How to choose a multicooker

Dear reader! Multivarki are equipped with a myriad of functions, parameters, the article turned out great. Read separately the parameters of interest, watch the video instructions showing how to choose a slow cooker - placed evenly in the text. I would like to note: the author of the article, as the lines are being written, tastes the aroma of bread baking by the multicooker, the device is equipped with the Baking function. First of all, rely on culinary preferences, study programs, recipes. Make a true choice.

Multivarki: a general description of

Today the magic pot is popular, we will describe the reasons below. We describe the actions of the one who wanted to buy the first assistant: which firm should I choose? Buy dear Redmond. The share of the manufacturer accounts for the lion segment of market sales. It is impossible to make a mistake by purchasing Redmond. Which multicooker model is better? Finance will allow - a model of the middle segment. The official site immediately shows copies of the price of 12,000 rubles. Pro models, we will discuss similar. The image determines the choice of the best multicooker - you will have to pay the amount, the budget option offered for 3,500 rubles( excluding delivery) RMC - M60.

The masses are deprived of the idea what a multi-cooker is. Let's briefly discuss. Multivarka - semi-hermetic pan, equipped with electric heating. Sell ​​induction models, more economical. The slow cooker includes:

  1. Enclosure.
  2. Pan without handles( pot, bowl).
  3. Cap with steam relief valve.
  4. Control Panel.
  5. Power cord.

A heating element and induction coils are located in the bottom of the multicooker housing. Inside is a bowl filled with ingredients. Under the bottom of the tank main button: spring-loaded pip. It hides the temperature sensor, which allows to withstand modes, in advanced models of the shutdown relay protects against overheating. Pay attention when deciding which multicooker is better to choose.

Budget models have no protection against overheating. Avoid turning on an empty cheap slow cooker. Inside installed thermal fuse, requiring replacement, to make the guarantee will not work. The manufacturer stipulates in advance: removes the responsibility for the inappropriate use of the multicooker.

Among other things, note: the main button is not tight. Take out the bowl, pour water inside the multicooker - the liquid soaks the electrical circuit. The device with a certain probability will fail, burned by a short circuit. The same thing happens if you start to fall asleep ingredients. Use the multicooker more carefully.

The advantages of the equipment in question are the following:

  • The bowl is covered on top with a sealed lid. Steam when cooking goes down only through a special valve. It turns out the average mode between the pressure cooker and the pan. Krupa boils soft, water requires a little.
  • Multivarka supplied with a set of programs. Standard options are discussed below. With the product goes the recipe book, the student will be able to use. In the future it will help if children learn to cook on their own. The meaning of the recipes is the same: the ingredients are poured inside, the program is launched. It remains to wait, you can eat.
  • Multivarki equipped with heating mode. Work as a food thermopot. The case of multivarok is heat insulated. Increases the efficiency of the device( increases the speed of cooking), reduces energy costs( by reducing heat loss).
  • Included is a book of recipes, it is difficult to overestimate the usefulness of the chef. An experienced chef will be able to invent dishes, setting their own programs. True, the option supplied expensive multicookers, like the specified home page of the site.

See how convenient. Multivarki equipped with a timer function. You can set the instrument task in the evening to cook porridge by 7.00 am. The family will have breakfast with gusto. Saves at least half an hour to mom. The worker will take care of himself, bring the appearance to perfect condition. Use timer to feed children after school. In the morning, the installations are set, children, after finishing the classes, when they come home, they are ready to eat.

Coating bowl multicookers

Still thinking how to buy a good slow cooker. Let's make a brief insight into the jungle of modern marketing, trying to reveal the tricks, to sense the real benefits. Today, the bowls of expensive models of multicookers are not black - brown, whitish. Ceramics, marble. Let's make a reservation: natural components are limited to 5-10%, other - polymer. Coatings interspersed with ceramics, marble show themselves to be weaker than Teflon, but more durable. Today we visit the ubiquitous Yandex-market, examine the parameters, try to decide which multicooker is better to buy.

When answering the question of which multicookers are produced, they often begin to cover the bowl. We will show you how to buy an inexpensive multicooker. The following options allow you to spend money sensibly.

Bowl Multicooker

The Bowl Multicooker is covered with a protective layer. Reduces burning of food. In the old days was dominated by Teflon. The American product discredited the scandalous story of the production of material, the waste of which harmed the health of local residents in the areas where the plants were located. The harm of Teflon has not been proven, the manufacturers have removed the harmful components from the technological cycle, which the workers of the workshops are very happy about. Teflon today the leader of the demonstration of non-stick properties, quickly wear out. After a couple of years, it begins to stick to the multicooker bowl, it is quite difficult to tear off.

