The washing machine slowly pours or does not collect water at all

After the usual start-up, did you notice that the washing machine does not gain water? Or the water is poured, but too slowly? The cause of the malfunction can be either in the blockage of the system or in the failure of the SMA parts.

What if the washing machine does not work? Switching to hand washing is not an option. After reading the article, you will learn how to independently detect and repair the breakdown.

Content of the material:

  • 1Why does the AGR pick up little water - inattention
  • 2Malfunctions resulting in slow water intake
  • 3Self-help troubleshooting
    • 3.1Cleaning the inlet filter
    • 3.2Replacement of the priming valve
    • 3.3Level sensor replacement
    • 3.4Lock hatch

Why does the AGR pick up little water - inattention

The reasons why the stylalka pours little water can be very simple. Before proceeding with disassembly and repair, check the following details:

  1. Turn off the tap and see if there is any water in the running water. Perhaps, the repair work is underway, and the supply is temporarily closed. Also, the reason for poor water intake may be a small head. It remains only to wait until the normal feed resumes.
  2. Rotate the inlet valve. If it was blocked, it's no wonder that water does not flow.
  3. Inspect the inlet hose. Maybe it is transferred by some object, it is bent, therefore it does not let water pass.
  4. Incorrect pipe connection leads to a platter. If your connection is made directly to the sewer without a siphon, or the hose is connected more than 50 cm from the floor, a water sink is inevitable. See the instructions and make the correct connection.

Have you checked everything, but have not found any problems? How much water should a washing machine in at all? It all depends on the selected mode. For delicate fabrics and children's underwear, usually more water is poured. Under any program, it should be sufficient for washing.

Malfunctions resulting in slow water intake

The most common problem may be a clogged intake filter. All small debris that comes from the water pipe, stops the filter. It protects the priming valve. But there are more unpleasant breakages:

  • Note whether the door of the door clicked when closed. The indicator "Castle" should appear on the scoreboard, which means that the door is locked. If this does not happen, then the UBL lock is defective, so the machine will not start washing.
  • The priming valve is broken or clogged. Perhaps his coils burned. The valve works on electricity, which comes on the coils, allows you to open and close the damper. If the valve is clogged, it will not be completely and will fill the water for a long time.
  • The electronic module burned. He manages the work of all the details in the washing machine. Therefore, if it breaks, it does not give a command for taking water for washing and rinsing.
  • If the level sensor malfunctions, the washer can not "understand" how much water is in the tank. The sensor controls the amount of water in the tank, so without it the set does not start, or the water will drain.

Self-help troubleshooting

What if the machine "Siemens "Hansa "Samsung" stopped collecting water? Start by inspecting the details and troubleshooting.

Cleaning the inlet filter

Close the inlet valve, disconnect the machine from the power supply. Prepare the container and unscrew the intake hose. Just behind the hose you will notice the filter net. Remove it with pliers and rinse under pressure from the tap.

Replacement of the priming valve

To test the valve's performance in different types of washers - Ariston, Indesit, Electrolux - you need to remove the top cover from the housing. At the rear wall there is an inlet valve.

Inspect the valve for damage. To check the serviceability of its operation, alternately apply current to the coils. At the same time, the valve turns on and opens in working order. If nothing happens, replace the part.

  • Disconnect the wiring from the valve.
  • Unclip the hose clamps and remove them from the valve.
  • Inspect the hoses for obstruction. The reason for the slow intake may be in the reduced capacity of the hoses.
  • Remove the screw securing the valve and remove it from the housing.

Level sensor replacement

A broken pressostat can not be repaired. To replace it, you also need to remove the top panel. Depending on the model of the machine, the sensor can be fixed to the body with bolts or latches.

  • Disconnect all wires leading to the sensor, as well as the hose.
  • Remove the sensor from the housing.

Check the pressure switch in this way:

  • Place a short tube on the removed hose.
  • Blow into the tube.
  • If you hear clicks at the same time, then the sensor is working.
  • If you can not hear anything, he needs a replacement.

Lock hatch

The lock of the hatch has broken? It is not difficult to make a replacement yourself:

  • Open the door.
  • Remove the two bolts of the lock on the body.
  • Having turned off sealing rubber, remove a collar. Fill the cuff inside the drum.
  • Disconnect the lock wiring, pull it out of the housing.
  • Replace in the reverse order.

If the stylalka picks up less water due to problems with the module, then it's worth contacting the service center. It is not recommended to repair the board yourself.

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