How to clean the filter in a Samsung washing machine

If you notice that your washing machine does not drain or pour water, it's time to clean the filters.

In the Samsung washers there are two filters - a drain and a jar. Both perform a protective function, protecting the AGR from getting garbage during washing or when taking water. Their timely cleaning allows the machine to function normally, and also to avoid more serious malfunctions that may require repair.

Content of the material:

  • 1Function of filters and their location
  • 2Self cleaning system
  • 3Prevention of clogging

Function of filters and their location

Before cleaning, you need to find out where the filters are located in the Samsung washing machine. Also we will understand, by what signs it is possible to understand, that there was a blockage.

The input filter is clogged if:

  • After the program is started, the water is taken very long.
  • The sticker will give out a trouble code after trying to fill the tank.

In such cases, cleaning the input filter of a Samsung washing machine is a must.

It is located at the junction of the inlet hose and the valve. The flap of a fine mesh effectively detains small particles that are in tap water.

How to understand that there was a clog in the drain filter for garbage in the Samsung washing machine:

  • Water after washing merges long and slowly.
  • The waste water does not drain at all.
  • When an attempt is made to drain, the eraser displays an error code.

All these signs may indicate clogging. Therefore, it is important to understand how to open, as well as clean the filter in a washing machine Samsung. It is he who detains the pile, hair, small parts and objects during the discharge of waste water.

Please note that a strong drain plug can lead to malfunctions in the operation of the drain pump, so do not over tighten with cleaning. It is recommended to conduct it once every three to four months.

Self cleaning system

How do I clean it, and also pull out the jar filter from the washing machine Samsung? Follow our recommendations:

  1. De-energize the SMA by pulling the plug from the socket. Make sure that the cord is locked and no water gets into it.
  2. Tighten the water shutoff valve.
  3. Disconnect the inlet hose by unscrewing it from the body of the washing machine. Be careful, water can spill out of the hose. Prepare a container for it in advance or direct the hose to a sink or bath.
  4. Behind the hose you will notice a mesh. Pull it out using pliers.
  5. Rinse under the pressure of water.
  6. Replace.

Great, you did the first job. Now proceed to learn how to clean and remove the drain filter from the washing machine Samsung.

  1. Pay attention to the front panel at the bottom of the SM casing.
  2. Open it using a flat screwdriver, since the panel can be snapped on.
  3. After removing the panel, you will see a stopper with a plastic notch.
  4. Before you unscrew and remove the drain pump filter from the washing machine, prepare a container, as water may pour out.
  5. If, at the time of cleaning, the styralka has not drained the water, then tilt it back, replace the bucket and, unscrewing the filter, drain the water.

Note! Some manufacturers additionally fix the part with bolts, which must be unscrewed, before removing and cleaning it.

  1. Unscrew the plug in an anti-clockwise direction.
  2. Clean the part from debris, rinse under running water.
  3. Check the mounting hole of the part, having lighted the flashlight. If garbage is detected, delete it.
  4. Replace the filter, close the panel.

There are also situations when the filter does not unscrew, it is impossible to get it. What is the reason? If the draining system has never been cleaned, the part could become attached or so clogged that it is impossible to reach it. Then, before you clean the filter in a Samsung washing machine, you'll have to get your pump out:

  • Having disconnected all communications, lay the machine sideways or reject back.
  • Loosen the pipe clamps, disconnect them from the pump.
  • Remove the fastening screws.
  • Remove the pump with the filter.

Disassemble the product in place. For easy disconnection, you can use the WD40 tool.

Prevention of clogging

To as little as possible to deal with the cleaning of SMA systems, stick to simple rules while washing clothes:

  1. Check the pockets of clothing before loading into the drum. Release them from trivialities.
  2. Things with small ornaments are recommended to be placed in special cases, so that the elements do not get into the drum during washing.

Knowing how to clean the filter on a Samsung washing machine, you can do it yourself. And if you do the prevention of blockage, cleaning will have to be done much less often.

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