Present children hammock from China

When all the work on the garden is completed, I want to relax a bit among beautiful flowers and a beautiful pond. But to relax in the garden even better, you can buy comfortable seating for nature. For example, swing or hammock. By the way, for children there are also interesting options. Let's look at one of them.

Child seat hammock - this is what you need to relax children in the garden. This chair is suitable for fidget, who can easily spin in it, and for quiet kids who want a little rest and read a book in nature. Any child will fall asleep in such a convenient place.

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You can even play in a children's hammock. Therefore, it will become a favorite place of entertainment for your child. After all, once having tried to have fun in a hammock, it will be difficult to get it out. In addition, a hammock in nature is another reason due to which a child can be pulled out into the fresh air.

Advantages of a children's hammock:

  1. A convenient place for entertainment and recreation.
  2. Easily erased.
  3. Environmentally friendly material.
  4. Quickly folds and installs.
  5. Easily suspended in the house and on the street.
  6. Does not take up much space.

Don't worry about security. Children's hammock is equipped with a reliable and safe suspension system. That is why he is able to endure any games and pampering of the child. But remember that the children's hammock is only suitable for children and is designed for a small load, so that adults should not even try to sit in it.

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But the main question remains: how much will such a children's hammock cost? In the online stores of Ukraine and Russia, this product costs 6,237 rubles. Quite a large amount for a children's hammock. After all, even an adult hammock is cheaper.

But on Aliexpress, the same hammock costs only 2,286 rubles. It is almost three times cheaper than in the domestic store. But the Chinese and domestic hammock is no different.

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Characteristics of Chinese children's hammock:

  • height - 150 cm;
  • width - 70 cm;
  • loading capacity - 80 kg;
  • material - cotton;
  • is suitable for children from 3 to 10 years;
  • buckle material - steel;
  • color - purple, blue, green, red.

As you can see, it is better to buy a children's hammock from a Chinese manufacturer. After all, its characteristics do not differ from domestic hammocks, and Chinese goods are several times cheaper.

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