Symptoms of the Siemens dishwasher

There is no problem-free technology - even representatives of the premium class fail. There are also malfunctions in the Siemens dishwasher. According to consumers, they break twice as often as other brands.

What should I do if there is a breakdown? Pay attention to the work of the Siemens PMM, perform the fault diagnosis and fix it yourself. How to do it, read below.

The error codes for Siemens dishwashers are collected and described in detail in a separate article.

Content of the material:

  • 1Causes of breakdowns of dishwashers Siemens
  • 2How to repair a dishwasher
    • 2.1No water recruitment
    • 2.2No draining of water
    • 2.3Bad dishwashing
    • 2.4The dishwasher shuts down

Causes of breakdowns of dishwashers Siemens

The main causes of breakage of the dishwasher Siemens:

  • The machine does not work, the scoreboard does not light up, or the program freezes. The reason can be in the absence of voltage in the outlet. If you press the button and the program is not selected, the contacts may have blown.
    How to connect the machine? You need to disassemble the panel, clean or replace the contacts.
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  • PMM does not gain water. Immediately check the presence of water in the water supply. Then inspect the priming system: the cause may be a blockage of the filler hose, flow filter, intake valve.
  • Why does the dishwasher wash dishes badly? Perhaps the water supply valve is clogged, then the water pressure is too small, so the dishes are badly laundered. Nozzles on the beam, which splashes water, can also clog. It is necessary to clean the system for normal water intake.
  • The technique has turned on as usual, but water intake does not occur, washing does not begin. The reason is in the door that is not closed properly.
    How to adjust the door? It is enough to tighten the hinges of its fastening, so that the lock normally passes into the hole.
  • When there are problems with the drain, the entire drainage system is checked: filter, pump, hose. The parts are cleaned of blockage. If the pump breaks, then the part changes.

  • If the machine takes water, but the sink does not start, the problem is in the circulation pump. Need a diagnosis and repair.
  • The dishwasher includes an emergency shutdown. The reason is in the control module - in this case it is better to contact the master.
  • Water does not heat up. Need a test of the heater, a thermistor. The heater is called up and replaced with a fault. The thermistor is also subject to replacement.
  • The dishwasher does not dry the dishes. If your model has a drying function, the cause of the failure is in the drying fan or its wiring.

In basic malfunctions you figured out. Now we need to find out how to fix the breakdowns in the Siemens dishwasher.

How to repair a dishwasher

Let's give a detailed instruction on how to start and fix the dishwasher. Let's start with the most common malfunction.

No water recruitment

The quality of water in the water supply leaves much to be desired. Dishwashers of overseas assembly are not designed for such impurities in water, so the strainer before the valve quickly clogs. To reduce the number of blockages, install a flow filter in front of the mesh. Periodically clean both elements, then the water will enter the machine normally.

How to clean the system:

  1. Shut off the water supply.
  2. Disconnect the filler hose from the PMM housing.
  3. Pull out the strainer and rinse under running water.
  4. If the contaminants are strongly eaten, leave the filter to soak in a solution of water and citric acid (in 2 L dilute 100 g).
  5. Install the elements in the reverse order.

No draining of water

If there are problems with the drainage system, the water will not go away after washing, it may happen that the overflow occurs. Also blockage causes the program to stop. For example, you start the car, water is dialed, but the car wash does not start.

How to disassemble and clean the system:

  • Unplug the machine from the power supply, shut off the water.
  • Open the hopper door, remove all the trays and baskets for the dishes.
  • From below, unscrew the drain filter.

  • Clean it from the blockage by rinsing with running water.
  • How to unlock the pump? Remove sponge of water in the area of ​​the pump with a sponge.
  • Push the pump cover until it clicks, pull it toward you.

  • Inspect the pump for blockage. Clean with gloves, as the pump could clog up glass shards.

To avoid blockages, clean the dishes of leftover food before washing. Also use special cleaning agents.

The cause of the breakdown can be not only in the blockage, but also in the breakdown of the pump. How to check it:

  • Remove the lower front panel of the machine. To do this, unscrew the fastening screws.
  • Lay the machine on its side or tilt it back.
  • It is necessary to measure the resistance at the contacts of the pump.
  • Attach the ohmmeter probes to the pump contacts.
  • The device is working, if the number on the screen is 1000-1500. In other cases, you need a replacement.

Bad dishwashing

Over time, when using the Siemens machine, the quality of washing is reduced. You do the usual loading, pour the detergent, but the dishes on the output are not too clean. Why this happens:

  1. Too little water pressure in the water supply.
  2. The valve for supplying the product is clogged.
  3. Clogged holes on the rocker arms.

What to do:

  1. Wait until the normal water supply resumes.
  2. Check the filter mesh for blockage.
  3. After each cycle, clean the detergent drawer. Over time, the powder accumulates, dries up on the walls, build-ups block the passage of the valve. Simply wipe the tray with a dry cloth after washing dishes.
  4. In the dishwasher, there are two rocker arms for spraying water - the upper and lower. Unscrew the top and remove it from the seat. Lower the blade pull up and remove from the body. Clean the blade holes with a toothpick under running water.

Do not forget to care for the technique, then the breakdown will happen less often.

The dishwasher shuts down

If the indicators flash randomly on the panel, an emergency shutdown occurs, the cause is in the control module. To diagnose the breakdown of the module and even more to repair it - only the master can. The structure of the Siemens dishwasher complicates this task.

The manufacturer has concluded a control board in a soldered unit. Most specialists refuse to repair it.

The module is one of the most expensive parts of the dishwasher. Therefore, if the machine is old, it is more profitable to buy a new technique than to change the module.

Carry out an independent repair of equipment only after the warranty period is over. Use cleaning agents, clean the filters in a timely manner. Then you do not have to deal with the malfunctions and repair the breakdowns at home.

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