How to connect a backlit switch

Illuminated switch does not differ from the usual. With the exception of a small light, burning, while there is no illumination. Remember, disassembled screwdriver indicator to determine the presence of phase voltage. Inside was a small arrester, giving a dim light. It worked due to weak current dying out in the human body, coming from the socket. In the backlit switch, everything is much simpler. You do not need to look for where to extinguish the leak, on the one hand there is grounding. Let's talk how to connect a backlit switch.

Why do I need a backlit switch

In the dark, it is important to see where to go. The reason additionally lies in the application of dirt on the walls when nasharivanii switch. As a result, in daylight, dirt and other visible marks can be seen. It is impossible to wash it off even from special wallpapers.

Illuminated Switch

Illuminated switch illumination fixes the situation. It becomes a kind of beacon, focusing on that, you will not get lost in your own corridor. The switch is designed so that the light is on while the light is off. Simultaneously with the supply of power to the upper illumination, the light dies away, losing demand. Often in the bathroom and the bathroom the doors are made with a small gap in the area of ​​the threshold. From simple considerations: if it floods, without ore it will be possible to penetrate into the room. The whole apartment will be drowned, adding safety to the liquidation process.

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And a backlit switch in the bedroom will help. It is easier to get from the bed to the right place in the dark. And in the corridor, the principle of operation of the illuminated switch will not be superfluous, and there will be applications in the kitchen.

Illuminated Switches

Let's share the illuminated switches to single and the rest. In the latter case, one light goes out when you press a key, the second continues to burn. The presence of the included illumination is visually monitored. In the room with the division of the chandelier into two branches, this is obvious, they said about the bathroom.

Causes irritation if the guiding beacon is gone. It is convenient to poke a hand on it, not smearing the walls. In the twilight it can be seen badly, especially with a lack of vitamin A in the body. We recommend buying a switch that is more difficult than a single switch when the light goes out if all the buttons are pressed. Eliminate the danger of missing. It is recommended to check directly at the seller’s stand; not everyone will unambiguously judge the internal structure of the device by an external examination. Easier if each key has a light. In this case, in the event of difficulties with luminescence, it is permissible to return the goods within the prescribed period as unsuitable.

Installation rules for backlit switches

If you wish to repair the light switch, get an idea of ​​the design. Above told about the typical Makel assembly, below are photos of the product. According to the "beliefs" of electricians, the on state is in the upward direction. We press above the middle of the finger, the light comes on. First surprise: contact pins differ in layout depending on the manufacturer. For example, in Makel( pictured) in the correct position, the general conclusion is at the top.

Location of the common output

The reason for the name is one for both keys. This is the phase that is fed, and not the common( common) neutral wire. Spend a clear border here. We have already discussed in our articles the situation of the presence of a phase on a cartridge and explained that an electrician is already risking life with the simplest replacement of a burned-out light bulb. For this reason, after the fork in the switch, a schematic earth is assumed. It comes straight from the shield to the cartridge and returns from there to the keys. The phase goes to the switch in the singular and is distributed to the bulbs through the internal contacts.

A couple of rules for those who want to change the light switch:

  1. The switch cuts off the phase supply. So that in the initial state on the cartridge there is no dangerous voltage left. In the circuit of the neutral conductor of the lighting circuits, the installation of switches is prohibited.
  2. The switch is set so that the light comes on when you press the top of the key. For Makel, on the contrary, if you focus on the position of the inscriptions.

. For switches with illuminated pros, a rule is introduced: the light between the keys must be extinguished when you press the left one. We question the dogma for a simple reason: the Makel presented in the figure does the opposite. The origin of the norms is unknown. The first requirement is given in ПУЭ 7( 6.1.36) and at the same time it is considered obvious. In the second paragraph, the obvious is not enough. There are no direct indications that household switches are required to take an upward position in the closed state.

Folk craftsmen explain: took the switch, hit a current, while falling, at the same time turn it off. If we take the standards, a similar provision is given for the CBT control knobs( computer equipment), a similar kind of requirement is given in GOST 52726-2007( table 9), where it is explicitly indicated that the up and right directions correspond to the on state. For uniformity experienced electricians and recommend it to be repeated in everyday life. In truth, difficulties are not expected. Although sometimes the inscriptions from selected manufacturers are reversed.

It is recommended to adhere to generally accepted standards. This will help in the case of an unplanned power outage to understand where and what position is located. In the Makel shown in the figure, it is possible to see four arrows on the back of the case. And the inscriptions correspond to the position. If done according to the instructions, the light is turned off with the left key( as recommended), and the closed position is turned down. It turns out that Russian standards and prejudices are not supported in foreign products.

Pay attention to the contact area of ​​the light bulb. There are springs, conductive current, which does not allow to reverse the circuit the reverse side. This is protection against fools and, thanks to it, it is impossible without improvement to ensure that the Makel switch satisfies all the requirements at the same time:

  1. Aesthetics implies the installation of labels that exclude turning upside down.
  2. The closed position corresponds to pressing up.
  3. The same type suggests turning off the light with the left key( if more than a single button).

The requirement remains - the switch, even with a backlight, is required to break the lighting power supply in phase, not via the neutral wire. Other - by and large speculation.

Installation of the switch

Design of the switches with illuminated

The figure shows the original design: the light bulb is embedded in the chain of one key. While a break is detected, the circuit with a resistor( visible in the photo) drops 220 V, supporting the light. When the contact closes, the potential difference drops to zero. The light goes out. Note that this is a small discharge light bulb, as with a screwdriver indicator. No LED, as some specialists are trying to interpret. On the enlarged photo you can see the gap between the two copper electrodes.

The light board, in addition to a light bulb, contains a decent-value resistor. Usually, MOhm units, as in the screwdriver indicator. The design is ergonomic. A light bulb board is considered a separate item and is optionally inserted. You can remove. Covered on top of a plastic cap and manufacturer's logo. Opened with a slotted screwdriver. Result:

  • The presence of the backlight does not affect the installation. The board is transparent to the end user, does not create interference.
  • The installation process does not differ from the installation of a conventional switch. Separate skills or knowledge are not required, it is simply not possible to put a charge backwards.
  • The design is maintainable. If necessary, it is possible to test the circuit with a tester. The photo shows that the key points are available for the probes. The resistor integrity is evaluated separately. The light on the dial indicates a break. As a result, broken parts can be easily replaced. If it is difficult to get a light bulb separately for replacement, it is easy to find a screwdriver indicator for 20 rubles. After removing the necessary, restore the functions of the backlight.

Availability of key points

Today the light bulb is replaced by an LED.Blinking occurs. It is harmful, annoying. As for the views of experts, they are positioning the backlight as an additional step that can fail. The main thing - due to the presence of two long wires on the branches it will be possible to force the backlight to turn off when you press a key to choose - left or right. That eliminates the main obstacle to creating a uniformity of lighting.

In the case of an old Makel model, you need to rewire the spring( and there is a contact on the other button), here we just go around by re-switching the wire ends. Therefore, the installation of switches with illumination of the specified type is much preferable. Although it requires additional operations. The flexible light connection scheme is considered to be an indisputable advantage. For advanced users, the design with springs will be more to your taste: it is being refined only once, it serves forever( the switch in the picture is 15 years old, it still functions today).

To determine the value of the resistor, it is sometimes useful to use an online marking calculator.

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