How to neatly and compactly fold packages

Without packages in life is difficult to do. They are bought specifically for various domestic needs, but most of the bags get into the house with food and clothing and are reused. To make packages easy to find at the right time, you need to learn how to fold and store them.

Folding a triangle

Many have been in situations where you are looking for a non-wrinkled and torn sachet that you can’t find. To prevent this from happening again, all the packages in the house must be carefully folded. Make it a snap.

  • Pick up the bag and level on the table or floor.
  • Fold in half along the length. This should be done 2 times to get a narrow strip.
  • Fold the bottom corner of the strip and continue to fold the triangle, wrapping it left and right.
  • As a result, you have a puffy corner that takes up very little space.

If the bag with handles, they can be refilled inside the corner. Such manipulations must be carried out with all used bags. The resulting triangles can be stored in a special pouch, in a desk drawer or cardboard box.

Rolling into a tube

It is even easier to roll a thin package-shirt into a tube. To do this, you need to flatten it, make it flat and gently fold into a narrow strip, just like in the way of folding with a triangle. Next, this strip should be wound on two fingers, and the handles to wrap around the tube.

. ..
After you roll up all the thin packages, they will take up much less space. They can be stored in a tea can or in any other container with a lid. At the right moment, the packaging material will always be at hand.

If the packages are large and hard, then you can fold it in half and put it in one box in a row. At the same time, it is necessary to carry out an inspection and immediately throw away leaky or heavily soiled specimens. The likelihood that you will reuse them tends to zero.

Never store bags in which lay meat or fish. They will spread an unpleasant odor and can be a source of breeding bacteria. Check that there are no leftovers, crumbs, moisture inside. This can cause mold and insects inside.

Drives Loading. ..

There are special drives for packages that allow you to store them compactly and easily get one after another. Such a drive can be bought in a store or made from an empty box of paper towels for hands. The box has a narrow opening that allows you to get napkins.

  • needs to fold the package into a narrow strip and shove it into the box so that only the handles are peeking;
  • next pack flat-fold, pull through the sticking handles of the previous one and put it in the box, again leaving only the handles outside;The
  • process is repeated until the box is full or until the packets run out.

Stores can be sewn from bright shreds or knitted as a long pipe. One end of the tube should be free, and the other should be stitched with a rubber band that prevents the contents from falling out. Packages in them thrust on the one hand, and get on the other.

Drive from the bottle

Lying around the house bags can be compactly folded into a plastic bottle. If you look closely, it looks like a great drive, you just need to cut the bottom. The more bags in the house, the more you will need a bottle. Usually use a capacity of 2 liters.

For convenience, the neck is also cut to widen the hole, and the edges are rubbed with sandpaper. From the wide side, the bags are thrust into the bottle, and from the narrow side they are taken out. It turns out a kind of dispenser, which is convenient to use and store on the shelf of the kitchen cabinet

It will be even more convenient if you attach such a bottle to the inside of the sink door. You can do this with double sided tape. There, under the sink, there is usually a trash can. It will be possible to get the old package and immediately use it for its intended purpose, that is, for the bin.

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