Error codes washing machines Blomberg

Blomberg washing machine - a sample of the quality of the German assembly. These are reliable cars that are on a par with the leading brands in Europe.

In all modern Blomberg brand machines a self-diagnostic system is provided. Its main function is to search for possible problems and failures, notifying the user about it.

Fault codes are displayed on an electronic scoreboard. In older models, the indicators on the panel blink in different sequences.

If the Blomberg washing machine has served you for many years, and now it gives an error, the main thing is to figure it out. Further in the table we consider the common error codes of CM Blomberg, which means their appearance, how to troubleshoot.

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Blomberg washing machine error table: what it means how to eliminate

Fault code Expression asusscoreboard when no water enters the machine.

This is due to problems with the water intake system. There may be no water in the pipeline or too low pressure. Do not obstruct the filler hose or filter.

Solenoid valve damage is also likely.

In more severe cases, the filler neck may be clogged.

D02 If the CMA showed d02 on the display, then there is a problem with water drainage.

To understand how to fix a failure, you need to find its cause. This may be a blockage of a drain filter, a water drain hose, or a drain connection.

It is possible that the drain pump( pump) may break.

D03 If error D03 appeared on the CM screen, it means that water does not heat up in the typewriter.

The cause of this failure may be heating elements. If the heater is overgrown with scale, the water is not heated. TEN could burn out or close to the case.

Need disassembling the case, checking the heater and, if necessary, replacing it.

D04 If the machine shows error d04, a triac could burn out. In the event of a short circuit triac need replacement.
D05 Blomberg displays an error d05 if an NTC( thermistor) is broken. Need item replacement.
D06 With error D06 there is no tacho signal. You may need to check the wiring to the tachogenerator, or replace the tachometer.
D07 The washer issues code d07 when there is no signal that the door is locked.

D12 may also signal this error.

Try to cover the hatch tighter. If it does not help, a blocker replacement( UBL) will be required.
D09 The wash program selector is broken. Requires replacement of the selector or wiring.
D10 Water overflow detected in the tank. To remove the error, you must replace the water intake valve or repair the control unit.
D11 The electronic unit does not see the water heating circuit. In case of an error d10, the heating element, the control board( block) or the water heating circuit can be broken.
D13 There is no spin laundry.

What to do: try to remove some of the laundry.

Motor or control unit may also be damaged.

Other error codes for washing machines Blomberg

In some models, the breakage codes are different, we also briefly consider them:

Breakdown code Code value
H1 What does the H1 code mean? It is usually displayed when the door of the washing machine is not closed tightly.
H6 The H6 code indicates a drive problem. Perhaps, just slipped the belt off the pulley and it will be enough to fix it. Or the pulley, the engine broke, and maybe the drive belt was worn out.
H12 Clogged filter "Aquastop".
ER7 ER7 also indicates a problem with closing the hatch door.

You can also try to reset the errors by restarting the washer:

  1. Disconnect the machine from the network.
  2. Wait 10-20 minutes.
  3. Turn on.

If the error disappeared and did not appear again, perhaps it was just a “glitch”.But if the code reappeared on the board, the problem was confirmed, and you need the help of a specialist.

Often the solution to the problem can be found on your own by looking in the user manual or in our helpful articles.

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