What to do if there is a powder in the washing machine

Did you notice that after the end of the program, the powder and rinse aid remains in the washing machine? A fault has occurred. For each washing mode, a certain amount of powder is required; if it exceeds the norm, the problem is with the bay, the drain or the detergent itself.

What caused the problem and how to fix it, you will find in the article.

Content of the material:

  • 1Why the powder remains in the washing machine and does not go away
  • 2What to do if the powder is not washed away
    • 2.1Check the fill system
  • 3What to do if the tray is clogged up with a powder
  • 4The machine does not wash off the powder: how to prevent the situation

Why the powder remains in the washing machine and does not go away

Why does the powder remain in the tray, although it should be washed off with water in the tank with laundry? When this happens for the first time, you need to check out these options:

  • Is it normal for water to be poured into the styralka. Turn the shut-off valve, check the water inlet hose. Normally, if water does not enter the machine, it does not wash the powder from the tray. Then the system displays a fault code on the display.

Open the dispensing tray and check whether the detergent has been filled in the correct compartment. Look at the instruction manual.

  • Turn off the tap and see if the water pressure is normal. If it is too weak, then it is not enough to wash the powder out of the dispenser. In this case, wait until the feed resumes.
  • If the powder leaves partially from the tray, it is worth checking whether the channel through which the water is washed into the tank is blocked. Also, the reason may be in the clog of the filter-mesh, which stands at the inlet of the water intake valve.
  • Is the detergent correctly used. Look at the packaging how much the remedy should be used normally. If the powder is overfilled, part of it remains in the cuvette.
  • A substandard powder also leads to flushing problems. Counterfeit funds often stick to the walls and gather in lumps, preventing normal patency.
  • Problems with the intake valve. If there is clogging or breakage, this leads to a reduction in the pressure of the water or to its absence.

What to do if the powder is not washed away

If you are convinced that there is a normal pressure in the pipes, but the agent is not washed off after washing, it is necessary to check other details.

Check the fill system

Shut off the water supply. After replacing the container, unscrew the intake hose from the body of the AGR. Inspect it for obstruction. Behind the hose is a filter mesh. Remove it with pliers and rinse under running water from blockage.

Next you need to check the fill valve:

  1. Remove the top cover from the housing. To do this, unscrew two screws from the rear.
  2. At the rear wall there is a sampling valve.
  3. Disconnect the hoses leading to it and check for blockage.
  4. Then you need to ring the coil using a multimeter.
  5. If the matter is not in the blockage, but in the faults of the coils, then the valve must be completely replaced.
  6. To do this, disconnect the wiring from it.
  7. Unscrew the screws that hold the valve from the rear of the casing.
  8. Pull out the old one and install the new part.

If after reinstallation the powder is not washed out again and does not go away, inspect the nozzles and nozzles through which the detergent comes from the tray into the tank. They can also be cleaned under running water.

What to do if the tray is clogged up with a powder

Most often, the tray becomes clogged due to excessive use of the powder. In the compartment, a deposit is formed, eventually it becomes stony and interferes with water permeability and detergent intake. It is not easy to clean fossils, so you need to periodically flush the dispenser tray under the tap.

A poor-quality detergent does not dissolve completely in water. Therefore, if you notice that the powder remains on things, change it to a better product.

How to clear the tray:

  1. Open the cuvette and, pressing the latch in the center, pull out of the casing.
  2. Under running water, rinse the compartments, you can additionally clean the contaminated sites with an old toothbrush.
  3. If the fossils on the walls, soak for a while the tray in a container of water.

The machine does not wash off the powder: how to prevent the situation

To avoid such problems, you can fill the powder in the tank. But in that case things will not rinse well, and there will be stains on clothes.

You can also use liquid detergent or capsules. But without proper diagnosis, the problem will not disappear, but may even worsen, which will lead to costly repairs.

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