How to replace a heater in a Bosch washing machine

Employees of service centers claim that the failure of TEN in washing machines occur most often. In this article we will consider the reasons for the failure of the heater. You will understand what signs will help to determine the malfunction of the heater, how to replace the heating element (TEN) in the Bosch washing machine with your own hands.

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  • 2Preparing for replacement
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Why the heater breaks down

Heating water in the stylalk is very important, because in hot water, things are washed efficiently and efficiently. But, unfortunately, the service life of the heater is 3-5 years.

There are several reasons why an element fails:

  • Natural wear. The element constantly heats up and cools down, which shortens its service life.
  • Scum. Unrefined water contains impurities of salts that do not dissolve and settle on the surface of the heater. The thicker the scale, the more difficult it is for the TEN to transfer heat. As a result, it overheats and burns.

  • Voltage drops in the network can lead to a short circuit. It, in turn, leads to the breakage of the heater circuit, the breakdown to the housing.
    Also, the reason that the element does not work can be the combustion of a triac on an electronic board. The triac is responsible for the operation of the heater, so if it fails, the heater does not receive a signal to operate.
    Then you will need to replace or repair the heating element in a Bosch washing machine.

For prolonged operation of the heater it is recommended to use emollients or install a water filter.

Symptoms of a malfunction

How can you identify the problem? Signs of failure of TEN in washing machines Bosch Classixx 5, Bosch Maxx 4, Bosch Maxx 5 and other models may be the lack of water heating.

To test, place your palm on the glass of the hatch after 20 minutes from the beginning of the wash. If it is warm - the heating goes on, if the cold one does not.

Pay attention to the laundry after washing. In cold water, things are worse than washed, they smell plaintive. It happens that the machine system itself signals a malfunction, shows error code F19 on the display. Then the user knows exactly what to check.

Preparing for replacement

First of all, you need to buy a new heater. You can do this by removing the heater from the stylalki and going with it to the store, or pick up the item by the make and model of the AGR.

It is necessary to determine where the heater is located in the Bosch washing machine and what tools will be needed to replace it.

Some users are afraid to do the work themselves, since the heater in the Bosch CM is located behind the front panel. Therefore, you have to disassemble the front of the machine.


You will need:

  • face heads;
  • flat and cross screwdrivers;
  • multimeter to check the item.


Before removing the heater from the washing machine Bosch, you need to remove the front panel:

  • Disconnect the machine from the mains.
  • Remove the top cover by unscrewing the two screws from the rear.

  • After removing the panel to the side, pull out the dispensing tray. To do this, click on the latch in the center.
  • Behind the tray are three bolts that need to be unscrewed.
  • Remove the additional bolt from the other side of the control panel and remove it upwards.
  • Put the screws from the panel aside.
  • Disconnect the bottom panel. You can use a flat-blade screwdriver if the panel snaps into place.
  • Open the loading hatch, remove the clamp by bending the sealing sleeve.
  • Fit the cuff inside the drum.
  • Unscrew the last screws holding the door. Do not forget about the door lock bolts.

  • Leave the front panel to one side.

Now you have access to the item. We will analyze how to change the heater in a Bosch washing machine:

  • The heater is located at the bottom of the drum;
  • take a photo of the location of the wires, then connect them correctly;
  • Unclench the connectors, remove the wires from the element;
  • Unscrew the central bolt nut, but not to the end.

  • press the bolt inward to squeeze out the gasket;
  • when poddevaya edges with a flat screwdriver, get the TEN.

Now pull the thermistor out of the old heater and install it on a new one. Lubricate the element sealant with detergent, this will facilitate installation in the CM. Strip the seat of dirt and scale, install the heater in place, connecting all the wires.

Our recommendations will help you to do the work yourself if you are consistent in your actions.

Do not forget about safety. You can watch video on the topic:

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