Where do black, white or color stains on things come from after washing in a typewriter

It happens that a washing machine not only fails to cope with its main function, but also aggravates the situation. You take out the washed laundry from the drum and notice the stains that were not there before washing. There are many reasons for their appearance, and we will discuss each of them in this article.

Javascript in your pockets

Every housewife knows that, before linen mortgaging in the washing machine drum is necessary to check the contentspockets. But be honest, you often missed this point.

Small debris, candy, cloves and pebbles, forgotten in pockets, fall into the drum. Under threat is not only the appearance of things, but also the internal parts of the machine itself. And the stains on clothes that will remain after washing are the lesser of two evils.

Water quality

Rusty stains on freshly washed laundry indicate low quality tap water. Do an experiment at home. Take a small piece of cotton cloth, moisten with water from the tap and wait 5 minutes. If the flap changes color, then the water contains a large amount of iron.

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Such stains can be removed with lemon juice, citric acid or vinegar. Simply moisten a cotton pad in an acidic solution and thoroughly wipe the stain.

In order to avoid problems in the future, before each load of linen, drain the water from the tap for a few minutes or use special filters that reduce the risk of rust in the water.

Problems with the drain hose

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After each wash, particles of dust and dirt are deposited on the walls of the hose, which can then get into the drum of the typewriter. To check if this is the cause of the stains on the washed laundry, run the machine “empty” and check the quality of the water on the drain.

Look behind the door on the front bottom side of the case, unscrew and clean the filter. Do not forget to lay a cloth for the floor, as there may be a small leakage of water.

Clean the drain filter at least 4 times a year.

And to get rid of the stains that remain on clothes after washing in a dirty car, the rinsing function will help. If spots are noticed, leave the laundry in the drum and rerun the process.

The problem with the bearing or the gland

If during the spinning the machine makes characteristic thundering sounds, and the stains on things after washing are oily in color, then you cannot do without the repair of the machine. Due to the frequent use of the washing mode at high temperatures, the stuffing box material cracks and deforms. Over time, water seeps into it. The lubricant is washed off, gets into the drum and stains the laundry during washing.

We do not recommend repairing the damage yourself. It is better to immediately seek help from a specialist.

Lubricating stains are rubbed off with ordinary chalk and laundry soap. Grate them in a 1: 1 ratio and add water. Use a cotton swab to clean the stain, wait at least an hour and rinse with warm water.

The shelf life of the powder

You can not use a tool whose shelf life has come to an end. This powder is deposited in the fibers of the fabric and is poorly soluble in water. That is why even after washing things do not look clean. On the linen stains remain, which are difficult to clean, even after drying.

Always check the expiration date of the powder indicated on the package.

In addition, whitish spots with divorces may indicate an incomplete rinsing process or a decrease in drum speed due to overloading of laundry. In this case, it is better to remove some of the things and put them on repeated rinsing.

Excess powder leads to leaching of pigments in fabric fibers. From this things become dimmer. Always use the measuring cup and read the instructions on the packaging.

Remember that with a large drum load, things after washing will have stains and do not wash out well. If the washing machine drum is designed for 5 kg, then it is not necessary to fill it closely with laundry, it should move freely during washing, allowing cleaning agents to be distributed freely on the fabric surface.

Washing errors

Colored stains and faded fabric indicates that you have incorrectly selected the washing mode. Bright colored fabrics should be washed at a temperature not higher than 40 degrees. Not sure which program to choose? Pay attention to the label on which the manufacturer indicates their recommendations for the care of the thing.

Another mistake would be trying to wash clothes with fresh grease stains on the machine. At high temperatures, such contamination even more "imprinted" into the fabric. You can remove them with a solution of soda and laundry soap, wait until it is completely absorbed and wipe the stain with a brush. But next time do it better before washing.


The drum, hatch cover and powder tray are the perfect place to mold. If a fungus is wound up in a typewriter, it can leave spots of various shades — from yellow to dirty-gray — on linen. They will be especially noticeable after drying.

To avoid mold, do not forget to leave the door of the machine open for several hours after each wash and slide out the powder compartment.

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