How to choose an economical electric boiler for home heating

  • The advantages of electric boilers
  • The calculation of the capacity of the electric boiler is one of the main components.
  • Rating of electric heating boilers - the choice of the best company
  • Electric heating boilers - reviews

The equipment market is replete with a large number of such heating devices. Making the choice of electric boiler, the uninitiated user is easily confused in the varying performance and technical characteristics.

We will tell you how to choose an electric boiler when heating by an electric boiler is justified, how to calculate power, reduce heating bills.

Advantages of electric boilers

  • Simple design, minimal heat loss and the greatest indicator of efficiency in the heating season - up to 99.5%.
  • No need to install in a separate room at home or cottage.
  • Electricity as an energy carrier does not need to be delivered or stored, which cannot be said about gas or coal.
  • Electric heating boilers are safe: if water leaks, the electrical circuit will open, the electric boiler will shut off.
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  • Environmentally friendly, does not need a chimney, since no harmful substances and decomposition products are emitted during work.

In the absence of hot water supply, you can choose a double-circuit heating boiler, which is also used as a heating one, which is especially important for a summer house or a private house. The consumer will be present around the clock hot water.

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Calculation of the power of electric boiler is the main indicator of the choice of

We will understand the most important characteristics of electric boilers. Power is the main one, its choice depends not only on the heating area, but also on the presence of an insulating layer and insulation, wall material, the quality of other building materials.

Power provides the heater, electrode or inductor( depending on the type of boiler).It is defined in kilowatts( kW) and varies from 2 to 60 kW.

Sales consultants use a rather simple formula for calculating the power of an electric boiler; 1 kW of electric boiler power for every 10 square meters is taken as the basis.m rooms. Suppose we have a private house of 100 sq. M.m, for heating such an area, we will need an electric boiler from 10 kW.


Consider the heat loss of your home. If the house is not warm enough, there are bad windows, the power of the electric boiler should choose more from the recommended for your area.

The performance of the heater is taken into account when calculating the heat of a private house, as well as when calculating the capacity of hot water. This will allow you to select an average value in order to compensate for the heat loss.

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A detailed calculation of the power of the electric boiler

The power for heating a private house, cottage or apartment with an electric appliance is equal to the thermal power. To calculate it, follow several simple rules:

  • for heating 1 cu.m. home or cottage will require about 40 watts of power;
  • on each of the windows must be added on 100 W, on the door - another 200;
  • this data is averaged and depends on climatic conditions: residents of the Far Eastern and Siberian regions multiply the total number by 1.5–2, the coefficient in the middle regions of the Russian Federation is 1.2, and the southern regions use the coefficient 0.7–0.9;
  • for a house or dacha, the total calculation is multiplied by another 1.5, which is associated with heat loss due to the roof structure and the floor surface( especially in the absence of the basement floor).

Let us give an example for a house in the south of the country, with an area of ​​80 square meters.m., with a ceiling height of 3 m, six window openings, one entrance door. House area - 80 square is necessary to multiply by 40 W, then multiply by 3( the ceiling height indicator), add 200 and 600 W( door and windows).The resulting value is multiplied by the private-house and regional coefficient - 0.7 and 1.5.As a result, we get 10920 watts.

Features of the

installation The wall-mounted electric boiler for heating low power( for example, the Mini or Economy series) has a single-phase voltage of 220 V. For units with a voltage of 380 V, a three-phase voltage is required.

For household ordinary sockets, you can choose a wall heater of low power class "Economy" or "Mini", which consumes no more than 3.5 kW.The limiting power is calculated as follows: 16 A - the current in the household sockets. With an average voltage of 220 V, we get the maximum power - 3520 W( 220x16).

Although the technical characteristics of mini or economy boilers up to 12 kW allow connection to a single-phase power line, experts recommend connecting models from 6 kW to a power line of 380 watts.

Before installing a wall-mounted electric boiler, a cable with a recommended cross section of 1 mm and a rated load of 8 A is conducted from the shield. Floor boilers are more productive, for owners of houses with a large area it is necessary to choose this type of boiler.

Types of electric boilers

Depending on the class, purpose and performance, electric boilers are:

  • floor and wall: the second unit is more compact, which does not affect its performance;
  • single-phase( 220 V) and three-phase( 380 V): this indicator depends on the area of ​​the room;
  • single-circuit and double-circuit: the first will provide heating of a private house, the second - also the presence of hot water in the faucet;
  • TEN, induction and electrode.

