How to remove stains from deodorant from clothes

Probably, there is no such person in the world who would not be concerned with the question of how to remove traces of deodorant. These terrible whites and even more terrible yellow stains of sweat spoil our favorite T-shirts, shirts and dresses. However, there are several ways to resist them.

White spots

The easiest way to get rid of white marks that remain directly from the deodorant. When we put on or take off clothes, some parts of it are in contact with the armpits treated with deodorant. This is how unwanted white spots appear.

You can remove them by gently washing things in lukewarm( even slightly cool) water with a suitable detergent. It can be a powder for colored clothes, laundry soap or liquid powder, sometimes even shampoo is used for a very delicate silk fabric. Hot water can not be used. Since no chemical reaction has yet occurred, and the white stripes have not eaten into the fabric, they are quite good at separating.

If you urgently need to remove white traces from dark-colored clothing, then use vodka. Moisten a cotton swab in it and wipe the fabric.

Remove wool contamination from fine knitwear using table vinegar. It can be poured directly on the clothes and left to soak for a while, after which it can be washed in any familiar way. The fact is that natural fibers are not afraid of organic acids in moderation. That is, vinegar will not harm the fabric, but will help get rid of pollution.

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Yellow spots

Yellow sweat spots are the most corrosive. They appear if sweat enters into a chemical reaction with the components of the deodorant. Wash away such traces of sweat is the most difficult, but also possible.

Immediately it should be noted that the spots on white things can not be removed using bleach or any chlorine-containing agents. From this they will be even more evident, and they will not disappear. Let's learn more about how to clean the stains from deodorant, if they turned yellow and ate a lot.

  • Mix half a glass of plain water with 4 tablespoons( no slides) tablespoons of soda. Rub the resulting substance in the stains of sweat under the arms and leave for about an hour. Then rinse in water.
  • For white clothes, apply hydrogen peroxide. It can be poured directly onto the fabric, leaving to soak for a few hours.
  • Prepare a mixture of 4 large spoons of hydrogen peroxide, 1 small spoon of dish detergent and 2 large spoons of soda in a separate bowl. If you rub this composition in the stains of sweat under the arms, leave it for 1.5-2 hours, and then wash the clothes, it will be perfectly clean.
  • Silk stains can be removed with vinegar or alcohol. If there is no alcohol, then try using vodka, soaking in it the ingested pollution.
  • With any clothing can help remove aspirin perspiration stains. It is necessary to crush a few tablets, mix them with water to make a slurry. Then you need to put this gruel on the stain, rub it with a brush, leave it for 3 hours. Aspirin is the same acid that helps you cope with pollution.
  • Sometimes clothes are soaked in salt water so that salt contributes to eating away contamination.

If you decide to whiten things under the rays of the sun, then this method is suitable only for organic cotton or flax. It is undesirable to keep silk in the sun for a long time, and synthetic fabrics can yellow out of long exposure to ultraviolet rays.

How to prevent stains

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In order to avoid corrosive stains, you should use a deodorant that does not contain aluminum salts. It is because of them that yellowness appears under the arms. You can wear special pads for underarms in thick, opaque clothing. By changing them regularly, you will surely save your favorite shirt or sweater from the effects of sweat.

It would be nice to wash your clothes immediately after washing with simple soap and cool water. This will not give a chance to stain a spot. You can also soak things in water with the addition of soda. Soda softens the water, and it makes it easy to wash out any contamination.

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