Ceramic coverings of the multicooker bowl contain natural clay, which has been used for making dishes for centuries, looks more appropriate. The marketing move, affecting durability, really - the polymer. It is impossible to scrape the bowl of the multicooker, it is necessary to wash it carefully, they say the clay will last longer. What caused the curious properties remains a mystery. No wonder the ceramic tiles cover the floors of the kitchen, walls. Durable material, no traces of dirt. Pots from pure ceramics are sold less often supplied with the same polymeric coating.

Marble coatings are used because of the extraordinary smoothness of the mineral. Hardness on the Mohs scale 3 - 4. Frankly speaking - not a diamond( below the glass).

Intuitively refuse to trust Teflon, short-lived. There are no preconceptions - take it, in a couple of years buy a new bowl of the slow cooker.


Multicooker power

Multicooker cooking modes are controlled by at least two sensors:

  1. The main button.
  2. Multicooker Caps.

Less power heaters, longer on the multicooker mode goes, more precisely, the temperature is maintained. And do not think that the cooking time is inversely proportional to the power. The law of the duration of multicooker programs is rather parabolic, do not worry too much about the choice of power. The extra 5 minutes, cooking buckwheat, do the weather? The electrical panel of the apartment is safe, choose a host low power. The houses have a lot of home appliances, heating appliances, enjoy a modest choice.

There are several exceptions for a powerful multicooker, for example:

  • The family is full of people who want to eat, the volume of the bowl is large. Clearly, time plays a role, cooking porridge for an hour will suit a rare masochist.
  • All the time the owner is in a hurry. Therefore, you need to quickly bungle in the morning, hastily have lunch, dine at a pace. As long as you take a shower, porridge will be ready. Usually, buckwheat is discharged 40 minutes, fill the bowl with boiling water of an electric kettle, shorten the time to 15-30.

In other cases, the purchase of a multicooker with a minimum power is justified. The quieter you go, the further you'll get. Children come from school, fear not to have time, leaving for work, entrust the matter to an automatic program. You can use the timer, the food on arrival of children will come out hot. It is easier to set up the auto heating function correctly. Turn on for an hour or two after the completion of the program. Given that the number of lessons on average 4 - 6. The answer is the same - put the timer delayed start, will be ready in time.

How important is the set of programs of the multicooker

We believe that the multicooker is taken for stand-by purposes to cook something to eat. Culinary experiments spend a hob, aerogrilem. There is one useful program, of course, difficult to imitate. Impossible this: Yogurt. The temperature of 40 degrees Celsius is difficult to obtain, stand 8 hours.

Home-made yogurt is devoid of chemical filth, take high-quality milk. Prepare pieces of fruit, buy, passing a pharmacy, leaven. It’s impossible to cook the soup with one button, fry is required, you need to peel the potatoes, then why do you need a slow cooker( time is running out).

Plov is better to cook using a cauldron. One quality of the multicooker is noticed - do not take it away: the ability to make simple dishes with one click: cereals, meat, solyanka, stewing. Select recipes of the type prepared-drowned-pressed the button-left, select the multicooker according to the list. Surprised, the simplicity of life, porridge will cook itself, the meat will be roasted exactly as needed. It is a pity to cook 3-5 dishes at once.

The modern device is inferior to the multicooker functionality. Nowhere else is cooking a dish( 100% guarantee) in a single click. Pay attention to the baking of bread - some multicookers allow you to do - it is impossible to beat the professional bread maker's pot equipped with a dispenser, the ability to knead, to separate the dough automatically. For the program it is necessary to prepare the ingredients in advance( it takes time), after the baking starts.

Cooking dishes by the multi-cooker

Among the programs of choice are: cereals, stewing, frying, yogurt, pastries.

Consider the multi-pair function useful. Set the time, the temperature is arbitrary. Some multicookers support the recording of programs compiled by segments of different temperature, duration. Prepare intricate dishes.

An example of a multicooker equipped with the function of baking bread is the Redmond RMC-PM380.Baking takes 3 hours, 1 hour is spent on the dough, 2 hours - pastries. To bake bread evenly, turn the loaf over half an hour before the end of the program. Housewives recommend putting the product on the steamer rack that comes with it.

Is it worth paying for the touch control of the multicooker

Parallel to the touch control are complex functions. We will pay. Multi-pair, record user programs, temperature tracking with an accuracy of a degree. Sensory devices are more complicated. Some funny squeaky finishing programs. After power-up, the automatics undergoes a self-test, an unimaginable trill is heard. Having successfully passed the test, the device is ready to work.

