How to make a scraper from a washing machine

Everyone who breeds birds in the household has faced such a process as the processing of carcasses. At the same time the bird is treated with boiling water and is cleaned of the feather by hand. This is acceptable for a small amount.

But if you are engaged in selling a large volume of products, manual labor is a long, tedious and inefficient way. It is not necessary to buy special equipment, you can make a disposable machine from the washing machine with your own hands.

Content of the material:

  • 1How does a homemade scrap machine
    • 1.1Types of poultry
  • 2Instructions: how to make a scissor car from a machine and semi-automatic machine
    • 2.1Remaking the washing machine into a scrap
    • 2.2Assembling a personal structure with your own hands
    • 2.3Testing works

How does a homemade scrap machine

Before we get acquainted with the types of machines for plucking, let us consider the principle of operation of machinery. The machine consists of a container with rubber beads on each side. They have a ribbed surface, which allows you to grab and pull the feathers, the bottom of the container while rotating. As you can see, the scissor car is an uncomplicated device.

How to use peroschitalnuyu technique:

  • A carcass of a bird descends into the car.
  • The technology is connected to the network. The bottom rotates - the carcass starts to jump and beats on "rubber fingers". Feathers fly off.

At the exit you will get a practically completely plucked bird, there will be only small feathers on the paws.

For plucking which bird is used perotrypalka:

  • geese;
  • quails;
  • broilers;
  • ducks;
  • turkeys;
  • chickens.

Types of poultry

According to the design mechanism used, the following are separated:

  1. Centrifuge. The container is mainly round in shape, has a vertical hole where the bird is loaded. Beats on the bottom and sides of the container help to pluck feathers when the bottom rotates. During the operation, water is supplied to the reservoir for a greater productivity of plucking. Suitable for small birds: quail, chicken, ducks.
  2. Drum Type. "Tentacles" are on the surface of the drum, which rotates the engine. You need to bring the carcass to the drum and press it. So you can pluck a big bird, but for small it is not very convenient.
  3. Power tool with nozzle. Making such a machine for plucking will be very cheap. The instrument is equipped with a nozzle with "tentacles" and is carried in the carcass. Use it is not very convenient - your hands will get tired. Therefore, to process a large number of birds, use the previous options.

In one hour of working with a poultry-fitter, you will be able to process up to 30 carcasses.

We propose to make a self-made plucker for the pen from the washing machine.

Instructions: how to make a scissor car from a machine and semi-automatic machine

Before you make a kuroschipalku yourself, prepare a drawing. It will help you to take into account and calculate all the elements of the design, as well as to properly assemble the mechanism.

For manufacturing it is possible to take a washing machine or semiautomatic machine. The main thing is that the styralka is working and with vertical loading. It can be "Baby "Fairy" or "Oka".

You will need to buy rubber beads. These are inexpensive parts, and they can be bought on the market or ordered from an online store. It is worth considering that the size of the beats depends on the size of the carcass: the biggest go for geese and turkeys, the smallest ones for quail.

If you are worried that the carcass can be damaged during plucking, then this is not so. Rubber tentacles provide maximum safety of the bird.

What tools you will need:

  • set of wrenches;
  • Allen keys 8-30 mm;
  • small size wrench;
  • drill with step drill;
  • Bulgarian;
  • pliers;
  • a hammer;
  • tester or multimeter;
  • marker.

Now prepare a washing machine. It needs a minimal alteration, so no special costs are expected.

Remaking the washing machine into a scrap

All you need to do is get the motor out of the hull. Since holes will be made in the bottom of the case for beating, the running water will fall on the engine during operation. This can not be tolerated.

Unclip the bottom and remove the motor. Then do this:

  • Remove the actuator with the drive mechanism.
  • Take out the entire electrical part.
  • After preparing the stylalka, take the shower nozzle and put a rubber hose on it.

Shower and a hose you will not need now, but you should prepare them in advance.

Assembling a personal structure with your own hands

Now you need to collect all the elements in a single device. Do this:

  1. From the steel corner, weld the motor support.
  2. Connect the electric motor to the mains. How to do it right, we told in previous articles.
  3. From the metal corner, build a frame for the finished device. The hull must be at a certain height from the ground.
  4. In order for the structure to work, install pulleys. You can take them from the same washing machine.
  5. Place the small pulley on the motor shaft, and the large pulley on the activator shaft.
  6. Connect the pulleys with a belt. This will allow the motor to transfer revolutions to the activator, which will rotate the bottom of the device.
  7. Now make sure that the housing and the motor are securely installed, as they can fly off with strong vibration.

It remains to install rubber beads. Operate consistently:

  • Make holes in the tank using a drill with a step drill. Depending on the size of the beats, the size of the holes should be less by three or four millimeters.
  • To drain the waste water and feathers, make more holes between the main holes. Then install under the tank a pallet or a large container for collection of drains.
  • To facilitate the installation of beats, the holes are lubricated. You can use machine oil. After lubrication, thread the rubber beads into the prepared holes.

To protect the motor from water, make a plastic casing for it from a jar or box.

Assembling the scraper machine is complete. In order for water to flow during operation, install the previously prepared hose and shower head on the edge of the container.

Testing works

Time to test the homemade device.

Why is it recommended to use watering when plucking? Because within 2 minutes of the birds' beating, all feathers fly off with a stream of water. While in the dry version, large feathers remain on the bird and more time is expended.

Since many water flows during the work and feathers fly, carry out the procedure in a specially designated place.

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