Malfunctions of washing machines of Euronov

Washing machines Euronova (Eurosoba) are assembled in Austria, therefore they differ in enviable quality and excellent technical characteristics. In Russia they are better known as "The Little One from Porsche".

Euronov's machines are usually designed for 14 years of operation. 80% of all units are designed by the manufacturer - Eudora Gmbh.

SMA are individually tested at each stage of production. If they break down, it is usually because of violations of the rules of operation and external factors:

  • low quality water;
  • voltage drops in the network;
  • low-quality powders.

Today, we will consider the main malfunctions of this brand and tell you what to do if the Eurovan washing machine (Eurosoba) is broken.

Content of the material:

  • 1SM Euronov shows the error code
  • 2Washing machine Eurounov is leaking
  • 3Checking Eurolov hoses for blockages
  • 4SM Eurosoba (Euronova) does not gain water
  • 5The machine Eurounov stopped by typing water
  • 6Euronov does not heat water
  • 7CMA Euronov overheats water
  • 8Eurovanov's dumb does not work at all
  • 9Possible breakdowns according to the manufacturer's version

SM Euronov shows the error code

Due to the high adaptability of machines equipped with a self-diagnosis system, users learn about the failures immediately - by fault codes.

Consider the error codes that the EuroNav machine gives out, and their values:

  1. The door lock is broken, or the microswitch has failed. The first thing you can do in this situation is to check if the hatch is closed tightly. After checking the serviceability of the lock.
  2. Waste water discharge does not work. Most often, the impeller of the pump is to blame for this. It can be blocked due to scale, deposits of washing powder and blockages in the sewage system.
  3. The water is not poured. Causes: the water supply valve is blocked, insufficient pressure in the water supply system, the filter water inlet obstruction, the inlet valve breakage.
  4. Occurs when the residual water level exceeds the norm. The leakage of the water inlet valve may be impaired.
  5. Indicates a breakdown of the temperature sensor (thermistor).
  6. The code says that there is no water heating. The electric heater (TEN) could fail.
  7. This error occurs if too much water has entered the tank.
  8. Error motor or tachometer (tahodchika, tachogenerator).
  9. The code indicates a breakdown of the thyristor.
  10. Displayed on the display if the interlock circuit is faulty.
  11. A rare error means a fault in the pump circuit.

Washing machine Eurounov is leaking

If the styralka starts to leak during washing, you can sort out the problem and repair yourself. Reasons for leaks:

  • damage to the hatch cuff;
  • household chemicals for washing of low quality;
  • clogging in the system;
  • breakdown or crack in the tank;
  • breakdown of the priming valve, water level switch and other parts.

Important! Do not operate the machine if it flows. After detecting a leak, immediately disconnect the SM from the network until you can fix the problem.

This breakdown is most typical for Euronova 600, Euronova 800, Euronova 1000 models.

In this case, repair by one's own hands is to eliminate the causes of blockages that could cause leakage.

Checking Eurolov hoses for blockages

  1. Check the drain hose. It can be clogged with small items that fall out when washing from pockets of clothing.
  2. Check the hatch. In it, a latch can be broken or a rubber band - a cuff - is damaged. If the cuff is clogged - clean it, if there is slight damage - you can glue it with a rubber patch, and if the cuff damage is too strong, replace it.

SM Eurosoba (Euronova) does not gain water

When you start the machine can not type water, so do not start to wash. This can mean both an error in the software and a failure of one of the nodes.

Try to find out yourself what triggered the crash:

  • Perhaps there is no water in the water supply system. To check this, just open the tap in the bathroom or in the kitchen.
  • There is water, but the pressure in the system is not enough to create a normal head. The machine either does not gain water at all, or does it too slowly. In this and the previous case, it is worthwhile to wait until the water supply is normalized, or to call the plumbing.
  • If the door is not closed securely, the command unit does not signal the start of the washing program, so the water is not dialed. Perhaps you just closed the hatch loosely. Other breakages can occur: the failure of the lockout device (UBL), the failure of the guide door or the handle itself. In this case, you will need to replace one of these elements. You will be able to carry out repairs yourself - just have to find the instructions and see how to remove the UBL or disassemble the door to replace the handle or guide.
  • The clogged filter installed on the bay hose can also block the water supply to the tank. To clean the filter, it is necessary to close the water supply valve on the pipe, detach the hose at the point of its attachment to the hull of the stylalk, remove the filter and flush it with a pair of pliers. Examine at the same time and the hose, it can also be clogged.

