
    • Energy Class - A ++.
    • Features: icemaker, No Frost system, cold autosave.
    • Management - electronic.

    Haier BD-203 RAA

    Inexpensive freezer Haier - a great option for home or cottage. The lack of some functions is compensated by performance. Auto-preservation of cold for 37 hours will ensure the operation of the device in case of interruptions in electricity.

    • Useful volume - 203 liters.
    • Freezing capacity - 18 kg per 24 hours.
    • Energy class - A +.
    • Features: autosave cold.

    Customer Reviews

    Dmitry, Tomsk

    Purchased an freezer Liebherr G 1223 in early 2015, knew that the company was good, and the family approved the choice. For a whole year they did not complain - all the workpieces for the winter fit into the camera. It was quiet, worked unnoticed, did not bother even the children. A year later, the breakdown began, the compressor broke, freon spilled out. Repair cost a little cheaper than the cost of the freezer. I would not recommend this model if you do not want problems and unnecessary expenses.

    Maria, Kirov

    Lived with the mother in the private sector, always dreamed of a big freezer to store vegetables from the garden. She got married, her children appeared and then it was decided to buy so that there would always be their own vegetables at home. First, they wanted a small one, then a large two-door, in the end they chose Indesit MFZ 16 .The main plus is a lot of space, for the first time all the workpieces fit, children do not like compote of frozen berries in winter. All removable parts are durable, never afraid to break or break something. The disadvantage is that there is no Know Frost system, but it is inexpensive. In general, everyone is happy, they got practical and high-quality equipment for little money.

    Elena, Tyumen

    For a long time did not know how to choose a good freezer. Of all the manufacturers, they stopped at the LG, although the first option was a narrow chest from Beko. We have a small kitchen, so we tried to save space if possible. Bought in the online store LG GC-154 SQW and were satisfied.


    1. It works silently, does not interfere at all, even during sleep.
    2. Four drawers: in those three that are bigger, we keep vegetables and mushrooms, and in a small one we sometimes freeze berries.
    3. You can adjust the temperature: from -14 to -24.

    There are no flaws, except for the design. In the catalog, the color of the case was white, and brought with a gray tint.

    Alexander, Sochi

    Chose a domestic freezer "Atlant" M-7184-090 , the kitchen already has a two-compartment refrigerator of this company, for 3 years of work there were no complaints. Before this purchase was a crate from "Bosch", after installation I tried to compare which manufacturer is better.

    It turned out that it was easy to control the camera, it was not necessary to search for schemes how to use and regulate the temperature. Height - 150 cm, width - 60 cm, depth - 63 cm, for my small kitchen just right. I never use manual defrosting - why? There is no ice, the snow coat does not increase, but I regularly check the products so that they do not deteriorate. On a five-point system, I would have put a solid four.

    If you need a compact inexpensive freezer - we recommend you look at single-chamber models. Two-compartments are much more expensive and take up more space - for a small room, this option is not suitable. With proper care, this technique can last more than 15 years. Also, the service life will extend the timely repair and regular maintenance.

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