Some people think: touch control is sensitive to voltage surges. The above is likely to be true, ignore the type of buttons. Give interest to the functionality.

Multivarka, equipped with the option of an

pressure cooker. The price difference is minimal, the device is used in the pure multicooker mode. Take a try speed business opportunity. Pay close attention to security. Pressure cookers of Soviet times often made ceiling food. Had to do a new repair. Flowers - would not get a cover on the forehead.

Multi-cooker-pressure cooker

The degrees of protection are built in the following:

  1. Preventing the lid from opening when the pressure inside is increased.
  2. Automatic steam bleeding.
  3. Overflow valve.

Everywhere supplements are worth, multicookers are sold, the level of protection of which in the pressure cooker mode is questionable. Trust the choice of hostesses. Let them say how to properly protect themselves, the family from the effects of steam under pressure. Enjoy recipes Fish - 15 minutes, Meat - 25 minutes. Pressure cooker saves time.

Deprived of protection levels avoid increasing pressure. Meat cooking time doubles, 50 minutes sounds unhealthy. A slow cooker is cooking for an hour - it’s going to have lunch.

Multicooker Selection Criteria

Some Multicookers are pleased with the start-up sound signal, cooking completion, the start of the Automatic Heating mode. Get a chance to sit down to do things tightly, avoid cooking your head, the device will let you know: the food is ripe, it's time to eat. It is useful for girls who can do a dozen cases at a time.

Give food, donate attention to the child, comfort yourself by performing household chores.

We want to notice about what multicooker to buy. Some manufacturers have found out: the Auto Heater function will replace the Yogurt program. Avoiding to beat down demand, they raised the temperature, reaching 50( 60) degrees Celsius. The strain of beneficial bacteria is killed by the multicooker. However, perhaps, for each manufacturer, the Auto Heater feature is specific. Try to figure out the value of temperature, deciding which one to buy - an inexpensive multicooker was probably cheated by functionality. If the standby mode maintains 40 degrees Celsius, the yoghurt is cooked, otherwise you will have to find the device with the desired program. Ask the seller to turn on, grab a remote thermometer at home, click Heater. Come up with a test method before you buy a slow cooker.

It was possible to hear a curious opinion of one expert( consultant of a home appliances store): a multicooker will replace kitchen appliances 100%.No kitchen appliances are required anymore. Stop buying a magic pot multicooker( literally the developer's words - a magic pot), problems are solved. It's funny, the same is being said about the commercials of aerogrill manufacturers. Of course, the statements are far from reality. Choose a multicooker according to the parameters, thinking to meet the needs of home 100%, arrogant.


Multicooker Programs When deciding how best to choose a multicooker, masters recommend avoiding being guided by a bare set of programs. We believe that to use the device must cook know about what is happening inside.

Multicooker manufacturers are lazy to advertise equipment operation algorithms, detailed descriptions - know-how of manufacturing companies( temperature regimes, time intervals).Let's tell laid out by forums, reviews of ordinary housewives who have gained experience in managing equipment.

  • Mode Buckwheat porridge will allow, spending 35 minutes, to cook cereal. Water Multicooker will need to fill a minimum. Read the recipe for more details by studying the kit booklet. What distinguishes Buckwheat porridge mode. It was possible to find out( own experience), the multicooker in the mode heats mercilessly. The temperature exceeds one hundred degrees, the non-stick coating of the bowl makes it difficult to burn the cereal. Porridge comes out crumbly, as if tomili a decent amount of time. Those who think, after spending 15 minutes to cook a meal with an aluminum pan on blue fuel, forget to take into account the time to bring the water to a boil. The quality of porridge from the multicooker will pleasantly surprise. Take the trouble to sort out, wash the cereal.

