Which manufacturer of kitchen hoods is better according to customer reviews

  • Why do we need a kitchen hood?
  • What does good exhaust work depend on?
  • What are kitchen hoods?
  • How to choose the best hood?
  • Ranking of the best manufacturers of household hoods for the kitchen 2017

Kitchen hood can work wonders. Properly selected device can in a minute or two turn the hot culinary workshop into a cozy corner for the whole family. This explains the growing popularity of this device among our consumers. But for those who have not yet picked up an effective hood model, it will be useful to know what to look for when buying. Before going to the store or to the selling site, do not be lazy to read our rating of the best manufacturers of kitchen hoods 2017, then it will be much easier to make the right choice.

First, let's see, why install the hood in the kitchen?

What is a kitchen hood for?

This device eliminates vapors, odors and products of combustion, which appear as a result of culinary experiments. Pay attention, the high-quality device does not mask smells, but cleans and refreshes the air in the house.

Thanks to the work of the unit, fat and unpleasant odors do not spoil everyday life and cuisine. There are no yellow traces of soot on the wallpaper and pieces of furniture, and the gray heavy curtain of smoke does not hang in the air.

What does good exhaust work depend on?

Let's take a look at how the modern hood works and how it works. It draws polluted air into the ventilation and leads this stream outside the living space. Due to the pressure difference, clean air enters the kitchen from the street, which is pre-chased through filters, an ionizer, etc. Of course, this hood is not easy to install - you will need a connection to the ventilation and chimney. But the effectiveness and performance of this type of hoods is the highest.

Simpler circulating hoods do not remove or take air, they are easier to install, but the usefulness of the device is much lower.

If you read reviews, then a modern buyer considers it expedient to buy ventilation models, but those who want to save money can pick up a powerful circulating hood and promptly clean its filters

What are exhaust hoods for the kitchen?

In addition to distributing hoods according to the principle of operation, for circulation and exhaust, one should choose the structural view of the device. There are three of them:

  • recessed, which are hidden in special kitchen cabinets and fit well into any interior;
  • dome, which have a connection to the ventilation;
  • flat - the least powerful, but very compact samples of the circulation hood.

Modern hood, even dome, is easy to fit into any interior. But if you are confused by the appearance of the device - it can always be hidden behind the furniture facade.

How to choose the best hood?

In order for the purchase to please you and work long and consistently, you should know the criteria that determine the quality of kitchen hoods.

So, pay attention to:

  • performance;
  • noise level;
  • dimensions;
  • management;
  • additional options.

Of course, it will not be superfluous to choose models of hoods of proven and reputable brands. Top of the best manufacturers of this technology, we consider below.

And now let's take a closer look at each item in this list and explain to our customer what the dry data from the technical passport of the device indicate.

  1. The more air it will drive per unit of time - the higher its performance. To understand which hood is right for your kitchen, you need to multiply the kitchen parameters - length, width and height, and then increase this figure by 10-15 times. That's how much air must distill kitchen hoods best models. If you have a small kitchenette and you do not cook there often, then there is no point in overpaying for a turbo model.
  2. The noise level during operation is an important indicator for any household appliances. Being close to a too loud hood for a long time is not only uncomfortable, but also harmful. Usually, they make noise in the range of 40-50 dB, you should not exceed this threshold too much in pursuit of a stylish appearance or a low price. There are very quiet models - 35-37 dB, in which the motor is enclosed in a soundproof box and “softened” with special gaskets. In our rating we have added several models of extremely quiet and noisy, but having other advantages.
  3. As for dimensions, everything is simple. Armed with a tape measure and measure the width of the plate - this is the maximum allowable minimum width of the hood. More is possible, less is not. An important indicator is depth. Ideally, when the appliance and kitchen cabinets are one line, but the standard figures for this indicator are usually 40-50 cm.
  4. Mechanics or electronics? Toggle knobs and knobs or sensor? You decide. Although there is a perception that mechanics are more reliable, for that electronics is more flexible in terms of settings. Controversy on this issue can be found in the reviews.
  5. Additional options are not always important, but they help to make the use of technology easier and more convenient. And if these or other features are already included in the price, then it’s foolish to refuse to use them. Automatic start or shutdown, residual fan speed, timer, backlight - all these nice additions are not found in all models, and often in the pursuit of this functionality, an ordinary buyer chases.

So, these indicators will help you identify those models that can be preferred in the store or on the website. Well, we want to present our readers with the rating of reliable and well-proven kitchen hood manufacturers a list of top models for 2017.Armed with this knowledge, our customer will make the right choice.

Ranking of the best manufacturers of household hoods for the kitchen 2017

Kitchen hood manufacturers - a huge set. But each company seeks to stand out and make their products unlike the devices of competing companies. Therefore, the technique of a brand may have its own characteristics.

For example, Italians traditionally pay great attention to the appearance of devices. Therefore, if you need a stylish and functional hood - pay attention to the Candy and Elica trademarks. But the brand Best, also Italian, is famous for high efficiency and harmonious combination of price and quality. We can say that it is the most rated manufacturer. Germans are painstaking and demanding. Hood German brands Bosch and Siemens are always high quality assembled and durable.

According to customer reviews, Gorenje is practical and versatile. If you need an inexpensive, but “hardy” hood - buy yourself a Hansa.

Let's determine which models of kitchen hoods have become the most popular for 2017.

  • So, opens our top, a number of the cheapest popular kitchen hoods: Indesit 7H H 161 IX( classic compact model, performance 250 m3 / h.).The cheapest dome models are TM GEFEST, and GORENJE WHCR623E15X models( stainless steel, with aluminum grease filters and capacity of 408 m3 / h), Best SP 2195 2M 60( 590 m3 / h, three speed modes, push-button control).
  • Best-selling new arrivals: Gorenje WHC623E16W( 505 m3 / h. B-class energy consumption, LED lighting and polyurethane foam on filters), Bosch DKE 615Q( 60 cm wide, equipped with two filters, 400 cubic meters), Best Margherita 60(650 cubic meters, several speeds, mechanical control), Best Canazei 90( 430 m3 / h, designed for 11-16 m² of area, T-shaped model),
  • The next position in the 2017 rating is the best price-performance ratio:Samsung HDC6145BX( 450 m3 / h, electronic control, grease filter, noise level 50 dB),
  • Quietly working hoods: Siemens LC 955 KA 40 IX( sensorrn control, 480 m3 / h, 47 dB and with a filter contamination indicator), Smeg KSE 89 D( model of the fireplace type with two filters, 46 dB, 620 m3 / h).
  • Extracts with high power rates, which are noted in customer reviews: Gefest BO-1604( dome hood with a timer and a capacity of 1000 cubic meters), Best K 240 90( 1000 cubic meters, 59 dB, dome wall model with push-button control), Gorenje DT 6 SY2B( powerful, T-shaped, mechanical extractor).
  • With practical additional options: Bosch DWK 06G620( perimeter suction), Best K 3039 90( filter change indicator), Gorenje DVG 600 ZBE, Best Zeta 90( off timer), Sweet Air HC 629 FB Xameleo( smoke sensor), Bosch DWK06G620( perimeter suction).
  • At the end of our rating - the best built-in models according to online reviews: Bosch DFS 067K50( 700 m3 / h, touch control, metal grease filter) and Siemens LI 67SA530 IX( 740 m3 / h, three speed settings, mechanical control type).

Our 2017 best kitchen hood manufacturers rating is written to make it easier for you to make a choice and equip your kitchen with a truly suitable device that will serve you faithfully for more than one year. Cozy kitchen gatherings you!

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