How to replace brushes on a Bosch washing machine

Over time, in the Bosch washing machine, the brushes of the electric motor are erased, and this causes a breakdown in the engine. You can give the car for repair, or you can try to repair it yourself.

The repair itself takes a little time, it takes more to get the motor out of the SM casing.

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    • 1.1Symptoms of a malfunction
  • 2Phased work
    • 2.1Brush replacement

Causes and symptoms of the problem

The electrobrushes serve to transfer the voltage to the windings of the rotor, thereby driving the motor. They are made of soft materials that are good for electricity, but quickly erased. Although there is a cunning here.

The soft material of the brushes protects the motor armature from damage. The advantage is that replacing the brushes at times is cheaper than the anchor.

The service life depends on the frequency of use of the washing machine, as well as the observance of the operating rules.

Symptoms of a malfunction

How to understand that it is necessary to replace carbon brushes in a Bosch washing machine?

If you have a modern machine with a self-diagnosis system, then the error code E02 may be displayed on the scoreboard. However, the fault can be guessed by external signs:

  • Loss of power. The drum does not gain the proper speed of rotation.
  • With complete wear of the brushes, noise and crackling are heard.
  • Stiralka stops in the middle of the process. Most likely, the motor does not work, the brushes are worn out.
  • Feels a burnt smell.

For replacement, choose brushes that exactly fit your CMA model. Incorrect selection leads to breakage of the motor. Take the old item and show it to the seller.

Next, we'll look at how to remove and replace the brushes on a Bosch washing machine.

Phased work

Prepare your SM for repair: disconnect it from the mains and communications by disconnecting the intake hose, drain the water from it. Unscrew the drain filter - it is located behind the hatch, at the bottom of the front panel. Remove the filter and drain the water by first replacing the container.

Now move the machine away, providing access to the rear panel. Start shooting the engine:

  • Using a screwdriver, unscrew the screws around the perimeter of the back cover.
  • Remove the panel and set aside.
  • The motor is located under the drum of the stylalki. To get to it, you need to remove the drive belt. Pull lightly forward while scrolling the pulley of the drum.

  • Take a photo of the motor wiring for further connection.
  • Disconnect all wires.
  • Unscrew bolts (they are usually from three to four pieces), which fix the motor.

  • Pull lightly on yourself and pull the motor out of the AGR.

Brush replacement

Many people are wondering where the brushes are in the washing machine. They are located on the sides of the motor housing.

On the wear of brushes can say the appearance of the engine. It will be covered with graphite dust - just the material from which the elements are made.

After you have found the brushes, disconnect the wire terminal. Then click on the contact, dropping it down. Pull the edge of the spring and pull out the part.

To install new items, place them in the socket, compressing the spring. Now release the contact and connect the wire. It remains to install the motor in place to properly brush the electric motor.

After the replacement, start the washing process by selecting a long-time mode so that all the parts get stuck. To do this, do not wear the drive belt. Run is carried out in test mode.

First you can hear the noise, but eventually it will pass. The repair is over, you have perfectly coped with the task.

And for those who are just going to do self-repair, a video on the topic to help:

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