F28 error in Bosch washing machine

The washing machine Bosch worked properly, but suddenly stopped pouring water into the tank, and the display shows an error F28. What to do in this case?

It is necessary to understand what the fault code F 28 means: the water flow sensor is faulty in the Bosch washing machine.

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    • 2.2Filling valve
    • 2.3Control board


How to troubleshoot without invoking the wizard:

  • Click the "Enable-Disable" button on the control panel, resulting in a program reset and an error.
  • To reset error F28, you must exclude the failure of the program in the Bosch washing machine. To do this, turn off your washing machine for 10-20 minutes, then turn it on. The error disappeared from the display - you have fixed the problem. If the code lights up again on the scoreboard, read on.

You took all available measures to eliminate the F28 error, but after turning on the machine does not work: hence, you need to check the internal details of the SM Bosch.

Repair by own hands

When the machine gives an error code F 28 on the screen, most likely, these elements failed:

Flow sensor

This device differs from the pressure switch in that it controls not the amount of water in the tank, but the amount that gets into the SM Bosch. The water flow sensor in different models can be either a separate element or a part of the intake valve.

How it works:

  1. When recruiting through the inlet valve, water passes through the turbine.
  2. The turbine is equipped with a magnet and a switch.
  3. When the water passes through the valve, the turbine rotates. The number of rotations corresponds to the amount of water.
  4. The built-in magnet with each revolution passes the switch, the latter is switched off, sending a signal to the control module.
  5. The board issues a command to the valve to stop dialing.

Why does the sensor have a problem:

  • The Bosch machine is turned on and begins to wash. But due to lack of water supply or formation of blockage in the water inlet hose, water does not flow. The turbine does not rotate, the display shows F28.
  • The too low pressure (less, bar) at the flow does not allow the turbine to rotate. The electronic controller stops the process, the error F 28 lights up on the screen.
  • When the control module fails, it can not detect a problem in the system. In this case, the pressostat is activated, which, if the water in the tank is sufficient, connects the drain pump. The program stops, error code F28 lights up on the MS Boch display.

To summarize, we can say: check the quality of water supply in the room, and at the same time inspect the water intake system at the time of blockage. If everything is in order, replacement is required by the flow sensor.

Filling valve

Another reason why there is no set in the typewriter may be a malfunction with the fence valve. How to fix the situation:

  • Disconnect the filler hose from the Bosch washing machine, check the filter mesh at the time of clogging. Rinse under pressure from the tap. The video will help you:
  • To check the valve, remove the top panel of the machine.
  • Measure the resistance of the coil with a multimeter. A good device will show from 2 to 4 kOhm.
  • To replace the valve, disconnect the connectors from the coil.
  • Using pliers, remove the clamps, and detach the hoses (remember their location).
  • At the back, unscrew the bolt that secures the valve.
  • Remove the appliance, inspect for damage or blockage.
  • The installation of the new part takes place in the reverse order.

Control board

The cause of the failure of the board may be a short circuit, burnout of flip-flops and capacitors, failure of the resistors.

Repair of the controller elements requires the ability to handle the soldering iron.

The control unit is the main and expensive part of the SM Bosch. Therefore, in order not to damage it even more, it is better to contact the service center.

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