Boiler TENOVy

The most common type. The wall mounted apparatus is a tank in which several heating elements are placed. The choice of this mini-boiler is optimal for an apartment or house, since it is economical due to the multistage control mechanism, and is easy to maintain. Economy models are the cheapest compared to induction and electrode. They are also used with water heaters. Wall mounted boiler has manual mode and automatic. Selecting the latter sets the desired temperature at night. The disadvantage of heaters can be attributed to the occurrence of scale, which reduces performance, if not deal with it.

Often a wall-mounted mini-boiler has a circulation pump to stimulate the movement of the coolant. In modern models, antifreeze can be used instead of water.

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Induction boiler

Consists of a small dielectric tube and a ferromagnetic rod. The coolant moves through the tube. A passing electric current heats the core, which increases the temperature of the coolant. Many people make a choice in favor of such heating devices, because they are durable, compact and economical: thanks to the “soft start” function, they consume 2 times less electricity than electric heaters. Their weak spot is a complex control unit.

Electrode boiler

The so-called unit of "direct action", because there is no heating element. Heats due to the flow of alternating current through the coolant with a frequency of 50 oscillations / second. Heating is carried out due to the rapid movement of water ions. Such an electric boiler is safe, since it will automatically shut off in the event of a system leakage.

The disadvantages include an increased requirement for water, which must have the necessary resistance. Periodic replacement of electrodes is also necessary; they dissolve over time. To avoid the risk of electric shock, heating with an electrode unit is possible only with a good grounding connection.

What should be considered when choosing and installing an electric boiler?

To determine which electric boiler is better to choose, you need to consider the following factors:

  • the estimated heating area of ​​the house, cottage, apartment;
  • type of room;
  • weight and dimensions of the device;
  • operational life;
  • profitability indicator;
  • price limit.

Mounting method

Depending on the installation method, you can choose:

  • electric boiler with a lower arrangement of pipes( input and output);
  • electric boiler with a lower inlet pipe, the upper location of the outlet pipe.

Wall-mounted mini-boiler

A wall-mounted mini-boiler of economy class will perfectly heat the room if you also consider the following nuances when installing it:

  • The meter can influence the consumption of electricity. It is advantageous to choose a multi-tariff electric meter that takes into account the operation of the unit at night.
  • Useful program delay the pump off.
  • Having made a choice in favor of a circulating inline pump, it is possible to further increase the efficiency of the equipment by a few percent. It increases the speed of water in the system, heating a private house or apartment goes faster.
  • The economy of an electrical appliance can be increased by using pipes of a smaller diameter. The heating time of the water will decrease, therefore, the cost of electricity will decrease.
  • Equipment performance also depends on the type of control. For a private house, it is advantageous to take an economy-class wall unit with an automatic control panel, as automation increases efficiency by 1/4.

But since mechanical control is considered more reliable, mechanically controlled boilers are the most optimal for long-term heating of rooms with a large area.

The rating of electric heating boilers - the choice of the best company

. The rating is taken from sales statistics for 2015–2016.Focusing on the rating, you can choose the best electric boiler from a popular company.

The most popular manufacturers of electric boilers:

  1. Рrotherm
  2. Vaillant
  3. According to the rating of electric boilers, you can safely call the Protherm brand the most popular. We have studied hundreds of reviews and can confidently say about the reliability of this manufacturer!

    Electric heating boilers - reviews

    Alexander( Moscow)

    Electric boiler PROTHERM 12K

    The boiler was advised by a friend, therefore he took the already tested equipment. Works without failures for 2 years. I do not advise you to buy PROTHERM THERMOLINK S without a regulator; after installing, my savings have become palpable, the advantages of this boiler have increased.

    Advantages: Not great. Well fit into the room

    Disadvantages: Small noise at work, which is not always audible

    Marina( Rostov on Don)

    Heating boiler Protherm Skat 24K

    It is a pity that domestic manufacturers do not make such quality! Bought and forgotten!

    Advantages: Proterm uses high-grade copper heating elements. The soft start system - the electric body does not turn on immediately at maximum power, but with a delay, which prolongs the service life. Quality stainless steel heat exchangers. The ability to use not all heating elements for heating. Existence of the built-in circulation pulser, at the same time it is almost not heard.

    Disadvantages: EXPENSIVE!For the quality you have to pay. Production in the Czech Republic and Slovakia - hence the price! A voltage regulator is required, otherwise you can forget about the warranty.

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