  • Milk porridge works at much lower temperatures. In the mountains, at a height, water boils at 70 ºС, meat can not be cooked. Therefore, we assume that the temperature of the Milk porridge mode is 90 ºС.Milk is afraid of boiling, runs away, so it is hard to believe that inside there will be 100 ºС.Porridge languishes for an hour, according to eyewitnesses, the dish turns out just great. Avoid cooking cereal. It is just required to dissolve milk, to heat up the corresponding mode.
  • Heated mode is used to defrost, reheat food. Place the product in the multicooker bowl, close the lid, run the program. The temperature will provide 60 ºС( pasteurization).
  • Mode Heat maintenance is characterized by a lower value of the thermometer column. The equipment compensates for heat leakage. To measure the temperature inside the multicooker, a sensor is used, discussed above.
  • Quenching works like a cast-iron cauldron. Food, reaching 100 ºС, languishes for 1 hour. Redmond multicookers allow you to choose the duration of the process. A curious feature is the product's ability to preserve the appearance of the ingredients. Multicooker easily extinguishes peas. The feeling remains: you need to hold "on fire", then you see: mashed potatoes are ready. In an insulated casing, food is languishing for an hour without any damage to temperature
  • The final stage of the Pilov regime, the TV programs say, ends with a sharp rise in cooking temperature, designed to dry rice, fry slightly from the bottom. How meat is prepared( according to tradition, the flesh of animals is fried with a carrot brought to brown color), we will not tell, we can read it by reading the recipe provided by the book. Check the equipment, specify the location of the booklet.

  • In Fry mode, the temperature reaches 180 ºС.After closing the lid, you can slightly extinguish the food, because the moisture in the multicooker does not leave.
  • Consider the curious mode Pic. The croup becomes paste, if overexposed, so the features of the program of multicooker are aimed at avoiding consequences.
  • Steaming, Baking Modes allow cooking in the style stated by the name.

Redmond features worth

money Stop guessing which brand is better, Redmond multicookers have long proved the planet Earth( one sixth of the land) the leadership right. RMC IH300 cost 13,000 rubles. Let's call the reason to pay an inordinate amount. Firstly, the ability to set 24 own programs, in addition to the various built-in ones. Main mode - Multipovar. Set the cooking temperature, some other parameters. It will allow you to flexibly use the multicooker, develop your own programs, fill the memory of the device.

Please note: the best models today are equipped with a ceramic coating. Teflon is unpopular. In the initial period of operation, a polymer containing ceramic impregnations is inferior to non-stick properties, but it is more durable and will last for years. The model is equipped with a Teflon coating, the manufacturer is silent. Of course, the design looks one hundred percent, heated - induction. Economical, will allow food to warm evenly from all sides. Important when baking. Standard multivarki will allow you to cook bread, inferior tastes multicooker Redmond RMC IH300.

Induction heating is characterized by a complete lack of inertia. Allows you to withstand the detailed specifications of programs. The slow cooker makes yogurt, bypassing the Multipovar function, a separate option. The kit is supplemented with dough proofing equipment, cooking fondue, cottage cheese. Surprised options pasteurization products, sterilization dishes.

Need Multivarka Redmond, which is better to choose. Pros give the answer - RMC IH300.

Multivark - problem solving

By what parameters to choose a multicooker. Specific figures, the criteria are difficult to call. First get rich sets of plastic containers, where you will begin to clean food. The associates of the aerogrill campaign, the defenders of the multivarcs forget to take into account one fact - you can cook one dish. Skilled cooks manage to bring the amount to two or three, avoid thinking that an average housewife can do this trick. Firmly remember one thing - the volume of multicookers is limited.

Cook three dishes at the same time. Prepare to divide the mass of each finished product into three. Virtually come out less. For cooking air convection oven use pots. Prepare three dishes, the volume of the container is subtracted from the full capacity of the bowl. The place between pots is lost. Concerning aerogrill, it is impossible to cook borscht, juliens at the same time in the multicooker. Capacity is one. Experts do not recommend to keep constantly. They made porridge with a slow cooker, stood on the floor, came home in the evening, please remove.

Clean the multicooker bowl gently. Teflon is afraid of metal mesh, knives, forks - causing scratches. The smallest damage at times shows a tendency to increase, the coating will come down. Accurate handling of the multicooker is powerless to help, after two years Teflon disappears. It has the property to degrade.

In contrast to teflon, the ceramic coating, according to the advertising materials, is durable;inferior to a bit of non-stick properties, in the initial period: as the degradation of polymers, the indicators level off. More like enamel ordinary kitchen utensils. However, the ceramic coating is not necessarily brown. One of the best multicookers of 2013 is equipped with a black protective layer. Distinguish Teflon, ceramics was not an easy task. You can do it. Teflon multicooker slightly rough, provided with a matte surface. The pottery is smooth, it may shine slightly.

There were disputes on the forums, whether the aluminum steel bowl is better, it has been hushed up today. The difference in the multicooker is imperceptible, however, some experts recommend taking the capacity of the weights. Aluminum is covered with a protective layer, does not cause any harm. As for steel, initially does not pose a danger to the human body.

