How to connect a loop switch

A. Zemskov video posted. Imperfect, but leaves a feeling of complete understanding of the topic within the framework of the material taught by the author. Of course, there were some rude remarks like this: things are called switches, throwing the ends of the chains crosswise. Readers understand that jealousy drives critics. Today we will discuss how to connect a pass switch.

. Operation of the

pass-through switch. The Legrand feed-through switch costs 500 rubles. For convenience. Walk-through switches indulge those who want to live luxuriously. Let us give a typical example of A. Zemskov - a person brought a lot to our knowledge on various topics. We have a long corridor leading from the bedroom to the kitchen, bypassing the toilet. Obviously, I wanted to go to the refrigerator at night, not to wake them up with the noise of the sleeping ones, to go back, to go to the toilet on the way back. We wish the constant help of overhead lighting. Even if someone decides to turn off the lights.

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Absurd? Not at all. Take a look at the picture. Suppose:

  1. One switch is located in the kitchen area, the second - near the bedroom. Between them is a long corridor.
  2. Bulb one. It occupies the center of the direct ceiling. In advance, we say, it is possible to do layout on an arbitrary amount.
  3. Caution! Three options. Let's discuss.

On Circuits Two

simple switches Whatever one may say, it is not possible to provide the task to be performed with two ordinary switches. Tear one chain, both at once, the case does not change. In the first case, the phase is opened, in the second - there is no difference how to connect. To light, you need to close both switches. We can disturb the kitchen by turning on the pre-corridor light, it is unlikely that the household will like the execution. The issue of saving energy is not acute, we will throw it aside, the main trouble, trouble alone does not come:

  1. The switch is located in the middle of the corridor, at the entrance door. It is not possible to use it from the side of the bedroom, kitchen, bathroom.
  2. You may need to turn on the light from the other end. Suppose someone turns off, if the key is covered with darkness is difficult to find. It is very important for children, usually afraid to leave the room at night.

Typical switch vs pass-through

A pass-through switch transfers the working contact between the output. They painted the wires in different colors. It is perfectly visible: at some position the neutral, phase is short-circuited. We get a fire, knocked out traffic jams, a bunch of nerves, experiences. Remember a simple rule: they avoid passing a switch in the same circuit as a standard one. There is one working scheme using a toggle switch, we will consider later( you can see the second option in advance in figure number 2).

Figure 2. Working diagram with the use of the

toggle switch When deciding on the three points of the corridor illumination control. Crosses the wiring crosswise, creating interesting possibilities for organizing an infinite number of switches. Please note: despite the manipulations with the neutral phase, there is no possibility to create a short circuit. The switch through passage is used together with the simple one. We describe the design:

  • Light extinguished. A simple switch tore one wire.
  • Leaving the bedroom to the kitchen, we turn on the illumination, closing the contact.
  • Then calmly go to the fridge( horizontal bar, toilet).
  • Sensing the threshold of the kitchen, we throw a pass switch, just changing the polarity of the phase, the neutral of the light bulb.

Now there are a lot of people saying: a bad option. Answer: if the power was DC, often found on ships, in cars, trains, it would work. It is necessary to put a diode in the right place. With regards to a typical apartment, the combination does not look the best.

Pass-through switches work in a pair of

. Take a look at the third option, it is drawn, how to use pass-through switches. Note: two wires are stretched between the control points. Big minus expecting to manage using old veins lying in the thickness of the walls. Look, you can see: a neutral( black wire) passes to the chandelier. The neutral can be torn, connected at any time from both ends of the corridor. On one wire there is a phase, you just need to submit to the desired point. The problem is solved.

Circuit Breaker Switch

Now we leave from the bedroom, we turn on the light, we reach the threshold of the kitchen, we turn off the chandelier. By the way, if someone wants to join the nightly gatherings, he will solve problems with his old manner. Suppose you want to place another switch - say, near the entrance door.

