Error codes for dishwashers Zanussi

If the dishwasher Zanussi fails, an error code is displayed on the display. So the system of self-diagnostics informs the user that a breakdown occurred in the car. The code value allows you to quickly find the cause of the failure, because each combination of symbols indicates a specific type of fault.

Decipher the errors of dishwashers "Zanussi" you will help our table.

How to decode Zanussi fault codes

If the panel of your dishwasher is not equipped with a display, the error will be displayed on the indicators. The number of blinking lights indicates a certain malfunction.

Those who first saw the error on the scoreboard, you need to reboot the equipment. Perhaps there was a failure in the system. How to reload the MMP:

  • unplug the machine from the power;
  • Wait 20 minutes;
  • reconnect the PMM;
  • Look at the display.

If the code lights up again, you need to look for a problem. If the board does not show anything, then start the dishwasher as usual.

DTC The number of flashes of the indicator after a pause of 5 seconds What does Causes of appearance Repair by own hands
i10 1 There is no water in the PMM tank. 1. The input tap is closed.

2. The water supply is disconnected.

3. The inlet hose is clogged or clogged.

4. The filter is clogged.

5. Problems with the operation of the inlet valve.

1. Turn the valve, it may have been poorly opened.

2. Check for water in the tap.

3. Inspect the inlet hose. Unscrew one end from the body of the machine and check for blockage.

4. Pull out the filter mesh. Clean from debris.

5. Carry out a diagnosis of the intake valve. Replace it.

i20 2 What is the error: the system does not drain the water after washing dishes. What happened:

1. There were problems with the pressostat.

2. The drainage path is littered with food residues.

3. The impeller of the pump is blocked, or the pump itself is defective.

4. The drain hose is clogged or clogged.

How to fix the situation:

1. Carry out a check and replace the pressure switch.

2. Inspect and clean the drain filter, pump, hose.

3. Check the impeller of the pump. Perhaps it is blocked by glass shards from the dishes.

4. Adjust the hose, it must be connected to the body.

i30 3 The protection of "Aquastop" has worked. There was a leak in the dishwasher. The float sensor signaled to the module. Conduct inspection of such parts and components: PMM tank, hoses and their connections, door seals. The leak must be eliminated.
i50 5 The triac of the motor (the circulation pump) has burnt out. Short circuit triac on the electronic board. The pump runs at high speed without stopping. Repair of the control board or its replacement.
i60 6 Meaning: the water does not heat up. The dishes are badly laundered. 1. The heater broke down.

2. TEN contacts are broken.

3. Problems with the circulation pump. Poor water circulation in the machine.

4. The main module is defective.

What can be done:

1. Install a new heating element.

2. Check the contacts of the heater, replace the burnt parts.

3. Carry out a diagnosis of the circulation pump.

4. Check the main module.

i70 7 With the NTC thermistor, problems arose. 1. The sensor wiring is broken due to a short circuit.

2. Thermistor failure.

3. Problems with the electronic unit.

1. Replacement of burnt parts of the wiring.

2. Installation of a new thermistor.

3. Changing the electronic unit.

i80 8 Problems with EEPROM memory. The program can not be installed because the control module is defective. Re-flashing or replacing the main module.
i90 9 An error has occurred in the software. The electronic board does not work correctly. Unable to install the program. You need to install a new board in the dishwasher "Zanussi".
iA0 10 The dishwasher does not work in the dishwasher. Causes of the problem:

1. The sprinkler nozzles are clogged.

2. The PMM motor does not work.

1. Clean the nozzles with a thin object.

2. Carry out a diagnosis and replacement of the engine.

ib0 11 The turbidity sensor is broken. The sensor gives incorrect readings. Washing is carried out at installation "strong pollution". Change the turbidity sensor to the working instrument.
iC0 12 There is no connection with the user interface. The dishwasher stops the work, trying to reconnect. It is necessary to wait for the renewal of communication or to call the master.
id0 13 Engine operation is broken. The tow truck does not give a signal. 1. Damage to the motor circuit.

2. Litter in the engine.

3. Contact tahodchikka broken, or he is faulty.

Independent repair:

1. Checking the wiring of the engine and the vehicle.

2. Elimination of blockage.

3. Replacement tahodchik.

iF0 14 The waiting is exceeded. Draining of water does not occur. 1. Incorrect arrangement of dishes in the bunker.

2. The drain filter clogged up.

3. High level of foam in the tank.

4. Malfunction of the pressure switch.

1. It is necessary to open the hopper and position the dishes correctly so that water does not accumulate in the container.

2. Clean the pump filter.

3. Elimination of excess foam. Dosage of detergents.

4. Install a serviceable pressure switch.

Having studied the table, it is possible to start looking for breakages in the dishwasher "Zanussi". If you follow the manufacturer's recommendations, the technique will break much less often. In case of warranty period, please contact the service center.

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