Probably, they heard controversy whether Teflon is harmful to health. International experts say: there is no danger. True, for a long time the material was used dangerous( some time after the start of operation).Experts were silent, it can be argued that after the holder of the US brand paid billions in repayment of claims for damage to health, a rare daredevil would dare to repeat the experience. The matter of fluorine compound, extremely poisonous, is now removed by the technological cycle.

How to choose a multicooker.2013 presented a suspiciously many bowls, equipped with a good layer of ceramics. We take a slow cooker, a bowl. .. Similar materials are used by thousands, contrasting favorably. Sly managers noticed, came up with the name, contrary to reality. Ceramics plays the role of filler. The polymer remained.

Multicooker parameters

How much multicooker to choose. There are two liters in volume - infinity( joke).Inside there is often a scale of volumes. We find it difficult to say the reason for the placement( as the device is rarely boiled with water), helps cooks to withstand the recipe requirements( holding a bright flashlight with their teeth, a dark background hides the numbers), waiters to avoid mistakes, laying out soup plates. The volume declared by the manufacturer is a figure characterizing a bowl filled to the brim. The capacity of the multicooker used by the hostess is less. The specific figure is determined by the recipe. Consider the subtlety. Estimate eaten by households at once, add up family members, you’ll get an approximate figure.

You can buy in reserve. It is important to know one thing: a massive multicooker, it consumes more energy. It is ridiculous to take a 5-liter model that feeds two people, if you intend to drain the soup, put the porridge in reserve, you can do the same. Predominant moment of transportation. Having conceived the heating of the microwave, put inside the container, the plate, the slow cooker will not allow the number. Bowl one. Do not want a week to eat one dish, two solutions:

  1. Shift the finished product from the multicooker.
  2. Buy volume multicooker, eating food at once.

We see the first drawback of the multivarcs, which stood out in contrast with the microwaves: it is inconvenient to warm up. Just imagine, on the eve they made an appetizing soup, the rest was poured into a saucepan. Today, the slow cooker is waiting for porridge flavored with butter, suddenly I wanted a pair of yesterday’s ladies. There is nowhere to warm the soup. You see! The slow cooker is powerless to replace kitchen appliances. We recommend cooking with a slow cooker, spreading it into other containers, heating with a microwave, hob.

. When deciding how to choose a slow cooker, avoid placing power at the forefront. Not an electric kettle, where the parameter saves time, allows you to get a quick drink of instant coffee. Some devices are selected, guided by power, means a certain conditional speed of solving the culinary problem. Multivarke, working on standard programs, the parameter is indifferent. Choose:

  • increased steam pressure in the multicooker bowl;
  • heating uniformity.

Note: the light saw the first multi-cookers, pressure cookers. They are distinguished by a reinforced lid design, lack of automatic pressure relief. Working with them is a little dangerous, after reading the instructions, the housewife will cope. The fish recipe of the multicooker looks gorgeous, the readiness time is 15 minutes. The speed of cooking is important - focus on the reinforced lid, power by side. Will bring the result.

2013 brought the first Multicooker Redmond, equipped with a window. Some housewives like to watch the upcoming dish, now there is no need to open the lid. Floats when frying, cooking in deep fat. The moment, of course, controversial. A closed lid protects moisture, frying will become a fire. However, we are seeing an advantage. Surely will become available new curious recipes. Investigating the functionality of the device, be careful: hot oil splashes heavily.

Readers noticed the above name Redmond, if when buying a multicooker, how to choose a company is the main issue, take a trusted manufacturer. Over half of the people in the world do, few complain. Provides ease of warranty service, since service centers of little-known firms are located far from the store( place of purchase) that sold the device. If the purchase item is a multicooker, the choice of parameters is not as important as the brand, take Redmond.

I wanted to notice a curious thing. Under the bowl, see the pressure mechanism, called the central( main) button. In the place of junction to the body there is no tightness. Multicookers users, forgetting to set the bowl, lay the ingredients inside, spoiling the device. It's a shame, the case in question is not covered by the warranty, it will be necessary to repair the first time in the nearest service center. Prepare to pay the money. The case is forcibly transferred to professionals. It will be charged, well, if they consider the conditions of warranty service undisturbed. Be careful when using the multicooker.

Changes: 2014

Recent trends are easy to follow by evaluating the advanced options. Type in the Multivark search engine & lt; current year & gt;(multicooker 2014), current proposals will most likely appear. Visit the site of the domestic company Redmond to see what adorns the cover( main page).The authors were lucky, they caught the action: within 15 minutes to place an order for the multicooker, the tongs promised to donate. Crossed out in red, supposedly the old price. .. Charm, not a slow cooker. The best method to know the trend, do not miss the chance to do. In the spring of 2014, a cheap multicooker advanced, there was only one control knob - a timer. It was written what, how much to cook. Explained with reviews why the aerogrill method looks bad, today we will tell which multicooker is the best. .. according to the trend.

