How to choose a good yogurt maker for home

  • The principle of operation of the yogurt-maker
  • Important selection criteria for the device
  • Additional selection criteria

A person, for normal life, should eat a variety of foods. And dairy products, namely yogurt - must be present in the diet, at least a couple of times a week. In order to eat only natural and healthy fermented milk yogurt, it is most reasonable to buy a special household appliance for its preparation. And exactly how to choose a yogurt maker in 2017, we want to tell our readers.

Working Principle of the

Yogurt Maker Yogurt is a simple and easy-to-cook natural yogurt. It is necessary to mix warm pasteurized milk and a special bioadditive with the content of active cultured milk cultures. This mixture should be heated to 40 ° and maintain this temperature for 8 to 10 hours. It is this principle of the yogurt maker that allows you to get the final product with live and active lactic acid bacteria.

Included with the device are sold special portion containers with lids for making and storing yogurt. Pour the mixture of milk and sourdough into jars, place the jars on the bottom of the yogurt maker and cover the device with a transparent lid. After turning on the network, your electrical assistant begins to heat the jars with the mixture, and then maintain the same temperature for several hours. About the end of the work, the device will notify its owner with a sound signal - you can reach the jars with yogurt and enjoy the fresh and useful product or put it in the fridge to enjoy later.

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Important criteria for choosing an

device Today you can see a huge number of different models of yogurt mats on the store shelves. All of them are arranged the same, but have a decent difference in price. So what do you need to know to choose the best electric yogurt maker?

First of all, you should understand that the high price of the device does not guarantee the same high quality and reliability of the yogurt maker. And, although all models have the same principle of operation, there are a number of criteria that will tell you which yogurt maker is better to choose.

Let's start with those indicators that may affect the final cost of the device, but do not affect the quality of work of the yogurt maker.

  1. Power. Usually this figure varies from 8 to 18 watts. There are much more powerful models - from 100 watts, but this is an absolutely unnecessary parameter. On the contrary - more powerful models can overheat or overheat the milk mixture, which will adversely affect the vital activity of the lacto-and bifidobacteria of your yogurt.
  2. Case Material. Metal or plastic - you decide, in fact - it does not matter. Of course, metal yogurt makers are more durable, but are you going to deliberately drop your device? Namely, metal models belong to the highest price segment. Although, why pay more?
  3. The plastic or glass dome is also not important, and although glass is more environmentally friendly and safe, if it breaks, you will have to buy a new yoghurt maker.

The following important trifles will help to choose a good yogurt maker:

  • shape of the device;
  • material from which yogurt jars are made;
  • yoghurt maker bottom;
  • heating;
  • shutdown;
  • additional functionality.

And now let's look at each indicator in more detail. Choose the most optimal yogurt maker - what is important to know?

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Additional selection criteria

  • Yogurt makers can be round or rectangular. The round ones are more compact, but the rectangular ones, as a rule, are designed for a large number of containers for making yogurt. However, the shape also affects the heating of the product inside the device. The containers inside the round yogurt maker will heat up evenly and equally, but inside a rectangular or square appliance - not always, everything depends on the location of the heating element.
  • Tanks for making yogurt can be made of plastic or glass. If you like the model with plastic cups, you should make sure that food grade plastic has been used in the manufacture of containers. This will indicate a special marking. However, it is better to give preference to glass cups - they are easier to disinfect - steam around with boiling water or steam.
  • The next criterion is the bottom of the yogurt maker. It may be segmented or flat. It is a flat bottom that makes it possible to use different containers for making yoghurt. For example, several standard jars and one slightly larger container. If you accidentally break glass cups, then having a model of the device with a segmented bottom, it will be harder for you to select replacement containers.
  • Heating is another determining criterion. As already mentioned, the yogurt maker brings the temperature to 40 °, and then simply maintains it. But more powerful models - from 100 watts, as a rule, heat the mixture to 60 °.This yogurt will contain fewer viable bacteria, and therefore the value of such a product decreases significantly. Choosing the best model - do not pass by such an important indicator, as the correct heating.
  • Auto power off is a very convenient option. The chance to overdo and spoil yogurt is minimized. At the end of the work, the device automatically ceases to maintain a high temperature, and the yogurt quietly waits for your further actions inside the device. So, you can wake up in the morning or return from work and enjoy fresh, freshly cooked nutritious yogurt, without wasting too much time on it.
  • Additional functionality - these are the little things that make the use of yogurt maker more practical. The timer, the display, several modes of operation( cooking cheese or dairy desserts) - although they are pricing factors, they still have a positive effect on the productivity of the yoghurt maker.

As you can see, there is nothing difficult in choosing the optimal model for a yogurt maker. This is a fairly simple device that will help us to eat properly and at the same time eliminate the extra culinary hassle. Yogurt maker is economical and efficient; it is compact and easy to use.

We told you a few important secrets about how to choose a yogurt maker in 2017.The right model will be an indispensable tool in your kitchen or a great option for a gift. Delicious yogurt you, friends!

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