Changeover switches paired with

checkpoints. Take a look at Figure Two: the third connection diagram is shown on 3 points. Presented something new. Cross over switch, called double cross. Look closely, you can see: consists of two parts. Each individually will be a pass-through switch. It makes it possible to use a two-button walk-through switch in order to organize a third control point. Only the keys must be pressed synchronously.

Images three. The first offers to see the result of the inclusion of a toggle switch in a pair. Actually, inoperable, changing the voltage polarity of the lamp. There is no sense of messing with the diodes who found the money to throw it out by buying a pair of toggle switches. The cost is considerable. It is permissible to proceed to the third variant, the second one was considered above.

Proper connection of a toggle switch for organizing three control points for lighting.

A single-button, two-way switch is combined with a toggle switch. Figure uses two colors. Imagine the phase is on the blue coil, as shown by the picture. It is time to go to visit. Turn off the light with one movement of the toggle switch.

Similarly, other options work. Now the light in the corridor will be able to turn on, turn off any of the three points. Entrance door, kitchen threshold, bedroom exit. Toggle switches gaining garlands. Included towards each other.

Thus, we get the second rule. Applies to rocker and loop-through switches: the switches are turned on.

We believe, to explain the words unnecessarily. It is clearly seen in the first figure, where the through switches are located to each other in one side. The second looks outward, towards the power supply and the chandelier light bulb.

Self-Circuit Breaker: A Labor Lesson

Looking into the electronic catalogs, they noticed that a triple pass-through switch costs a round sum. The eternal Russian question of poverty, redefined by Shakespeare: to be or not to be. They chose the first one: unequivocally, paying money for circuit-breakers is capable of a rare midnight glutton. We are presenting the first hand-made one in Runet, it will be really shown how to convert a simple switch with a cost of up to a hundred( really cheap model) into an expensive thing - a pass-through switch. And without special skills, special techniques.

We look at the first picture, we see the switch, the buttons are removed. The case is removed from the bottom plate. The picture shows: a typical wiring diagram, 2 keys. Colored lines are shown, the screws of the struts of the floor plate, clamping contacts of suitable wires are signed. It is necessary to significantly loosen the fasteners to remove the switch from the socket. Take the trouble to pre-turn off the energy, we strongly recommend that you check the location of the probe with the probe, draw the places along the cambric( plastic insulation of the core).It is impossible to simplify the process of returning the switch.

Screws for the switch

Clamps for the case

Now we look at the following picture: the back side of the future victim is shown. We see the clamps of the switch body, which should be unbent, removing the electrical part. It is done with a standard screwdriver within a few minutes. Then we will get spring pushers from the plastic frame. Easier to make a thick slotted screwdriver. Thin just does not fit. Quickly understand. Avoid haste, the place is the most difficult in the process of reworking a cheap switch in the gateway. In the picture spring pushers are removed, moving contacts are visible.

Movable contacts under spring pushers

Missed the moment of extraction of the plastic part of the ceramic( in the pictures), the simplest process does not require an explanation. The ends of the removed part of the switch contain two weak teeth. Just pry with a slotted screwdriver, proceed to the alteration of a simple switch in the gate. Now we can see contact groups on ceramic:

Contact groups

  1. Contact pads of the general group.
  2. Individual contacts of each light bulb.
  3. Movable contact-rocker.

Rotation of the

rocker arm It remains to rotate one rocker 180 degrees, cut off the contact area of ​​the general group( it is better not to isolate).The resulting position is shown in the last shot. Now the final stage - how does all this work!? We take both buttons, glue them together with a Chinese gun to become a single whole( or we replace them with a single switch button).One contact is closed - the second will hang in the air.

Brilliant is simple. Now readers know how to make a simple switch from a simple one, we add: in principle, spring pushers are not necessary to remove. We can do without it. Two buttons do not have to glue, if you remove the key of a conventional switch of similar width, the former manufacturer. Pinout legs saved. It will allow you to make a switch with your own hands, to produce a workable, beautiful product.

We believe that we have considered the questions asked in abundance. They showed how to connect the switch correctly, how not to do it, how to save good money. Hopefully, the recommendations will appeal to everyone; the handy owner will be able to boast of having an original construction of the house - a switch.

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