Auto-heating is considered a typical function, if your favorite family member, upon coming home, finds cold porridge, the slow cooker will surely reach the garbage dump before the appearance of the mother. Practically, the mode is convenient; at a flow rate of 20 W, it will be possible to maintain a temperature of 40-50 ºС.Today's multi-cooker Redmond M90 offers a mode off. This means that the cooking program is being set, after switching on, the unnecessary Autoheating is eliminated with the touch of a button. Archbishop, if the dish needs to cool down, following the recipe.

What are the features?2014 brought an understanding of the year: a single-bowl multi-cooker is a flawed design. You cook one dish, don't eat it, put it in the fridge, find it cold and tasteless. You try to warm up - you spoil the bowl, inside the multicooker a new dish. It is logical to stock up on a set of containers, equipped with lids, in each to prepare a dish. Warm multicooker will be more comfortable.

Redmond added a second bowl, complementing the kit? Plastic handles were added to the bowl of the multicooker, thanks to which, after cooking, food can be removed by taking the container. Of course, it is not forbidden to start the next recipe. The multicooker bowl is busy - just another is being replaced for heating.

Housewives have long understood, buy spare, it is difficult to get without pens. Difficulties forget, Redmond found a solution( 2013 was demonstrated by Polaris, a manufacturer of multicookers).Now the technical characteristics of the multivarcs will allow you to cook a lot, tasty, avoiding suffering. Heated in the bowl goes delicious, no harmful microwaves. The duration of the automatic multicooker option will be 24 hours.16 hours porridge enough sour. .. enjoy your meal.

The cost of the device is 6000 rubles. Expensive, considering the presence of a ceramic non-stick coating. Longer teflon, will last for the period of operation of the multicooker. The pottery is harmless. Redmond hesitates to reveal the tricks of ensuring the 3D heating mode, it is promised that the sides of the multicooker bowl will be the same temperature. Algorithms of pledged programs are considered trade secrets. The manufacturer avoids discussing the topic. It is clear that competitors on test benches will calculate the course of events inside the multicooker. It is only known that technology is applied by firms, based on the evaluation of the readings of two sensors, the lower and the upper( inside the cover).A simple multicooker will not yield much to the expensive specificity of the algorithm. Open the case, look, around the hinge of the lid( there will be thin sensor conductors extending inside).

So, the trends of the season show further improvement of technology. Lazy to read repeat briefly:

  1. Bowl with a ceramic non-stick coating.
  2. Ability to turn off Auto Heater.
  3. Thicket with handles.
  4. 3D heated.

The innovative idea of ​​one-handed multicooker didn’t take it well. Expensive push-button models with a full set of programs. M90 is supplied with a Multipovar, will allow you to set a time of 5 hours, temperature within reasonable limits. Thanks to a well-thought-out step, the manufacturer made the slow cooker a universal device capable of preparing a product according to any recipe. The listed trends cover newfangled aspirations. The volume of the bowl is 5 liters( little bucket).The warm-up rate will be calculated by the rated power( efficiency 90%), it is easier to study the recipe book, where the number is indicated. The disadvantages are: get hard for Redmond. Competitors often spread the full information, flavoring official sites specifics.

Let's discuss the complete set. The obligatory set contains scoops, the multicooker is supplied with a steaming grid, a fryer device. Expands the range of cooking dishes. Used oil cannot be reused because it contains the lion’s share of carcinogens. We list the interesting on the shelves. It is widely known: the multicooker has a bypass valve in the lid, relieving excess pressure. Today there are models equipped with an amplifier frame. The valve is blocked, it turns out the pressure cooker. The device speeds up the cooking process, to find a specific time for a test drive of multicookers, the authors are powerless, regrettable.

Price selection

The standard of living of a country is growing. .. purchasing power is falling. Rare is ready to pay 12,000 rubles for an unfamiliar device. People allow luxury. How to choose a slow cooker, so that the family budget avoids the appearance of cracks. Two accessories donated by the cook:

  • mesh steaming;
  • fixture-fryer.

Visit Yandex Market. A magical place: it is not necessary to buy a thing, look at it, the main thing is to check the price. Immediately obvious: Polaris is one and a half times cheaper. We believe the brand is unfamiliar. The capacity of 5 liters is a lot to three people, not gluttons, or it is not planned to cook mainly soup( the slow cooker is ideal rather for cereals, stews).

