13 best TVs for the kitchen

  • Samsung UE40MU6450U
  • Sony KDL-24W 605-A
  • Samsung UE19H400
  • LG 24MT 58VF-PZ
  • AVEL AVS-220 K
  • Telefunken TF-LED19S46T2
  • Prestigio 24 Wize 1
  • LG 24MT49S-PZ
  • Samsung UE22H5600
  • BBK 20LEM-1033 / T2 C
  • Panasonic TX-24DR300ZZ
  • BBK 24LEM-1037 / T2C
  • Conclusion

TV in the kitchen would seem to be not the most important attribute. However, few of us will refuse to watch our favorite TV show with a cup of aromatic coffee or gathering for a family dinner. Choosing a TV for the kitchen is not such a simple matter. Unfortunately, not many modern kitchens can boast a decent size. So the choice will have to approach in detail.

Modern devices for watching television are quite diverse. When, in general, of low cost, they have many functions and compact dimensions. And in order to further facilitate the choice of our readers, we have compiled a small rating of the best TVs for the kitchen, which will make it easy to choose the right device.

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Samsung UE40MU6450U

The model from the popular Samsung company opens the review. The TV has the optimal parameters: a diagonal of 40 inches and very decent speakers with a total power of 20 watts. The 4K UHD technology, an excellent supply of brightness and thin bypass frames make it a truly indispensable device in conditions of limited kitchen space.

A separate line is worth noting the possibility of voice control. This technology will allow you to easily switch channels without touching the device with soiled hands. Among other advantages: a personnel update 100 times / sec, the ability to simultaneously view 2 different channels and surround sound.


  • stereo sound;
  • support "Smart TV";
  • diagonal of 102 cm;
  • progressive scanning and teletext support;
  • Dolby Digital sound system;
  • built-in Wi-Fi;
  • voice control;
  • 2 built-in tuners.


  • insufficient quality of analog broadcasting.

Sony KDL-24W 605-A

And here's another great TV for the kitchen. The device has an excellent viewing angle. The image can be viewed from almost anywhere in the room. The TV has an interesting stylistic solution, and even the name has a corresponding - Sense of Quartz. Like real quartz, it sparkles with beautiful black edges on a stylish slim body. Place such a device in the local kitchen space will be easy. The TV receiver stand is simply modified in the bracket.

Special Technology X-Reality PRO guarantees high quality viewing of both analog and digital images. A special device of the model allows you to connect a smartphone or tablet to the TV wirelessly. You can download content directly from the peripheral devices, but you can also use them as an additional remote control.

The Motionflow XR screen is installed on the TV.With it, you can customize viewing modes for various TV programs. For example, when watching basketball or hockey matches, you can make the movements of athletes smoother and without “tails”.

Main advantages:

  • stylish modern design;
  • using satellite and digital tuner;
  • availability of Smart TV;
  • support Wi-Fi;
  • playback of almost all popular formats;
  • viewing angle of 178 degrees;
  • protection from kids;
  • excellent build quality, no backlash.


  • total 1 USB output;
  • is quite expensive;
  • external power supply.

Samsung UE19H400

One of the most inexpensive, but very popular TVs with a small diagonal. One of the most noticeable advantages of the model is its compactness. The device demonstrates good image quality, acceptable brightness and contrast. There are all the necessary connectors for connecting peripherals: 2 slots each USB and HDMI, audio output for headphones, VGA and SCART.

TV supports almost all audio and video formats, except, perhaps, Xvid. At the same time, you can watch programs literally from any position. The viewing angle of 178 degrees will allow you to do this without problems. The child can also deal with the menu, it is convenient and understandable.


  • is the ideal size for a small room;
  • proven manufacturer;
  • convenient built-in player;
  • worthy reception of both analog and digital broadcasting;
  • stereo sound;
  • sleep timer and baby protection;
  • wonderful viewing angle.


  • there is no Wi-Fi;
  • with a significant increase in the volume of the speakers may rattle slightly;
  • to get used to the remote control.


Continues the TOP is not very small, but quite inexpensive TV with a diagonal of 24 inches. It can be considered almost perfect resident of the kitchen at once for several reasons. Here and great image quality, full resolution Full HD, branded assembly and a rather stylish appearance. With all its positive qualities, the model’s price tag is not transcendental.

The sound system of the TV set is represented by a pair of medium-power speakers( 2 x 5 W), the viewing angles are quite large( 178).Improvement and video processing is carried out using the processor Triple XD.

TV is almost “omnivorous” to the channels of broadcasting and is able to perceive cable, digital and satellite signals. The device has a pre-installed media player, "reads" flash drives and has a sufficient number of connectors for connecting external storage media.

