How and what to clean the toilet to shine

Toilet - this is perhaps the most visited room in the house. And the plumbing requirements are many, including the absence of harmful microorganisms and external purity. But after long use the bathroom loses its whiteness, so let's figure out how to clean the toilet.

Causes of Formation of Plaque

The appearance of plaque in the toilet can be due to several factors. The first is the accumulation of minerals present in the water. When flushing microcracks plumbing clogged with small particles, forming as a result of limescale.

Another cause of plaque may be a urinary stone. It is formed only if regularly forget about the washout of water. Drops of urine just dry out and make unattractive stains on the white surface of the toilet bowl. And later, such "drawings" lead to the formation of a more hard urolithic plaque.

How to return shine to plumbing equipment

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Fortunately, today there are many means to fight for the cleanliness of the toilet. Many housewives have already chosen their methods for themselves and know exactly how to clean the toilet. All methods differ in degree of difficulty and degree of aggressiveness, because some of them are based on the use of extremely caustic substances.

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Cleaning the toilet bowl can be divided into the following ways:

  • available( folk), as these drugs can be purchased at any store;
  • is more complex, since you will need to go to specialized stores to carry them out.

Consider the first group of methods - folk remedies.


This universal assistant of any housewife is able to clean the toilet. After all, its components can soften hard plaque, if not at once, then for 2-3 exactly. At what vinegar, you can use any as concentrated, and 9%, and even apple.

In order for the vinegar to clean the surface, it is necessary to start pumping water from the toilet bowl, otherwise its concentration will be too low for a good result. Then it is worth warming up the vinegar essence to about 40 ° C and adding the same amount of iodine( ie 1 ml of vinegar to 1 ml of iodine) and some baking soda, based on the proportion - 1 tablespoon to 200 ml of vinegar.

Citric Acid

Let's give one more inexpensive tool that helps to dissolve plaque, and thereby clean the toilet. It is necessary to pour a couple of bags of citric acid into the toilet and leave overnight for a better reaction. Then you need to clean the problem areas with a brush and rinse with water. This procedure can be repeated several times for a successful result.

Oxalic Acid Technical

Oxalic acid sachets can be purchased at household stores. Its components do an excellent job with urolithiasis and can perfectly clean the toilet. Use acid is necessary as follows. Scatter the powder under the rim of the toilet bowl and leave it overnight. In the morning, wash it off and clean the toilet with a brush.


You can even clean and whiten the surface of the toilet bowl using ordinary baking soda. She not only can wash the dishes, but remove the old plaque. Pour soda powder on the plaque and leave it for a while, or better at night. In the morning, just walk around the brush, easily removing dirt from the surface of the toilet bowl.

Sparkling Water

Well-known carbonated drinks can dissolve a stone plaque due to the content of a sufficiently large amount of citric acid. At bedtime, pour 3 liters of drink into the toilet. And in order to clean the dirt under the rim, you can attach there a piece of cloth dipped in Kohl, Sprite or other soda. And in the morning you should just wash the toilet brush.

All of the above methods are quite effective at home, only if the plaque is not too old. But how to clean the toilet when it comes to extensive pollution?

Below we will discuss the use of more specific means, before using which you should read the instructions to find out how to clean the toilet, observing all necessary safety measures. After all, strong acid and alkaline substances can create a chemical burn and harm health.

The second group of methods to combat toilet bloom - radical means.

Phosphoric acid

This acid is very strong and you can pour not only the toilet bowl, but also the drain tank with it, in order to clean it from rust. Pour about 100 ml of 5-7% solution, it is worth waiting 15 minutes to start cleaning with a brush or a special brush. After this procedure, the toilet will be as new.

Before using orthophosphoric acid, you will properly protect yourself by wearing protective gloves.

The advantage of this tool is its harmlessness for plumbing, as the acid does not affect the state of rubber, enamel and plastic. It is cheap, and you can buy in stores for motorists. Just look for it should be called "rust converter."

A solution of hydrochloric acid

Probably everyone remembers experiments on the lessons of chemistry, conducted with the help of hydrochloric acid. This 33% solution is very caustic, so its use requires extreme caution, because even inhalation of its vapors can burn the lungs and cause irreparable harm to health.

To clean the toilet bowl, you need to pour in about a glass of acid and wipe the walls with a sponge moistened with acid. At the same time on the hands must be gloves. After 15 minutes, you can flush out the hydrochloric acid by pre-closing the toilet lid.

Hydrochloric acid cannot be used if plastic pipes are connected to the toilet bowl. This may cause damage to the material.

It is more difficult to purchase hydrochloric acid, its distribution is strictly controlled. But still it is sometimes found in hardware stores. And for sure it can only be purchased in stores selling chemical reagents.

Accumulator electrolyte

Sulfuric acid, which is part of the machine electrolyte, helps to flush the toilet and free it from plaque. The method of its application is similar to the previous one. Security measures are as stringent as with hydrochloric acid.

You can buy battery electrolyte, of course, in auto shops.

Liquid electrolyte and hydrochloric acid are not suitable for frequent use, as these substances are so corrosive that they can destroy the enamel surface and create cracks.


Chlorine-containing products( “Whiteness”, “Domestos”, etc.) can be easily purchased at any hardware store. The effectiveness of many cleaning products is based on this caustic component. However, its use is not harmless. Even inhalation of its recognizable aroma is dangerous for the body, especially for pregnant women. After all, chlorine affects the health of the reproductive system.

To clean the toilet with chlorine at home, apply the substance to its surface and wash it off with water after about an hour and clean it with a brush.

Finished Products

Household Chemical Industry today produces many cleaning products. Their use is based on different chemical compounds. It will be correct to read the instructions and strictly follow its recommendations.

Take note of the

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To maintain a constant cleanliness of the toilet bowl and prevent the formation of plaque, you can use the following recommendations:

  1. Use tablets for the tank. These tablets prevent the formation of urolithiasis in the toilet, as well as disinfect the surface and create a pleasant aroma.
  2. Adjust the water supply. Excessive water leads to the rapid formation of limescale. You can put, for example, a plastic bottle in the barrel to reduce the cost of water.
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