Three liters will be enough for three, it is not recommended to categorically load the container on the bezel. Ask the price, you will see the price fell slightly. For example, M13 is twice cheaper, the parameters are the same. Power is less than one and a half times the volume. You can expect the previous cooking speeds.

If it seems a lot, continue the search. Avoid saving dubious options. Multicooker manufacturers constantly invent new chips, the feature will be unchanged for a long time. Judge for yourself, the marble coating is much more expensive; whether the best performance will provide a big question mark. Ceramics is the optimal choice of the majority.

Cheap models lack protection against overheating. Look, under the bowl there is a large spring-loaded button, which is inserted by placing the container inside, the element is unable to serve as protection, as housewives think. Inside there is a temperature sensor, according to which the cooking program is conducted. Let's turn on the slow cooker without a bowl - uncontrolled heating will start. The button does not touch the rest of the bottom where the heating element is laid. Members of the forum consider: inside protection against empty inclusion is wrong. TEN multivarki will heat, burning thermal fuse - the only protection available. What is the best slow cooker, hard to say. Managed to establish Redmond, raised prices, the products are the same.

Recommended to start a simple model. Remember, multicookers are deprived of protection against improper activation. If you pour, mistakenly, into the water, pour the cereal, the case is deprived of the right of guarantee. The best company will provide devices with degrees of protection. Quality multicookers are bought from competitors. Just contact us carefully. View the list of programs. Conduct a differentiation. Kashi multicooker makes excellent, complex recipes easier to cook in a pan, cauldron, pan. The area of ​​the bowl is small. It is foolish to fry an omelet in a multicooker, although it can be done.

Some varieties of multicookers will allow you to make bread. Economically viable. Reliable multicookers are good to get porridge automatically.

Best Multicooker

The audience of the VashTehnik portal must understand: there is no champion among multivarks. Otherwise, the name would have long since spread. New manufacturers rarely take a dubious area by storm. Recently, the choice was limited to Redmond, Polaris, a couple of models, today names for a half dozen. Appeared the first video, catching a foreign contingent. Recently, at the end of 2013, multicookers were unknown to the public. Products tried to promote in the west, the attempts ended in failure. The novelty has inhabited Russia, today once again we will together think about which multicooker to buy.

Multivarki made similar to each other. Just like a man, God. Therefore, similar as two drops of water. In the program, the technological cycle is guided by two sensors:

  1. In the bottom.
  2. In the lid of the multicooker.

A convenient multi-cooker-pressure cooker

The manufacturer claims: the implementation of programs is a corporate secret, but the impression is that the units work the same way. The result is excellent. It seems, because in Russia, the multicookers have gained popularity, as the saying goes: “Shchi and porridge is our food!”

The passion to cook porridge is to blame. China knows how to make cereal according to the magic of numbers, will be treated, go through diseases. It was curious to try a slow cooker, according to the instructions of the lama. Programs would have to change, comprehending the magic of numbers. .. Magic multicookers - just great!

The beauty, the device is able to complete the cooking program. Big plus. Multicooker will be able to master the children, demonstrated by the YouTube commercial. Imagine! Not mother feeds children, children - mother! Idyll! Moms complain: lack of time. Ask elders to vacuumed out of the cases will remain the series to watch. Husband does not necessarily know who cooked food with a slow cooker.

So, the magic pot is called the device, it releases the order of time used at discretion. When choosing, find out the basic parameters of multicooker.

Powerful Multi-Cooker

  1. The power went in the first place, according to PR people, however, in the case of the slow cooker, there is no huge figure. The device is inert, provided with heat insulation of the case, tightly covered, - the excess air is slowly released through the valve. The power to catch up makes sense, while running in shops. The slow cooker will always pull tasks.
  2. We take the device for the sake of programs. The main trump card is porridge. Others have to cook manually. No self-respecting hostess will trust a multicooker to fry meat today. We'll have to follow, look to evaluate. Read the list of programs of the expensive model, look through the recipe book( attached), are powerless to find the right one - take it cheaper.
  3. Which multicooker model is better to buy. Answer the question simply - take, where automatic programs activated by one button. I have seen multivarki, allowing separately set the temperature, time. How the hostess's apparatus was scolded by forums, how they were stung. Between manufacturers, the difference is leveled. Multivarki Redmond will please the passionate chef. Do you doubt? Change the title to the question, which Redmond multicooker is better to buy.

