How to keep hell at home: 3 ways to store and 5 for preparation tips


  • 1 All methods of storage of fresh horseradish
    • 1.1 Method 1 - in a cellar or basement
    • 1.2 Method 2 - Freezing
    • 1.3 Method 3 - Drying
  • 2 Tips for cleaning and grinding horseradish
  • 3 conclusion
Long-term storage shall be subject only large and healthy rootsLong-term storage shall be subject only large and healthy roots

over time, seasonings and snacks horseradish lose their sharpness and sharpness, for which they are valued in Russian cuisine. But if you know how to keep fresh horseradish throughout the winter, they can be prepared as required, but not for the future. Ways to store more, I'll tell you all, and you choose which one suits you best.

All methods of storage of fresh horseradish

A special taste and smell - are not the only advantages of this root. He has a lot of useful properties that help in the treatment of colds and beriberi. However, volatile and essential oils evaporate over time. This can be prevented if you know how to keep hell for the winter.

Before proceeding to the description of methods of storing the hell, I want to give some advice: Collect it only thick, healthy and damaged roots. Everything else is better to recycle and conserve immediately.

Method 1 - in a cellar or basement

This method is only available to residents of their homes and some of the citizens who live on the ground floor apartments with basement. It allows you to save not only all the properties of horseradish, but its freshness and juiciness:

  • drying the roots. Dug rhizomes reassemble and leave to air for two hours to have dried slices and crumbled earth.
Before laying on storage roots need to dryBefore laying on storage roots need to dry
  • preparation of packagings. It is best to take a wooden crate with a solid bottom and walls.
  • Preparing sand. Horseradish root best lies in a clean dry sand. It must be sifted to remove stones, clay particles and plants.
  • bookmark. Rhizomes are laid on the sand layer so that they do not touch each other. Then the next layer is poured into a box and laid second row, and so on. D.
In the sand vegetable may lie for several months without loss of taste and useful propertiesIn the sand vegetable may lie for several months without loss of taste and useful properties

The optimum storage temperature of 0 to 5 degrees at normal air humidity. If you can own hands to provide such conditions on the glassed-in loggia, then it can become a winter haven for horseradish. For example, the box can be insulated with a foam lid and in extreme cold it additionally harbor.

Method 2 - Freezing

Freeze horseradish - a way accessible to all. Fuss will be a little longer. But during the winter you can use already prepared for the processing of semi-finished and quickly make grated horseradish.

Instruction in the table tells the action plan:

Picture Step by step description
table_pic_att14960954153 Step 1

The roots of my carefully, cut out the rotten and damaged areas.

table_pic_att14960954164 step 2

Cleans the skin by any convenient method.

table_pic_att14960954165 step 3

Cut into pieces 3-5 cm and decompose in portions in bags for freezing.

Thus prepared horseradish will be stored in the freezer until the next harvest. If you are going to use it for seasoning, you will get a portion, and, without waiting for defrosting, grind in a blender or grinder.

You can also use the manual grater as rub frozen roots easier than fresh - in a way they will not irritate the mucous membranes.

You can store them in the refrigerator and simply. But not for long, no more than 2-3 weeks.

Method 3 - Drying

Choosing a storage methods, this can stop only if you are using horseradish solely as an additive to soups and sauces or seasoning for pickles. Cook from it Ogonek or juicy snack with sour cream will not work. On the other hand, kept dried horseradish at home without creating special conditions.

After washing and cleaning it is cut into thin slices or strips.

The finer the thread, the better and faster the product is dryThe finer the thread, the better and faster the product is dry

Drying can be by any method horseradish:

  • In a special dryer for vegetables;
  • In the oven at a temperature of 60 degrees with a door ajar;
  • On air in partial shade.

Well dried out pieces easily crushed mortar or blender. The resulting powder was pour into the glass jar and close the lid tight to avoid evaporated fragrance.

In the photo - a ready dry seasoningIn the photo - a ready dry seasoning

Tips for cleaning and grinding horseradish

The most difficult and unpleasant in the preparatory work - it's cleaning "biting" of the product and its refinement. We have to shed a lot of tears, until the work is completed. Therefore, the question of how to quickly clean and hell at the same time protect the eyes and faint from the smell, you can find the most incredible answers.

Among them is the use of gas masks and glasses for diving. But the happy owners of a high-pressure apparatus such as Karcher offers clean horseradish powerful pressure of the water, placing it in a fine-mesh nylon net.

The price of such units is so high that buy them for just this purpose as something silly. Therefore, we will use the simpler tricks:

Picture recommendations
table_pic_att14960954208 Tip 1

Soak rhizomes at night in cold water. They are easier washed clean, and rub them will be easier.

table_pic_att14960954209 Tip 2

Small roots can scrape with a knife, and large easy to clean special peeler.

table_pic_att149609542110 Tip 3

Already peeled roots fold into the water. So they will not release volatile substances and retain juiciness.

table_pic_att149609542111 Tip 4

When grinding the meat grinder wear on her plastic bag.

table_pic_att149609542212 Tip 5

When grinding in a blender cup, add water, and Slice smaller pieces. The power unit should be less than 700 watts.


Now that you know how to keep hell at home without conservation and how to minimize any inconvenience during processing. Additionally, you can watch the video in this article. And if you know of other interesting ways to share them in the comments.

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