The best apple juicer

The parameters of most domestic juicers( produced in Russia) are measured in apples. Under the productivity means the amount of juice from the fruit, under the speed of processing - the number of whole fruits, measured in kilograms. The first parameter determines the size of the finished drink, the second - how much the juicer is able to “eat”.Both parameters are determined per unit of time( usually an hour) and are associated with a known characteristic - efficiency. How many liters of juice can be obtained from the available amount of apples? To adapt the numbers to the number of bags of crop with a known mass, multiply by the efficiency. The operating time of the juicer will be found by dividing the total weight by the processing speed.

Domestic juicers for summer residents

Do not take a screw juicer for a high price when it comes time to spin the crop. Models cost 16,000 rubles and above. The Vitek models are located nearby, even the affordable ones cost 6,500 rubles. Slightly cheaper will cost a high-quality manual juice extractor for apples( such as a meat grinder) or a special nozzle on a food processor( auger).

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Due to its low cost, the VT - 1602 G juicers are snapped up. Try to search, make sure the inscription “Goods sold out” flaunts everywhere. The model is equipped with a wear-resistant engine with a power of 150 W, capable of half an hour to work without interruption. It is doubtful that the device will be able to grind hard apple varieties with a screw for a specified time, but it will be possible to spin the harvest of tomatoes. The acquisition rests on the price. For such money it is possible to take a decent rotary type juicer.

The manufacturer relies on the fact that auger equipment stores 6 times more vitamin C than rotary. Tend to look at the information skeptically, if we are talking about twists, the juice is freed from vital acids, including the ascorbic acid mentioned, during the cooking process. Vitek representatives say that juice will acquire 4 times more nutrients, which is inconsistent with information from dietetics. Proteins are recommended to use ground on separate chains. This facilitates the work of the stomach performing the specified actions. When cooking before twisting nutrients partially lost.

Take a rotary juicer with the possibility of long-term operation( up to 6 hours without a break), if it is planned to preserve apple juice from a juicer.

The only thing that made the authors think is the statement that the juice from the centrifuge is cloudy and easily stratified. The only factor that can make a summer resident seriously think about the Vitek auger juicer( we do not recommend taking exact imported models).Remember, this equipment has higher efficiency than centrifuges of rotary models, which is important if the crop is not too plentiful.

The obvious advantages of auger juicers are:

  1. Low noise performance. Separate juicers( not VT - 1602 G) buzz loudly, but they can not be compared with the powerful rotary models, shaking the house with a shake. No wonder the Belarusian centrifugal juicers are supplied with legs in the form of suckers. Otherwise, the cook will have to constantly hold the product with his hand, which is inconvenient.
  2. Low power consumption is evident. Let us doubt that in practice it is easy to get carrot juice, as in a commercial( it is not without reason that there is a reverse button on the body - a reverse).Hard vegetables are difficult to handle with a rotary juicer - a new reason to take the Vitek model. If you want to spin the carrot or beet juice, auger juice extractor is suitable. Do not forget to turn off the device every half hour for 15 minutes, as required by the manual.
  3. The maximum respect for vitamins and nutrients ensures the usefulness of the juice. With twists, this is not so important( all the best is destroyed by heat treatment), to get a glass of a delicious vitamin drink, a screw juice extractor at a price of 6500 rubles is considered a relevant acquisition.

As for Witek, we’ll add that it is necessary to cut the carrot into slices( strips) along before processing. Otherwise, a low-powered motor will not pull the load. On the other hand, tomatoes pass through a wide opening for feeding products, and delicious tomato juice comes out. For apples, the centrifuge looks attractive; carrots and beets are best treated with a screw juicer. Noise less confused more.

The manufacturer claims that the VT-1602 G auger juicer is able to cope with any bones. Representatives of the company claim that the pits are full of enzymes and nutrients. However, it is known that the ground apple seeds, covered with hard sandpaper, will give the juice bitterness. Add that collected from a single fruit, the seeds will satisfy the daily human need for iodine. Apple juice( even twisted) is enriched with an element if you throw the fruit in the juicer as a whole.

Separate rotary juicers( Belarusian Sadovaya is the best juicer for apples) are specially designed so as not to touch apple seeds. We throw the whole fruit, but iodine and bitterness in the drink is not noticeable. This is ensured by a special mesh design. Bad or good, judge for yourself.

Belarusian juicers in comparison with domestic counterparts

Pleases Sadovaya - juicer for apples( Belarus) - small size. Its competitors - Neptune and a model from Togliatti with an unknown name( from Vladimir) show a large mass, dimensions and noise greatly. Compact was the rotary juice extractor for Zhuravinka apples. Unlike Sadovaya in modest possibilities, the rest of the viewer sees the old design and approximately equal functionality.

If the Witek VT - 1602 G has an unusual net, the production of Belarusians attracts the eye with unusual elements:

  • The grid is almost cylindrical with a barely noticeable taper;
  • Yacheya is so small that the video looks like solid metal. This is an unusual feature. The grid has no dividers and reinforcing elements. The peculiarity is probably due to the small mesh size. Due to this quality, the juice is relatively clean, but muddy, it is not clear from the commercial that the drink is going to exfoliate.

Zhuravinka is not so noisy for a rotary juicer, but it is quite capable of spitting back the grapes. Lightly cover the neck to feed the product with your hand while you fall asleep fruits, vegetables, and berries. Cake in a rotary juicer goes independently under the influence of pushing the bottom. If there is no exit on the lid, there is a special lever for dumping accumulated waste. Rolling over the edge, the cake flies out of the centrifuge under the action of centripetal acceleration.

Summer residents praise the company's products for the possibility of squeezing any varieties of apples. For example, Neptune pulls extremely hard varieties, soft turns into a puree. By the way, this feature has the right to use lovers of liquid food. Neptune's productivity reaches 180 kg per hour versus 51 for Sadovaya. Zhuravinki has more modest recycling capabilities, but the device weighs a couple of kilo, unlike the 7-kilogram Neptune, which is also characterized by decent dimensions.

What kind of juicer to choose for apples? Twist, - cheap and rotary with a satisfactory performance( read, Neptune or Belarusian);drink daily - take auger. Take Witek VT - 1602 G. It is collected, probably from imported components in China, that will not differ much from foreign products. At the same time, Neptune juicers are slightly criticized for the quality of processing parts and packaging. As for the Garden, in units of plastic nut. Made for reasons of hygiene, but I think the product will not last long. However, the replacement cost is 85 rubles without shipping costs.

Juicer for large volumes of apples selected exclusively rotary. Think of Neptune, able to grind 180 kg per hour, understand the meaning of what was said.

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