    Multivarka with a large bowl

  4. What should be the bowl. Here! Stumbling blockIt is known, household appliance for cooking harms the food. When choosing a multicooker, give preference to natural materials. Ceramic coating released, spraying done on top. Firms are afraid to reveal secrets, you can not say in advance. The durability of the multicooker. .. ceramics lasts longer than Teflon. PTFE has strong properties. Teflon will help out great at first, then you have to buy a new bowl of multicooker.
  5. How much bowl to choose. A liter bowl multicooker to each family member will be acceptable if the person does not suffer from gluttony. Take three liters for three, six for six, twelve for two multicookers, six liters each. Think it overA plate of soup holds 0.3 - 0.4 liters. Having lunch, rarely eat two. The second will be less. So the volume of the multicooker is chosen.
  6. Is it worth paying for the Multipovar functions, other delights? The cook will find the options helpful, to the overwhelming majority of life-stricken poboku. The principle of stadiousness: put, pressed the button, returned after a while, got ready meals. Note, eating barley, peas. Cereals are cooked for a long time, they do not have time to get ready using the standard cycle of the multicooker. Perhaps, the program of the Beans( Polaris multicookers), Multipovar will contribute. Love yogurt - buy a device equipped with the appropriate function. The slow cooker bakes bread, makes jam, semi-automatically, the lion’s share of worries will be taken away by the device.
  7. Do you need a pressure cooker, slow cooker for the composition of the multicooker? Today, you can take a hybrid model, lacking the simplest variation.

Multivarka SKG

Seven troubles - one answer! How much will the multicooker cost. We believe we will lay out three thousand rubles. Take and half the price. Do it for the first time. Take into account that the quality of plastic is sometimes lame and will negatively affect the health of family members. Rubber sealing rings is gaining a smell, the trouble is universal models. Buy spare multicooker accessories, avoid cooking overly fragrant dishes, fish.

Where, how to choose a multicooker

Fashion beeps daily - a recognized fact. Everything changes - everything remains the same! Trust culinary tastes, bypassing the wilds side. Multivarka like, in a couple of years, take another, more expensive, advanced. In the course of operation, the missing will be clear. The peas mentioned above must be boiled twice in Buckwheat mode. After mashed potatoes eat. Pleasing Vites, while the cook asks whatever the cooking algorithm.

It will be possible to find a slow cooker, preparing peas with one click, you will definitely need to take it. Please note that some sites of the recipe book spread in electronic form, is in the public domain. Look in advance at the functionality of the device, in absentia. Immediately we say, few will like to fry a multicooker scrambled eggs. It is technically easy to make, if the non-stick coating is broken, there will be a total confusion.

It's easier to look at the model, bypassing the Yandex Market. The nearest store is sometimes powerless to supply the right model. Order goods delivery.

If you buy a copy at a discount, the European part of the country, using the online store, will win money. The first place in the list of criteria was taken by the price, the volume of the bowl. We recommend to choose a smaller power, non-stick coating.

Some Polaris models offer bowls equipped with two handles. You plan to cook several dishes, buy each container, you cannot make a better selection of the multicooker. Try to avoid cheap multicookers. At times, Chinese plastic is of poor quality. The low price of the multicooker may mean: they saved a lot on the construction. Find in the store a certain average level of most products, use in the future for health.

Checking the multicooker

How to check the multicooker when purchasing. Sellers simply plug in the unit, indicating power is available. Click the Auto Heater / Cancel button( available for most multicookers).It should squeal, the device will start to heat up slightly. Multicooker does not burn, even if the bowl is empty. Heating has gone - the helix is ​​working. The wrecked breakage concerns electronic parts, tightness. Nuances check in the store is impossible.

However, most multi-cookers have a self-monitoring function. If the panel of the device included in the socket shows letters, numbers, take the trouble to look at the instruction: error code? Redmond multicookers show the letter E( error), equipped with a number. The code will appear immediately. Occurred after a while, after turning on Auto Heater, it is not a fact that indicates a malfunction. The main types of multicooker work without complaints, warming an empty container.

They told which is better to buy a slow cooker. We can mention the 3D-heating, steam boiling, little things that bring little return. Bread ovens produce special appliances, and we keep silent about steamers. Another thing - to combine appliances!


Dada key recommendations for the choice of multicooker, not a word about the programs. Professionals say: avoid betting on a variety of cooking cycles laid down in advance by the manufacturer. Modes differ little, the difference is important for experienced cooks. Take an understanding. A culinary experimenter started up in the house, a self-taught person should give a copy to which they put their own programs. Will delight the cook. Taking the slow cooker quickly prepare breakfast nuances unnecessary. Avoid putting the number of programs at the forefront in order not to reject the builders.



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