Error codes for Asko dishwashers

The Asko dishwasher leaves you a lot of free time. But the technique is peculiar to break, and errors are reported on the scoreboard about the problems that have arisen. Having learned the value of the DTC, you can quickly determine the cause of the fault.

How to decode the trouble codes "Asco"

You do not have to worry about seeing the error code on the technician's display. Look at our table to understand how to repair yourself. Consider the faults that are typical for the dishwasher Asko.

DTC What is an error? Causes of appearance How to fix the problem yourself
Indicator Display
L1 F1 There were problems with heating the water. 1. The heater is defective.

2. Problems with wiring.

3. Breakage of thermostat.

4. Engine or electronic module malfunction.

1. Check the wiring leading to the heater, the heater itself and the temperature sensor. If one of the elements fails, a replacement is necessary.

2. Inspect the motor (circulation pump). Install a new appliance in case of malfunction.

3. A replacement is required.

4. Only the master can diagnose the breakdown and repair the dishwasher module.

L2 F2 Transfer of water into PMM. 1. Fault in the priming valve.

2. Flow sensor error.

3. There was a leakage of water.

4. The wiring is broken.

5. Litter in the drain system of the dishwasher.

1. Inspect the priming valve. Electronic part, call the multimeter. If the valve is broken, it can not be repaired. Need a complete replacement.

2. It is required to check the sensor and replace the sensor if necessary.

3. Inspect the housing and all connections at the time of leakage.

4. Check the wiring from the module to the sensors.

5. Check the filter, drain pump, hose for clogging. If the parts are clogged, you need to clean them.

L3 F3 The code indicates that a thermostat has failed. Problems with the thermistor. Diagnosis and replacement of a thermostat or control module.
L4 F4 Water does not go to the dishwasher. 1. Absence of water in the water supply.

2. The input tap is blocked.

3. Blockage of the flood system.

4. Problems with wiring.

How to fix the situation:

1. Turn the shut-off valve.

2. Check for water in the tap.

3. Inspect the filler hose, filter mesh, intake valve for obstruction.

4. Replace the wiring.

L11 F5 The value of the Asko code: leakage occurred. 1. The priming valve flows.

2. Problems with the flow sensor.

1. Diagnosis of the intake valve.

2. The sensor requires reinstallation.

L12 F6 The code indicates that the pressure sensor has failed. 1. Sensor malfunction.

2. Breakage in the main module.

3. The wiring is broken.

1. Check and replace the sensor.

2. Diagnosis and repair of the module.

3. Inspection and replacement of wiring.

L1 + L2 F7 There is no draining of water. Causes of the problem:

1. Problems in the drain system.

2. The main module malfunction.

3. Problems with wiring.

1. Check drain hose for clog and connect correctly.

2. Diagnosis of drain pump.

3. Inspection of wiring.

In case of malfunction, parts are replaced.

L1 + L4 F9 Poor water circulation. 1. Malfunction of the circulation pump.

2. The filter is clogged.

3. Problems with the pressure sensor.

1. Inspect the pump and filter.

2. Clean from blockage. If damaged, install a new pump.

3. Checking the pressure sensor.

L1 + L11 FA The turbidity sensor is defective. The drain system is inspected, the filter and the turbidity sensor are checked.
L1 + L12 FB Violation in the work of the sprinkler. Check the sprinkler and its openings for obstruction; wiring.
L7 The salt indicator light was activated.
L6 The rinse aid indicator is activated.
L7 Notification that the bunker door is open. Close the door.
L7 Message that the door is closed.

When the error code is first detected on the Asko PMM display, restart first. This can be a normal failure in the system - then repair is not needed. How to reboot correctly:

  • disconnect the Asko dishwasher from the power;
  • wait for 15-20 minutes;
  • connect the dishwasher;
  • Look at the display.

If the DTC no longer lights up, then the reason was the system malfunction. You can continue to operate.

Basically, the problems with Asko dishwasher require your smartness, they can be fixed by yourself. But there are times when you can not do without a master - it's about repairing the control module. Then you should not neglect the call of a specialist.

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