The machine Eurounov stopped by typing water

The reasons for the fact that your washing machine stopped the washing program (with water remaining in it), there may be such failures:

  • Drain the filter of the drainage of water.
  • Drain pump failure. If the case is in the pump, then you need to disassemble the machine, remove the pump, clean and rinse it. In difficult cases, the masters change the pump to a new one.
  • Board failure. Repair or replacement of this unit should always be entrusted to specialists.

Euronov does not heat water

This is not the most frequent breakdown for this brand, but it is not excluded because of the high water hardness in our plumbing systems.

Important! This is a critical error. As a rule, it arises due to the fact that the heater gets limescale, because of which heat does not enter the tank. As a result, the heater overheats and burns out.

A short circuit is possible! Unplug the machine until you locate the fault.

Usually in this situation it is necessary to disassemble the washing machine, check the thermoelectric heater with a tester and then replace it. Replacement of the TEN in the machines of Evronov differs little from the similar repair of machines of other brands.

CMA Euronov overheats water

As a rule, overheating of water in Eurosoba or Euronova machines occurs for a number of reasons:

  • The thermistor (temperature sensor) has failed. The solution is to replace the sensor. The sensor is integrated in the heater, so when replacing it, you can also clean the heater from scaling.
  • Breakage of the thermostat or malfunction in its operation. A replacement is also required.
  • The wires between the control module and the thermostat were closed. It is necessary to solder the contacts.
  • Software failure. Eliminated only by reprogramming, repairing or replacing the electronic module.

The first thing you can do yourself: check to see if you accidentally set the heating mode "Boiling" or did not choose a program for washing at 95 degrees.

If this is eliminated, then you need a thorough elimination of the failure. Perhaps this video will help you:


Eurovanov's dumb does not work at all

If the machine does not work, then the trouble codes do not always appear. For the user this is a difficult situation, because it is unclear what caused the stoppage of work and what to repair.

Identify the reasons for the signs accompanying the individual faults:

  1. The machine does not respond to pressing the "ON" button. This may light up the wash start lamp, but the process does not start.
  2. Full absence of reaction to the button "ON thus the indicator of inclusion does not light up.
  3. If the indicators and numbers flash in a chaotic manner, this confirms the problem.

As a result, you can diagnose several breakdowns:

  • Failure of the "START" button.
  • Breakage in the electric circuit of the washing machine.
  • Software crash, control board failure.

On your own, you can do the following:

  • Check that your machine is connected to the mains.
  • Check if the power cord, plug and socket are working. To test the latter, use a screwdriver with an indicator or a working electric appliance.

If everything mentioned above is in order, serious repair is required - soldering or replacement of the start button, restoration of the integrity of the internal wiring of the Euronov CM, or maybe even the repair or replacement of electronic module.

Possible breakdowns according to the manufacturer's version

If you lose the instruction manual, we will notify you of any possible breakdowns listed in the user's manual. The manufacturer is confident that these failures occur in the cars of Evronov most often:

  1. The drum does not rotate and functions are not performed. This may be due to the fact that there is no supply of electricity, the door of the hatch is not closed, the program is not selected or the selector ring is in the "0" position.
  2. The machine does not press. The first reason: the laundry got into a big lump, which is why the squeeze is blocked. The second reason: you have set the "Wash-off" mode.
  3. The powder does not enter the tank (or is not taken from the cuvette to the end). Perhaps you have chosen the program incorrectly, or the powder has strayed into clots.
  4. The machine does not wash clothes. The first possible reasons are too much or little powder, the temperature or program is incorrectly selected.
  5. The machine tears the laundry. Often this is due to foreign objects entering the tank.

Adhering to the rules of operation, it is possible to avoid and prevent the majority of failures and breakdowns of the EuroNav machine.

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