Positive aspects:

  • Full HD resolution and full high-quality image;
  • function "Picture in Picture";
  • various special modes, such as "Cinema" and "Game";
  • comfortable stylish stand;
  • can be mounted on the wall;
  • support for different types of broadcasting;
  • anti-reflective coating;
  • great price.


  • there is no Wi-Fi and Smart TV;
  • analog signal quality is poor.


The next participant in the rating is a state-of-the-art TV with the ability to be embedded in a 60-cm wide kitchen wall. On sale are 2 modifications - with a glass frame of dark or white color. Installation of the TV is made through the elevator system Kessenbohmer. Also suitable for the Blum Aventos series. True, they will have to buy extra. But you can usefully use the place behind the TV.

Average display - 21.5 inches, quality resolution - Full HD.Watching TV can be done literally from anywhere in the kitchen. This allows you to make sufficient viewing angles - 170/160 degrees.

The TV has a pre-installed multimedia player, without much difficulty reproducing almost all popular formats, including the popular mkv. As well as the device recognizes many standards of digital broadcasting: DVB-S2, DVB-C and DVB-T / T2.The front panel of the TV is waterproof. This ensures safe use of the device in the kitchen. Music lovers will appreciate the full sound. For this there are 2 speakers with a total power of 40 watts.

Positive moments:

  • "omnivorous" multimedia player;
  • excellent picture quality;
  • the ability to integrate the device into the kitchen wall;
  • moisture resistance( including remote control);
  • powerful speakers;
  • convenient management;
  • bright rich colors of the image;
  • large viewing angles.


  • lacks Wi-Fi support;
  • glass surfaces leave “shots”;
  • is expensive.

Telefunken TF-LED19S46T2

If you are not ready to spend a lot of money on a kitchen TV, we recommend that you pay attention to this model. The cost of this device will not be a great shock to your wallet. But the quality of performance will please.

The screen, though small( 19.5ʺ), but has excellent viewing angles. So watch your favorite movie you can literally from any position. All the necessary connectors are available, so users have no difficulty connecting external devices. There are as many as 2 built-in tuners, you can configure many digital channels, including free ones.

The TV is equipped with 2 not too powerful speakers, only 5 W each. But there is a third-party noise suppression system. So the quality of sound reproduction remains at the proper level.


  • compact size;
  • support most popular formats through the built-in media player;
  • good image quality;
  • has HD support;
  • is cheap.


  • no internet access;
  • for good reception DVB-T2 tuner is better to strengthen the antenna.

Prestigio 24 Wize 1

In a properly equipped kitchen it is always clear and sunny. Therefore, the presence of a TV anti-reflective coating plays an important role. Our review includes one of the best inexpensive models, possessing such qualities. In combination with excellent brightness, contrast and a wide viewing angle, the anti-reflective coating of the screen will allow you to get a decent image from almost any angle.

The TV has a diagonal of 23.6 inches and is equipped with a full set of modern "chips."Here you will find a system for stopping the viewing of TV programs "Time Shift", a custom timer, the ability to record your favorite programs on external media. A pleasant addition will be surround sound and stylish design, perfectly combined with any interior.


  • is a fairly large screen;
  • high-quality stereo system;
  • wide functionality;
  • support for most popular formats;
  • anti-reflective screen coating;
  • protection from kids;
  • easy operation;
  • very affordable cost.


  • there is no Internet access and "Smart TV";
  • not too much speaker power;
  • only 1 tuner.


LG representative continues the TOP-best TVs for the kitchen. Without this TV our review would be incomplete. According to experts and consumers, this model is a model of the ratio of cost and quality of execution.

The TV is equipped with a contrast screen and is complemented by a light sensor. This solution allows you to independently adjust the brightness parameters to a comfortable level, depending on the degree of light in the room.

With a rather small resolution( 1366x768), the picture looks very clear and has smooth transitions. The sound quality is quite average, but better than the competition.

TV can be successfully controlled from smartforn or tablet. For more demanding users, Smart TV and the availability of wireless Internet is provided. In general, the model is quite simple, practical, and causes only positive emotions among users.


  • support for Wi-Fi and Smart TV;
  • bright juicy picture;
  • stereo sound;
  • teletext, reception of the main broadcast signals;
  • support most audio and video formats;
  • set of connectors for various needs;
  • 2 built-in tuners;
  • fairly large viewing angles;
  • ability to control from a smartphone;
  • average price category.


  • only 1 USB output;
  • missing instructions for use;The
  • stand is not height adjustable.

Samsung UE22H5600

If you need a small but good TV with a full resolution of Full HD, take a look at this model. With a rather small screen( 22 inches), the TV has the refresh rate best for its class - 100 Hz. This allows you to make the picture as realistic as possible. You will not see any "tails" even when demonstrating an active movement, for example, when watching football matches or Formula 1 races.

The preset sound of the TV is rather average, only 6 watts. However, to improve it, Dolby Digital is provided. So the overall quality remains at a sufficient level.

TV will please active users of Smart TV.In addition, the device is perfectly synchronized with a smartphone or tablet. UE22H5600 from Samsung has a lot of useful features. There is a timer, a “Picture in Picture” display system, a pause stop viewing, recording of television programs on external media and much more.


  • Dolby Digital stereo sound;
  • excellent image quality;
  • "Smart TV";
  • many connectors for connecting peripherals;
  • multifunctionality;
  • progressive scan;
  • protection from kids.


  • not too large viewing angles from the bottom up;
  • is quite expensive.

BBK 20 LEM-1033 / T2 C

Quite inexpensive and compact TV with a diagonal of 50 cm. The TV has a stylish design, thin frame strokes. With this solution, the device looks organic in any kitchen.

The device has a wide variety of connectors for external devices and “reads” most of the popular formats. For reasonable money you get a decent quality of both digital and analog broadcasting. There is a built-in noise reduction system. The menu is simple and straightforward.

Users respond well to well thought-out viewing angles, sufficient for easy viewing of content( 170/170).Acoustic system of average power - 2 speakers together give 10 watts. For such a little one is enough.


  • a very nice price;
  • decent picture quality;
  • tuner with digital signal perception;
  • slot CI / PCMCIA is present;

excellent viewing angles;

is “omnivorous” to reading various formats.


  • no Wi-Fi support;
  • would like more USB and HDMI slots;
  • only 1 tuner.


The next model of our review is the TV from the Japanese company Supra. This model is included in the list of the most popular and inexpensive TVs for placement in the kitchen or in a small room. In addition to the excellent viewing angles, the TV has thin bypass frames that fit snugly around the screen, which only adds to its visual appeal.

TV has a diagonal of 22 inches - the average solution for a small kitchen space. The model boasts excellent image quality, brightness and richness of colors, acceptable contrast. In addition, other advantages TV has a record short response time - just 5 seconds. Such indicators only add positive emotions when viewing dynamic scenes.


  • excellent picture quality;
  • multifunctionality;
  • short response time;
  • good viewing angle.


  • does not read all formats.

Panasonic TX-24DR300ZZ

Excellent mid-size model with decent image quality. For a fairly small amount of money, the buyer gets full Full HD quality.24 inch diagonal. Users note a high level of contrast, image clarity and smooth tonal gradation. Thanks to these properties, the picture is really bright and juicy.

TV has a built-in media player and a large number of different connectors. Thanks to this, viewers are able to view a variety of content from virtually any type of media. In terms of functionality and image quality, the TV is in no way inferior to the flagship models.


  • high-quality stereo sound with a capacity of 16 W;
  • acceptable image quality;
  • full resolution Full HD;
  • excellent build without squeaks and backlash;
  • support for basic multimedia formats;
  • is fairly inexpensive.


  • there is no Wi-Fi and Bluetooth;
  • sound a bit "metallic".

BBK 24LEM-1037 / T2C

Completes the review of a TV that you will never confuse with another. This is facilitated by an interesting design: a white case with a green bypass frame. The model looks bright and unusual. In this case, the internal content remains at a sufficiently high level.

TV has a built-in tuner, which allows you to successfully receive various broadcast signals. Due to the large number of different connectors, you can connect a laptop, blu-ray or, for example, a console. Additionally, there is a USB port, so you can connect more external devices.

One of the advantages of the TV is the availability of the Q-Play option, which allows you to enjoy watching your favorite TV channels without annoying ad units.


  • resolution 720p HD;
  • average size - 24 inches diagonally;
  • high-quality reception of "numbers" and analog signal;
  • DVD player;
  • "omnivorous" support audio and video formats;
  • reasonable price.


  • not very powerful speakers( 2x3 W);
  • no Smart Tv;
  • not very fast response time.


When choosing a TV in the kitchen or a small room, you should focus not only on the cost of the device, but also on your needs. Our ranking of the best TVs with success demonstrates that even for a small amount of money you can purchase an “advanced” model with a huge amount of functions. However, before buying should soberly assess their preferences. Do you really need all sorts of newfangled things, or are you used to watching 5-6 favorite channels every day? Is it worth paying more?

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